Art Monster's Drawing Book

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Apr 2, 2017
Personal Text
✧・゚: *✧Candle Cove✧*:・゚✧
I've been reading Knighthood and I love it,can't wait for the next update.And I'm really interested about the Crests and the idea of intergalactic warriors,magical beings,and other strange creatures defending and exploring the universe.

This was some line art drawing I was working on since saturday.I was inspired by Jeff Smith's art style while doing this,and also because I like drawing them with a more animal (and sorta cartoony) like anatomy.


Hi! Its been two months since I been here but this is my character,Pinwheel.He's a 14 year old demon clown puppy(I know,it sounds weird).He has a brother named Streamer and a sister named Confetti and he loves to entertain humans with his wonderful circus tricks.

A drawing of Jinx and Minx from JMKit I did two days ago(Most of you may not know them).

My first animation using my character,Maxwell

This is Nikki,he's going to be the main character for my webcomic, "Nikki:Child Of Mischief".He has a animal form too,I'm still sketching it though.
More info about him here:
Some theme songs to go with him:
2.B0UNC3-Paradise On E