Oasis #003: Recollections and Revelations

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!

Now this is pretty interesting. So she is a goddess that was once a mortal. I must confess that this is a unique storytelling approach.
It's about Kamose the last King of the 17th Dynasty - I study his records since the year 2000 -2001 and I think outside the Egyptologist I'm one of the only people who knows the most about him. XD - I study him that long, there's no mummy of him, has turned to dust. But if I read all the texts that Kamose and Ahmose have left behind - I can put the puzzles together. Also not long ago a documentary about 'Seqenenre 'Tao' (Tao means 'The Brave' - the father of Kamose and Ahmose) has been released called "Mummies Alive". I squealed from joy that they finally gave these Kings some air time outside King Tut, Hatchepsut or Echnaton.

I dislike Echnaton a lot, that family ruined the 18th Dynasty. But it's known (if you look it up) that the sacrifices Seqenenre has made brought the mighty 18th Dynasty.

I'm such a nerd ...
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