Miles RPG Reboot

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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Current Build: Alpha v2.1
Download link: Knight Miles.exe
Download Link for version without Runtime Package: Knight Miles (RTP free version).exe

With the upcoming release of RPG Maker VX Ace, the Miles RPG project will be moving over to the new engine. Because of this, the RPG is going to be rebuilt from scratch, with a revamped script, additional areas (especially since Yoshi! joined The Katbox), and updated graphics. Hell, if we can get someone to make Ogg Theora format videos for this, I might even try to work in voice acting.

However, with this new content, cuts will have to be made. First off, the battle system will be first person (much like Phantasy Star or Dragon Quest) until a side view battle system can be implemented. Also, sadly, I had to cut the members of the harem out of the game as playable characters. This is due to two reasons. One, Miles' Harem has been disbanded since the creation of the game, and two, I was having problems working them all into the game's script. I will try to work them in as NPCs however.

However, a new character was added in their place who has a major role in the overall story arc. And he's a guy too (to balance out the almost exclusive female cast). Here's the revised playable character list with the roles they'll play in combat...

Class: White Knight
Miles' role in combat is the standard jack of all trades. Average stats across the board for attack, health, and magic use. His magic is based on holy magic and healing, starting with mild HP restores, and detox spells. His more damaging spells affect dark creatures and demons. He is weak to dark magic.

Class: Dark Knight
Rachael is the counterpart to Miles' abilities. She has more strength than him, but average health and magic. Her magic uses dark magic, starting with spells that do damage and/or cause status effects. Her spells are really effective against creatures using light magic. She is weak to holy magic.

Class: Prototype Android
Anna has high health, and average attack and magic. Her magic is based on draconic elements, especially fire, ice, energy, and poison. She is also one of the few characters that can use "gear... (such as chainguns, anti-mech cannons, and plasma blasters). Anna is immune to poison, but extremely weak to lightning attacks.

Class: Summoner
Sebastian has high magic, and average health and attack. He specializes in summoning familiars in fights. His familiars have various abilities, from elemental attacks to status effects, but need to be found rather than unlocked by leveling. He is weak to ice attacks.

Class: Bounty Hunter
Lilith has extremely high attack and health, but almost no magic ability. Her abilities are limited to attack and defense buffs, with a few minor dark magic abilities. To make up for this, Lilith can use "Gear.... Lilith can resist fire attacks.

Class: Fighter (changes class to "Ninja" later on in the game)
Tina specializes in fast attacks, and has high attack, average health, and low magic. She uses "haste... abilities, and limited fire magic. She can also learn ninja like "tricks... at higher levels. Tina is weak to water.

Class: Mage
Mayte has extremely high magic, but low damage and health. Her magic specializes in water, ice, and poison. She also has a "spit... ability that can slow or paralyze enemies. She can also transform into her true dragon form to deal massive damage. Mayte can resist poison, but is weak to fire.

Tina (W)
Class: Gunslinger
Tina (not to be confused with the other Tina) has average health and attack, but absolutely no magic ability whatsoever. She makes up for it with weapons that can attack multiple enemies at once, and being able to use "Gear.... This Tina is weak to ice.

The hidden character is also still going to be in the game. She has the highest magic, but lowest attack and health scores. She makes up for it by being resistant to magic attacks.

Work will resume on the game on the 14th, when RPG Maker VX Ace launches. Stay tuned for more updates.
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Voice-acting, eh?
Only if we can get animated cut scenes in. So don't hold your breath on that right now.

Also, Limit Break support is built into RPG Maker VX Ace, so I don't have to code walls of text to include Limit Breaks (now being called EX Attacks) for each character.

When the project starts, I'll have casting calls for spriters, animators, and co-creators.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a bit more info on a few of the things in game...

~"Gear" is basically like the "Tool" system in Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III for those who played it on SNES). Unlike the "Tool" system, I plan for the "Gear" system to require ammo to use. Not sure how I'll work that in, especially since RPG Maker VX Ace won't be out until the 14th so I can't see what I can do with it yet.

