New Maya: Covens (call for interest/OOC thread)

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He who loves Succubi and Anthros.
Sometime in the 21st century, the humans of Earth developed a means of interstellar travel and discovered several habitable worlds. Due to the fact the earth was becoming overpopulated, Humanity agreed to colonize these worlds straight away. Little did they know that one of the worlds they colonized (which they called New Maya) was already Inhabited by what seemed to be Anthropomorphic creatures who had developed their own civilization. As for the reason they didn't pick up this civilization on their scans...the natives were hidden by the Covens, Organizations of witches/enchantresses/sorceresses that permeate the very culture of the planet. Each coven is led by a Grand Sorceress, the highest rank amongst the members of a coven. Each coven also has a patron guardian, a creature that is said to be a messenger from the goddess of the Beastfolk (a name the humans gave the natives). the guardians are usually seen as demons by the humans and there are two types of guardians. the first is the Reaver, which personality-wise is akin to a Fury/hellhound. the second one is a Lustor, which Personality-wise is akin to a Succubus/incubus.

Some of the cities/towns on the planet have become mixed pop (human and beastfolk), while some are human only settlements. conflicts do occasionally breakout between certain territories at times.
the only question is, do you have what it takes to live in such a world?


this thread is a call for interest for an RP Idea I had, as well as a place to discuss the RP Out of Character. What do you guys think of the Idea?


New Member
Oct 15, 2018
This is probably too late but it sounds like an interesting idea. I assume humans are advanced in technology/cybertech and the anthros are more magic/belief based?