Comic OW #141: Parting Ways

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Katbox Forum Member
Jan 20, 2011
Jill hugging her tail his cute, and I think this is the most I've seen her care about someone since the story started. Hopefully Pete comes back looking fine and not like Milo.


Katbox Forum Member
Dec 8, 2010
Milo would possibly argue that point with you Pete.

It certainly seems like Jill might be having some recall of this place. In fact, it seems she might know just how much potential trouble they're all in. Considering what we saw of what was happening to Milo last time we saw him, we know that video the humans showed them is nothing but garbage.


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Yeah...something tells me that Pete is going to have a bad day. Granted it's great to have optimism, I suspect Pete will be taken and experimented on for military/weapon purposes.

And I absolutely adore Jill's boob squeeze (for sex appeal) and her tsundere (for cute appeal).

Okay, I know Jill is a scientist, Art is an organizer, and his sister I'm just trying to figure out what Alex would do. Is annoying even a job?