Discussion Old Bonus Comics?

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New Member
Jun 7, 2008
Seems I noticed too late, I knew Knighthood was the only comic being updated, but I apparently didn't notice the other bonus comics were just outright unavailable to view anymore.

I feel gutted that I only saved the odd comic, I don't suppose anyone saved them all somewhere to share? I understand the decision to only work on one at a time, but just removing the others? I hate it when comics I read do that, it doesn't matter if they're not canon anymore, they were a good read.

Also if I recall weren't all the bonus comics the results of donations? So people paid for these comics that are now unavailable for public viewing. :/
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Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
Personal Text
The Crest Diaries and Learning Curves were (mostly) saved by someone calling themselves 'Michael Green,' on Pinterest. The last few pages of Learning Curves are missing, however. Here's a couple of links:
Learning Curves- http://pin.it/1CFWiEk

Crest Diaries- http://pin.it/UpyaRto

But yes, I do wish that Chalo hadn't nuked all his abandoned bonus comics. Even if he had no plans to update them, he should have at least had the courtesy to archive them somewhere so we could still view and reference them.


New Member
Jun 7, 2008
Okay through some looking around I found all of Breasts are the Best, Building an Empire, Dungeons and Dames (both new and old), Learning Curves, Crest Diaries (new only).

I'm missing : Original Crest Diaries, Culinary Combat, Keepsake, Learning Experience, Little Ria, Lost Kittens, Making Taffy, Obsessions and Simpler Times.

If anyone wants these, here's a dropbox of them : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dtj8igwv8cx3jy/Las Lindas Bonuses.zip?dl=0

And likewise, if anyone can share the missing comics, would be much appreciated.
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