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 Fanfic New Rascals Chapter Promo

Discussion in 'Community Works' started by TerrificTwenty, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. TerrificTwenty

    TerrificTwenty Katbox Guitar God and Soundtrack Specialist Katbox Patreon

    This following fan promo is non canon to @Mastergodai 's Rascals storyline and a take on the new Rick and Morty Trailer.
    It also features characters belonging to @MrAMP http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15712921/, #Shaze http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19029653/, #Zero08 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21999673/, @Aeri http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22315628/, and myself @TerrificTwenty http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18745584/

    • Skye enters his locker room. Issy already in the locker room.
    • They hear “Skye!” “Skye!” He notices someone calling his name.
    • “Shaze?” Said Skye “Where are you?”
    • Shaze says “I’m in Issy, Skye”
    • Skye says “You DO know she’s gay right?”
    • Issy says “He’s in my hair, Skye.”
    • Skye looks puzzled and looks in her hair.
    • “I shrunk into her hair, Skye! I can shrink AGAAAAAAAIIIIINNN!”

    • Cut to various scenes. Ninja school, Wrestling Arena, A Highway
    • Cut to Chrissy in a possessed bondage outfit and using her leather belt to choke a random stranger.
    • Chrissy says “Uh, Cous?”
    • Eliza says “Oh, Sorry. I’m almost done with this shotgun. Just a few more clicks and we’re good.”

    • Cut to scenes of Josh, Jazmin, and Chrissy escaping a dojo; The Full Team 7 enters the stadium (Skye, Shaze, Jazmin, and Issy), Reiko making an epic entrance, Quick and Amp captured.
    • Random scenes of rival ninjas attacking a Ninja School, A high speed car chase with Keith and Paige, A shootout with Eliza and Revy, Reiko about to attack a killer, and Liona and Yuri crashing into a garage.
    • Zoey says “Welcome to the most deepest part of your adventures yet”
    • Chad peeks out of a closet. And nearly avoids a thrown rival. “WHOA!”
    • Shaze enters the wrestling arena hyped and beats his rivals. “Aww…YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!”
    • Nick’s entire family avoiding a broken ceiling fan.

    • Cut to a dirt road with a gang member approaching Roxy. He says “Please…finish me…”
    • Roxy says “Ugh. Fine. But not because you told me to.”
    • Shoots the member.
    • Eliza and Revy with shocked expressions. Revy says “That was dark…” Eliza says “For a rookie…”

    • Pedro and Raven in a living room. Pedro says “We’ve got a call for another game competition!” Raven says “I’m not answering another call for a stinking racing game contest, Pedro. Let it go to voicemail!”
    • Hamada Kaiju returns and says “Kaiju’s back, Bitches!” And attacks ninja students.
    • Chad and Kyoko test a machine on Jazmin which enlarges her boobs and muscles.
    • Chad says “I’d say it worked.”
    • Kyoko says “What?!? You turned my daughter into the hulk!”
    • Chad says “Not on purpose!”
    • Rally watches TV while Shaze gets attacked.
    • Quick, Chrissy, Jenny, and Amp in an office.
    • Trevor appears and says “Is this new guy troubling you two ladies?”
    • Amp says “Mind your own god damn business, Creep!”

    • Cut to scenes of Keith and Paige’s car chase, Mini Shaze escaping the rival clan, Amanda and Felicia’s near death experience from the robot from Project Zero 6, Cody about to be attacked by Cursed Reiko, Eliza getting out her weapon, and Raven sending a message to the rival ninja clan.

    All your friends are back, and they’ve brought in five…new...Rascals.
    The new chapter starts This Fall.
    • Cut to almost every Rascal. Someone says “Takes more than that to kill all of us!”
    • Countless ninjas appear
    • Someone else says “This might do it. RUN, GUYS!!”

    Only on Katbox.
    MrAMP likes this.
  2. MrAMP

    MrAMP No. 1 Fun Guy Community Contributor

    Apr 17, 2011
    Personal Text:
    Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
    This was epically funny TT. Really enjoyed this and hope to see more. I especially like my one line.
    TerrificTwenty likes this.
  3. TerrificTwenty

    TerrificTwenty Katbox Guitar God and Soundtrack Specialist Katbox Patreon

    Thanks, Amp! I'm working on another KB fan promo. This time, it's a banner.

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