Our World - Officially Retired

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IE Kuuribro IE Kuubeans ID Kuubutts
Jul 3, 2009
Land of Frost and Maple
Hey everybody,

I've been absent from here for about 6 months now - those of you who follow CV and my work know that we decided to take a hiatus at the beginning of this year to recharge and re-evalutate. I've spoken with CV again, and I'm stepping back in now to officially close the book on Our World. It felt weird to me to just drift away and never actually say anything conclusive to any of the people I worked or talked with for 4-10 years.

I just attended Fur-Eh last weekend (the last convention I forgot to cancel this year) and tried to get rid of leftover con materials, and had a couple of Our World fans talk to me about the hiatus, and it reminded me to do this.

While it has been an enriching experience, and fun as a passion project for over a decade of my life, I am fairly comfortable saying I think I'm done with webcomics now. This year I have been redirecting myself to build an art portfolio website, putting out job applications, and focusing on building my animation skillset / gaming communities. I am much happier now playing in 3D programs. I've also got a second job lined up for the next 6-ish months taking up my free time as an animator working remotely for another studio.

I wish I could spin this in some way that feels a little fluffier / less blunt, but I wanted to just make sure I put out a conclusive statement to any of you who gave us your attention in the time we were here in this community. It felt disrespectful not to.

You can still contact me at kuurion@gmail.com for any reason. If you're interested in following any of my future exploits, here are my gaming-channel Youtube and Twitch links (I also do 3D animation on twitch from time to time), and my portfolio site.

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/kuurion
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/kuuribro

Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
Tis a shame, but best of luck on your endeavors.

So after that calamity of a cliffhanger ending and it officially retired thereof, at this time may we ask any details of how the hell anyone survived that and where the story would have gone?


Prime Minister of Fun!
Jul 7, 2010
This makes me pretty sad. I always enjoyed the story through each of its iterations. I wish both of you the best and all the success in the world. As we say in my service “fair wind and following seas”

Captain Video

Frontier Psychiatrist
Gallery Volunteer
Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
Personal Text
"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
I'll do the best I can.

The rough outline was that the people who escaped in the plane would fly it home, hide it, and try to readjust to the lives they had before. For the main cast, they hadn't been away for TOO long and, with some hand-waving, could have picked up their lives where they left off. Jill was going to have a whole bunch of unused vacation time, so she would have used that up, with Lisa and Clyde assuming it was a choice on her end. Pete didn't have a job, and Alex hadn't started at the hardware store. Art was going to plead his way back into his old job. Lina was going to go get her stuff out of the storage unit she'd left it in, with Milo's help. I'd imagined the two of them dysfunctionally bonding.

Reintegration for Jill's dad was something that was a lot more challenging to imagine, and I never had much headway with that. He was too stark a character to write easily. Trilby's solution was going to be ridiculous, and I loved it: She was going to have a holographic cloaking device that made her appear to be an anthro. Basically, she'd become a very high-tech furry.

Somewhere beyond all that was the end of the story. Obviously the characters weren't truly going to go back to the way things were, after what they'd seen. The best idea I could think of was something frustratingly close to the X-Men, with Jill finding other people like her - the ones with "type" powers. Her goal would have been to gather up a force and then strike back at the humans, with the idea of delaying their advance, and buying more time for anthro civilization. The story wouldn't have gone through all the beats of that, because our end-date goal was 2020. It would have ended with Jill getting ready to do that.

Jill is defined by being antisocial, and a prospective final leg of the story was going to be her and Alex coming to some sort of understanding with each other. Jill would show Alex how to be responsible. Alex would show Jill how to productively interact with people. By the end, they'd both be ready.

I was never really happy with my own conceptions of what an end for the story looked like, and that's a part of what dragged me down as things went on. I'd advise anyone thinking of starting a comic to have an end in mind when you start. The structure fills in from there. Unfortunately, the last eight years of work taught me a bunch of stuff I wish I'd had at the beginning, but that's just how learning goes.