Comic OW #174: The Good Ones

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Captain Video

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The Katbox
Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
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"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
The helium voice font is something Kuurion and I sat down over and tried to get right. Because there's no established visual language in comics for when a voice is high-pitched, we simply went through a bunch of free-use fonts and found the spindliest looking one that was still sort of readable. The more we come back to it the more I think we've failed - it's hard to read and doesn't support any of the extended characters for Portuguese - but it was an exercise in storytelling. I want to write more science fiction, and searching for the bridge between between the science and the fiction is crucial. I'd like to thank Kuurion for agreeing to try this; it was instructive. He had to put in all the Portuguese diacritical marks by hand, so let's have some applause.

We had more success hammering Hiram Rooseboom's personality out. Webcomics don't always lend themselves to character development; updates often shake out as a choice between furthering the plot or explaining a detail. The happy medium is a character who scans easily but also stands up to at least a cursory psych analysis. At his core, Hiram Rooseboom is a terrible person with a great personality. Once we locked onto that, it became easy for me to write him as the cheerfully incompetant villain I'd had in my head from the start.

Those of you who made it this far in Our World remember a period when the narrative jumped back and forth between casual day-to-day humor and fathomless evil. That tonal dissonance was because I was treating the two as separate halves - I'd work on one, put it down, then work on the other. The writing still isn't where I want it to be, but I've gotten closer by joining the two halves. The evil seems less ghastly now that there are faces to put to it, and the personal lives of the main cast have meaning because the characters have something to stand for. This is all stuff I'd had explained to me one way or another in my writing career, but which I didn't really understand until I sat down, did it wrong, and studied my mistakes. As with the helium voice font, a mistake isn't really a loss if you learn something from it.
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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
The one instance in which an acronym isn't helpful. XD Seriously, i found the BRA gag completely and utterly hilarious.
And...I'm kind of surprised that Hiram Rooseboom dropped the ball on divulging so much info to Alex given that piece of info was probably meant to be secret.

Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
And...I'm kind of surprised that Hiram Rooseboom dropped the ball on divulging so much info to Alex given that piece of info was probably meant to be secret.
Firstly a lot of these humans and this operation does not come off as all that competent. A wonder they managed to keep this place and this kidnapping operation a secret somehow.

Secondly would say Alex is the kind of kitty that is disarmingly outgoing and friendly.


not my words
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Jun 5, 2013
The City
I had some theories about something like this but I don't quite remember what they were. Guess I'm gonna have to reread everything to make an overdue theory post.

THEORYEDIT: Right, I remember more or less what my thoughts were 2 years ago. Can't believe it's been that long.

So, to start, we don't have a good, hard set of dates to put everything into perspective, though we do have some relative information. Most of that information still comes from the museum visit way back when. Basically, we had the Century War where "aliens" invaded. By now, and from the orientation video, I'm pretty sure that we're all aware that the aliens are in fact humans. While humans have exhibited quite advanced technology, I don't think they've hit long distance space travel quite yet, though we do know that they operate (or have hijacked) satellites orbiting earth.

Anyway, the newspaper from page 79 was written in Acadian and Cabeckoise and we know that the comic as a whole takes place in Canada. So, Acadian is likely English and Cabeckoise is likely Canadian French. This leads me to believe that, at that point in time before the war, humans lived with the unnamed anthro species to which everyone else belongs. I can't quite remember the page, but I think it was Alex or Pete who was surprised to see that humans actually exist when they were brought to the facility (whose name I've forgotten).

The robots of the Century War were either actual robots, or more likely, based on what we've seen thus far, exoskeletal power suits. The war did not end well for the human faction that we're currently working with. Despite their technological advantage, they lost. The remaining human faction(s) where wiped out entirely as far as we know and became myth and legend by the present day.

We skip to the prologue chapter. Jill is washed ashore on a beach, discovered by Pete and his family and subsequently adopted. We now know that Trilby knew Jill in some manner before her escape. However, Trilby presumed Jill was dead and was shocked by the fact that Jill was indeed the same little Jill that Trilby knew. So, Trilby was not the one who helped Jill escape. The entire incident with Jill's escape/faked death is what pushed Trilby away from the military command of the organization. Right now, I'm leaning towards Myra having some information about this incident we might get in the next ten or so pages.

Anyway, on to the organization! The goal is obvious: take the earth back for the humans. The methods are not ideal, though I personally believe that the higher ups of the military hold a grudge against the current residents of the Earth for their defeat in the Century War. We don't know if they have anything to do directly with the exhibition of powers by some people (Jill and Pete, for example). It could be a result of the Century War, probably genetic manipulation.

Anyway, the organization has done some quite inhumane things with the subjects, both seen and implied. Not all humans are okay with this, but the majority seem to be fine or just not think about it. Likely, this is due to a propaganda system lead by the military to portray the anthro race as beasts, or something along those lines.. It's a common tactic that we use in nearly all armed conflict.

Moving on to the future, I think we're getting close to were the gang is going to break free of the organization. They know one of them is electrokinetic. Alex knows that the organization is going to be making some big moves very soon. And Trilby knows Jill's true identity. Things are going to hit the boiling point pretty soon.

Not sure if there are actually new ideas in this, but I haven't done a big theory post since I don't remember when and that makes it hard to go back and take a look at what I wrote last time. >_<
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