Comic OW #180: Outside

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Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
Continues to beg the question of how little Jill washed up on shore all those years ago, as that is a looooong swim.

Get the feeling part of Tribly's plan is to break this cloaking device on their way out, put this place on the map, expose the humans and let the chips fall where they may. If so then good on her. Really these human have been stuck here for centuries save for whatever teams they send out to kidnap hybrids and continue this bullshit conspiracy. They apparently have some plan to "take back" the world but can't see how that can possibly work. As of now they will just keep hiding and abducting hybrids. So yeah if she wants to knock over the board then I would say go for it.


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
For those of you wondering, 14,000 kilometers is equivalent to about 8,699.1967 miles. #Metrics

As for the main point, I must say that I admire the cunning plan here. I just wonder if they'll get everyone else or leave them behind.


Gallery Volunteer
Jun 5, 2013
beyond the dream
Hey, it's Kamino from Star Wars Episode II!

It's nice to see Trilby is the advocating escape. I feel like it's been something that she's wished for before but thought was never possible.
[doublepost=1502298627,1502202824][/doublepost]Right, so we didn't get the revelations that I was secretly hoping for this page, but I've sat on thought (and researched a little) and I figured I'd share some thoughts.

So, on the last page, I was a little confused when our pal Emmot was talking about comcatenating clusters. It's linking them together. Given the subsequent playback of what seems to be a recorded conversation, of which Trilby seemed to play a part, my guess is that they're Emmot's equivalent to memories. Now, I initially thought that Weston was Milo, because I had forgotten Milo's name. On further review, Milo's time with Trilby was recent, whereas the time when Emmot would have been functioning properly does not seem to be. That's because this conversation predates Trilby's current status within Vortex.

As for that conversation, Trilby was trying to convince someone not to do something that was against Vortex in some manner. Weston was a fellow of Trilby and the third person, who I assume were all in the same department, of which Trilby was possibly in charge of. Now, we still have very limited information about Vortex, such as how they plan to accomplish their goals, their history and so on. Given that, the only event that makes sense for that conversation is Jill's original escape. So, we can conclude that Trilby knew that Weston and another human were planning to do something with Jill. Given Trilby's reaction to Jill upon her arrival to Vortex, even if Trilby never personally interacted with her, she felt some sort of attachment or responsibility towards Jill. Weston and our third individual have an unknown fate and somehow, it seems Trilby took the fall.

Now, given that Trilby believed Jill was dead, and not simply amnesiac and alive, it's safe to say the escape attempt went very south. I imagine that Weston did not make it. But wait, you might ask, what made Weston and this third individual want to get Jill out of the Vortex facility? And how did they not know that Jill was electrokinetic when she was here previously? Quite simply, abilities do not start to manifest themselves until adolescence. We don't know when Jill was originally brought into Vortex, it's entirely possible she was born in captivity. Weston and our third individual knew Jill, and they knew what would happen to her if her powers were discovered. And if I remember correctly, Jill was about 12 at the time. Rather than see a young girl experimented on and possibly dissected, they risked everything to get her to the outside world.

Why did the escape go south? I still firmly believe Myra is involved in Jill's escape, but if she was and Weston really did die, how is she in a seemingly high position, while Trilby is relegated to menial repairs? Did Myra alert Vortex security about the escape? Now, this is supposing that Myra is involved, and aside from my personal hunch, I don't think we have any solid evidence at all. The human population seems to be rather small and Myra and Trilby also seem to be the same age, so they've probably known each other since childhood.

Though, Myra's expression when the guards came to get Art and Lisa, I'm not sure if it was a "I'm doing my job" grim look, or if she disagrees with the methodology of Vortex. Until we learn more, it's hard to say.

/end thoughts