Oasis News - Once a month from now on ...

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At the 1st of August we have reached Page 16 : Little Lotus.

This will be the final page from it's 2 week update schedule. At Patreon, I upload only 1 page a month, until my Patreon has reached a certain Tier, then I will update it twice a month.

So from now on, until further notice, Oasis is only updated once a month; every 1st day of the new month. I'm very sorry guys, I put a lot of work in each page and I also do commissions to get by; so I can't YET invest myself completely in Oasis but it's a lot of work and I want to show with each frame the passion of the story and hopefully the feeling of an animation frame; a lot of love goes into one page (and curses lol). I study the 17th Dynasty/2nd Intermediate Period and I'd like to get it accurate as possible - even though they are fennecs...

I study Seqenenre Ta'o and Kamose since the year 2001 and the story started as a sci-fi - until the first drafts came out in 2006-2007; creating Oasis. This version was almost published in my country; Belgium. It didn't get published due to the original story lines plot; the 'red line' as they called it. By the time the script was finished, there was no more publishing space for the following year and 'Oasis' was put in my drawer as "Unfinished Project" - years went by and only last year, upon meeting a few artist. Oasis was rediscovered and I started to refurbish it. People seemed to like the idea of fennecs vs wolves in Ancient Egypt and as a plus side, I got to tell people about my favorite King; Kamose and his mysterious wife; Ahhotep.

So last year, I worked very hard on the new designs, the backgrounds, the visuals and I started to get more ideas on how to expand it. (which I couldn't in 2006-2007 with 3D - I specially fallowed a course to learn 3D).

I received the question, 'What has Sahtori to do with Oasis?' - Oasis is a prequel to Sahtori's origins how she became a Deity, once we have reached the core of Oasis, you'll start puzzling and understanding who and what Kaipo really is, the mystery and adventure, I've only started with this story and I want to keep continuing it.

If you can't wait, you can read Oasis on my Patreon a month sooner before it's published in public.

Until then, I can't wait to read what you guys think of my comic so far.

All the best;

- Kay