Oasis #015: Every Boy's Dream

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!

Well...someone seems super excited to touch girls. XD Best expression ever!
Ahmose aka 'Iago' ; see next page; is about 3.5 years younger than Kamose aka 'Messi' - they both have the same fur pattern and markings, except their paws, Ahmose has dark paws while Kamose has light paws. Ahmose has brown eyes with a hint of grey while Kamose is hazel.

Kangi is a mixed breed of a red fox (Ancient Egyptians used to hunt red foxes) and a fennec. They only know each other briefly, they will tell that in the next coming pages :)

Ahmose is in this Flashback 12 years of age while Kamose is going to turn 16.
I think that I found some background music to set the mood for Mihari' s Dance in this comic.

Oh that's a very good one, very fitting even, I still have to draw the musicians but there was no space, you'll see them though. I first thought of adding them on the stage as well but they got a little spot at the left side under a small canopy. :D

Really love the music! :D