Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel 2nd edition Kickstarter

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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Well, after the 2014 reboot of the RPG, Mutant Chronicles, there is now a Kickstarter live to bring back the board game version of the game, Siege of the Citadel.
The game promises to recreate the original feel of the board game, with the new revised rules, complete with 40 miniatures, 7 double sided board sections, and even a recreation of the plastic staircase piece.

The Kickstarter has already reached over 200% of it's goal, and has an expansion (Brotherhood) fully funded, and even a crossover promotion with Super Dungeon Explore. So if you're interested, check it out.


Katbox Forum Member
Sep 1, 2016
I freaking love Mutant! I didn't know there was a board game version of it as well, the book we had was ancient back then already and I didn't even consider if they were still alive or not.
May have to try the board game now that it'll get a remake.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
I freaking love Mutant! I didn't know there was a board game version of it as well, the book we had was ancient back then already and I didn't even consider if they were still alive or not.
May have to try the board game now that it'll get a remake.
Yeah, they're also offering the third edition rulebooks in this as well if you don't have them yet, including the hardcover editions. Of course, I find the $399 bundle set a little pricey (which is all 18 books in print and PDF formats). To be honest, I'm just going into this one for the Super Dungeon Explore crossover expansion.

And for your history lesson, here's what the original game looked like.

Here's what the new one looks like.
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Katbox Forum Member
Sep 1, 2016
Yea that's one hefty price tag.
Then again I'm quite sure I'm in no need of new books atm as I've mostly played with a ruleset that I made, based on the first Mutant (I think it's some sort of "Default GM" rule that I'm unaware of but I haven't been a player myself for like, forever...).
So it would possibly be to steal ideas from if anything. But I've also bough Pathfinder from Humble Bundle so if anything I'd try that ruleset first now that I think of it...

Oh well, it was quite nice to see that Mutant is still alive at least!


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
I found a playtest video that goes over the mechanics of the boardgame.
[doublepost=1474858157,1474609004][/doublepost]Here's a preview of three of the miniatures being made for the Super Dungeon Explore crossover set...

Edward Murdock

Mitch Hunter

Valerie Duval

There's still five more they have yet to reveal for this set, and I'll keep you updated on them when they show up.
[doublepost=1474949063][/doublepost]New chibi figure for the Super Dungeon Explore set. This of Tatsu.

But I really shouldn't make this about the SDE crossovers. There are other things that are in the works.

There's a third expansion in the works for a stretch goal. This one will let you play as the Luna PD, and expands the max player count to 7.

There's also this KS exclusive miniature of Pride, Mitch Hunters faithful dog.
[doublepost=1475118937][/doublepost]A few new updates. First, we have some 3D test prints of the miniatures for the game.

Remember, these are only test prints. There still much scaling, fixing, and final detail work before they're ready for mold making.

And we got info on what each expansion will have.


Luna City

[doublepost=1475283220][/doublepost]Here's the recently revealed SDE Legionnaire figure.

And here's a preview of the Algeroth Malignant miniature from the Brotherhood expansion.

[doublepost=1475329289][/doublepost]Another preview of the Brotherhood expansion with the sculpt of Nepharite Valpurgius.

[doublepost=1475383415][/doublepost]Here's the sculpt of Selina Kingsfield.

Is it just me, or does her armor have a "Brotherhood of Steel" feel to it?
[doublepost=1475465962][/doublepost]Now we have a preview of SD Attlia III.

And a look at one of the map tiles for the Luna City expansion.

They're also are working on social media goals to have the community vote on heroes, tile sets, and monsters to add to the game
[doublepost=1475554905][/doublepost]A bunch of miniature previews from their official website.

I also updated the box contents graphic with the new one they posted with some of the stuff unlocked via stretch goals. They're also hoping to have a more detailed gameplay video for this soon.
[doublepost=1475598681][/doublepost]New game video is live.
[doublepost=1475675770][/doublepost]We got a look at the Praetorian Behemoth.

And the chibi Necromutant.

