Comic OW #143: Intake Station Alpha

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
The very first item of interest I noticed here were the various words for STOP. If I were a betting man, I believe that the anthros somehow adopted human languages. But yet it seems that English is still dominate in both species.

I’m actually impressed to see Alex upset though. I guess she really didn’t take Jill’s cold demeanor and rage as well as I thought she would. But in all honesty, did Alex really expect Jill to just forgive her and subsequently hug her like nothing happen? It’s going to take saving the other’s life for there to be any real forgiveness.

If they are trying to maintain the illusion that this is not some sort of prison, they are off to a poor start.
They were trying to maintain the illusion that this wasn’t a prison? In that case, they failed MISERABLY at the very first page of this arc. Now that you actually bring that up, this could very well be a prisons. Everyone was stripped down, they were all assigned the same “jumpsuit,” their belongings were confiscated, and they’re being assigned to work with cuffs placed on their ankles. In fact, the humans also have the same type of uniform on them like police officers would wear in a prison environment.

Is this like Aperture Science?
If it is, then I suspect that they have propaganda supporting their cause all over the base, just like Aperture Science does with these images.

Aperture 1.jpg Apperture 1.png Apperture 4.png Apperture 5.jpg
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