Oasis #008: Nightmare

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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!

Okay, I'm not an expert in Egyptian Mythology, but I believe hippos are a sign of bad luck/bad omen.
Hippo's could mean a lot in Ancient Egypt, motherhood, fights, etc - This page took a lot of effort and work. I wanted to show a lot of things, the wolves vs the fennec foxes. The death of Seqenenre while Kaipo is wearing a special attire and jewels, holding the war crown.
So it wasn't an easy page. There's a meaning for the Red and Blue
Red are the Seth followers.
Blue is for the Amon Followers.
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Feb 29, 2012
Red are the Seth followers.
Blue is for the Amon Followers.
That's a bit surprising. I know of Set(h)'s antagonistic relation with Horus, but I don't remember ever hearing about conflict with Amon. Then again, my knowledge of Egyptian mythology is casual at best.
The Hyksos used Egyptian titles associated with traditional Egyptian kingship, and took the Egyptian god Set to represent their own titulary deity. The native Egyptians viewed the Hyksos as non-Egyptian "invaders". When they were eventually driven out of Egypt, all traces of their occupation were erased.

The Theban's (Waset/Wase) believed in Amon, which became a huge cult; especially in the 18th Dynasty. Apepa/Apophis (The Hyksos King) wanted to get rid of the Theban rulers (Seqenenre Ta'o) you'll see in the comic how that came to be.

Though, I need to add that The Hyksos merged Set with a Deity of their own, forming it into Sutek/Soetech. I read that in a book but I guess with time and the stories they told they went to 'Set vs Amon' - I think, when I'm better, I'll look again in my books about it, right now I'm still resting. XD