[doublepost=1475718954][/doublepost]We got a look at the Heretic

Ninja Division also released a statement about the SDE crossover pack. I'll cover the statement in more detail later in the tabletop thread (since it covers their new policy on crossovers, other crossovers they have in the works, and some of the new game mechanics they're working on with this set), but the thing that matters in regard to the Kickstarter is that the SDE miniatures will truly be Kickstarter exclusive. Meaning that, unlike other crossover sets SDE has done, this will have limited to no release outside of the Kickstarter. Once they're gone, they're gone for good.

There's also some big news they're hinting at, but are being very quiet about it.
[doublepost=1475786440][/doublepost]We have a few new sculpts to look at.

Twisted Marionette

Attila III

Also the big announcement is that Siege of the Citadel will be published by Fantasy Flight Games, who will be in charge of distribution and localization.
[doublepost=1475892444][/doublepost]We got a look at the last SDE miniature for this, Nepharite.

Here's Cardinal Durand

And here's the Tekron

Only about 16 hours left for this.
[doublepost=1475974313][/doublepost]Well, the Kickstarter is over... but for some reason the completion notice never got sent, and the Kickstarter is still technically open. Weird glitch there.

There was also a wave of updates on the last few minutes.

Dark Legion Turrets

Von Holle

I'll keep you guys updated.
[doublepost=1476165961][/doublepost]Well... that was strange.

48 hours after the Kickstarter ended, everyone was finally charged for their pledges, and the Kickstarter officially was listed as ended.

Still wondering why it took so long. Not sure if it had anything to do with it being a holiday weekend.
[doublepost=1477144375][/doublepost]Well, it took three days after the Kickstarter ended for pledges to be collected. Probably due to it being Columbus Day weekend at the time. And if you missed out on the initial campaign, they're currently still open for late pledges. I know I'm a little late reporting this, but I was a little busy with convention prep at the time.

They're currently working on getting the pledge manager up and running, and will post some new sculps as time goes on. Another thing they're doing is that they're in talks with Ninja Division about revising the SDE crossover set. Basically, they want to add a new boss and basic creatures to the set, so that players will have more variety.
[doublepost=1478376051][/doublepost]A few new sculpt reveals.

Calistonian Intruder

Carl Lind

They're saying the pledge manager should be live in two weeks.
[doublepost=1479919331][/doublepost]Still waiting on the Pledge Manager. They're still working out item weight and the shipping fees associated with them, as well as the SDE miniatures, which as I said before, they're working on making it a full expansion for SDE rather than just a few minis for it.

The game has also been nominated for Board Game Geek's Top 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2017. With the history behind this game, I'm not entirely surprised.

We also got two digital sculpts for upcoming miniatures.

This guy is the Curator from the Brotherhood expansion. They stated that the gun is too small for their liking, and will be enlarging it (and just looking at it, you can see it might give issues when making the mold for it).

They also teased this guy.

[doublepost=1481736103][/doublepost]After a long period of radio silence, we got another preview sculpt, Algeroth.

They also announced the issue that was causing the Pledge Manager to take so long. You see, the Kickstarter raised money in American Dollars, but was transferred to them in European Euros. With the current Brexit exchange rates, they need to take this factor into consideration. Not only that, but they're currently unsure of shipping rates, since they still need final weight for all the items, not to mention negotiations for shipping rates, especially since shipping prices will have a major change in March.

As such, they're set on opening the pledge manager by Monday for pledges, add-ons, and such, closing it in February so they can finalize production, then opening the pledge manager again over the summer when the shipping rates are finalized.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Well, shipping was finalized in October, but there's going to be a delay. Due to the trade tariff being implemented on December 18th, there has been a massive amount of companies trying to get shipments orders from their Chinese factories before the deadline, so trying to get anything shipped out on time right now is going to be an issue.

As for the Super Dungeon crossover minis.... well... Due to the recent controversy over the Super Dungeon brand, and the rights holder, Ninja Division, people have begun to wonder if the crossover minis will even be made at all. However, they have been confirmed to not be made by Ninja Division, but rather the guys behind this game, so they are on the way.

And we got a preview card as well.