Comic P&C #231: This Never Happens in Real Life

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Michelle Gregourii

Hyperactivus Fluffbuttius
Katbox Patreon
Apr 8, 2015

Dang it Peter, another opportunity flushed down the toilet!

"In all seriousness, how did the "swirly" — the bullying technique of putting the victim's head in a public toilet and flushing it a few times — become a thing? You always see it in movies, TV shows and cartoons, yet to this day I have never heard of anyone ever actually having it done to them. Weird.

Anyways! Thanks to the following folks for putting their characters up for cameos on this page:

FurryNeko | Lilliana_Kat | Komodo250 | Rayamontayo | Axelrod21 | MajorMattMason | Koyote | TheMrAMP"


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 29, 2014
Land of Tea
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Close to the Edge
This is not a good day for Peter... This is no condition in which to approach your beloved. Just stay away from Chloe.
Still, at least she's washed his hair.


Katbox Forum Member
Jan 20, 2011
I think someone just thought it would be a way to show just how mean a bully could be on TV.

A real life swirly would probably be a lot harder to pull off due to the person getting the swirly actually resisting the whole time and the chance that someone might actually drown due to panicking at the moment instead of just holding their breath. Not to mention just getting sick from the toilet water and whatever else could be in it.

If someone was cruel enough they might give someone a swirly in a toilet where someone forgot to flush
Jul 4, 2012
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Half-frozen Sprite is the sweet nectar of life.
Yeah, that's exactly my thought on it, gurrensimon! There's a TON of dangers and risks involved with actually attempting to give someone a swirly. Like I would think that someone would get in serious trouble/suspension/worse for doing it.

It's odd how such a trope has been perpetuated over the years when it's really very unrealistic when you think about it. Same with getting stuffed in lockers, who the heck DOES that??


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Man, those are some neat looking cameos, especially that handsome weasel in Panel One on the right hand side of the panel.

But yeah...that has got to sting just a little bit to not only miss yet another opportunity but to also get a swirly from someone that (1) isn't real and (2) your friend. I don't know how many chances he has left before the day ends, but he might want to make his move and fast too.

@Michelle Gregourii
HA!!! Toliet puns are one of my favorite types of pun.
But don't worry, at least he's not overflowing with embarrassment. Otherwise, his friends would have to plunge him out of that funk.

As for the swirly, I'm not really certain how the swirly came into existence. I always thought it was nicknamed as a result of the water swirling in one direction. Perhaps someone got bored and stock their head down the toilet. Hey, curiosity does kill the cat, or should I say gets the head wet? XD
Sadly I've even already done a cliché "stuffed into a locker" bit with Peter, too. Sigh. Fictional bullies need to get more creative, dang it.
Ah yes, the good old cliché bully tactics. Who doesn't remember the timeless classic such as being stuffed into a locker, swirly, tied to a light pole at night, kick me sign taped to the back, and finally, flag weggie?

But if you're looking for new and improved ways of bullying, might I recommend donut with constipation medicine, water bottle to the pants, stealing kid’s clothes during PE and switching them out with girly clothes or nothing at all, and last but not least, tripping into a pile of food.


Crazy Auzzie
Katbox Patreon
Dec 14, 2014
For a school film assignment we had to include a rotating camera shot in our project. So we held the smallest kid in our group upside down over the toilet and rotated the camera while zooming out to reveal where he was. We may have got into trouble for letting him go :D