Official Katbox Gaming List(s)

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Katbox Mascot
Apr 24, 2011
Here or There
In the gaming world things come and go, rise and fall, etc. Keeping track of the communities current involvements can be a challenge. In an effort to make things easier we'll keep this here to make things easier for people to find fellow Katbox or like minded gamers.

If you have a server, service, whatever, and wish to invite the community or just let us know we are welcome there this is the place to do it. Simply list here, a brief description of what is it, and of course a link to it. I'll try to keep this first post populated as best I can. The only requirement for any link to be shared here is you must be either responsible or in charge of the resource you're sharing here. No links to random say... servers that you just "think are fun!"

Now then, the most general starting point for anyone would be the:

The Official Katbox Steam Group - [link] - A great starting point for any one on steam. An easy way to find out who is playing what, or possibly find gaming or other events that might be going on!