~Speaking of Final Fantasy, anyone familiar with summon materia or "Epsers" may have an idea how Sebastian's summons work. Although, he's not going to be using as many as you would think.

~I have no intent to remove the date sim elements. In fact, they are key to learning more about fellow party members, and getting those endings. For those who have no idea how this will work, play one of the Ar Tonelico games.

~Still looking into crafting items. Switching creation engines may result in a easier way to try an implement this system.

~As I said before, RPG Maker VX Ace uses a first person battle system. However, scripts exist to make it into a classic side view RPG. This does mean new enemy sprites need to be made. I've also seen scripts for animated battle systems. I'll keep tabs on these for now.

That's all for now.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a bit more information on Sebastian...

~Sebastian has one of the pieces of the Living Demon Armor of Coralis (each of which can form a full suit of living armor). This is what gives him the ability to summon demonic familiars.

~Sebastian will join the party during Act 1 (the prologue of the game), accompanying Miles in the tower.

~He acts as sort of an unwitting romantic rival to Miles, as Rachael and Lilith are quite taken with him (although it won't last long). As for Miles, Sebastian acts like an older brother to him, and will give him advice and help when needed.

~Sebastian's connections to the Global Paladin Defense Force (G.P.D.F. for short) will make it easier to access non-civilian weapons, gear, and equipment in certain places.

That's all I can say for now. More info later.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
The first dungeon has been rebuilt almost entirely. As soon as I work on the items, enemies, and character portraits, we should have a working Alpha build again.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a little screen shot to tide you guys over...

As you can see, it's still under the default equipment listing. And I still have to work on the equipment, items, spells, and such. But it's a good show as to what I have so far.

No, I'm not telling you who is under those two hidden listings.

Anyway, I'm looking for spriters, and a possible animator right now. Also, I wouldn't mind people looking into the plot to flesh it out more. Also, if we do get an animator on board, I'll be looking into voice acting too. Anyone have those skills?


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
How is the new rpg maker anyway?
Fairly better than the last version. Caterpillar support (the graphic that lets party members follow you), limit breaks, and video player support are built in. There's also a wide variety of pre-built dungeons that you can use as starting points. There's also a character generator, but I have little use for it as it only has so many items. If you have used previous versions of RPG Maker, it basically has all the best features from the past, and a few new things. And the fact that the graphics are updated since the last version I used, that means I don't have to pull pictures into 8-bit mode to get them to work. Hell, I don't need to import them. I just put them in the proper project folder, and they're ready to go.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use the combining tile set tool.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a few more screenshots of the current build...

Current build of the Junari area.

Running into a trap.

Encounter with Fenrir.

Rachael's despair.

What would you say to her?


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
To show I'm not just playing this by ear, here's the summary of Act 1. I may post the summaries of the other acts, but I do risk spoilers doing so.

~ACT 1: Awaken White Knight~

After the opening cutscene, we see Miles being stirred from his sleep by Digit. Digit will insist Miles gets back to work, only to have Miles question Digit about how all the female workers (and the farm owner) went on vacation without them. After going over the reasons, Digit will mention that they went to an all women resort. This peaks Miles' interests, and he decides to find a way to sneak into the resort. After talking to the remaining farmhands, he discovers Idward is planning to send a "care package... to the island. Suspicious of this, Miles confronts Idward, and finds out he plans to ship himself to the island. Threatening to expose Idward's plan, Miles convinces him to let him tag along.

After making it to the island, Miles and Idward manage to sway the box off the mail truck, and end up in the jungle. They then decide to part ways, with their own ideas as where they want to go. After Miles makes his way through the jungle, he finds his way to the beach. Unfortunately, he also sees Rachael nearby too. Fearing risk of being spotted, and turned over, or worse, beaten up, Miles runs off into the jungle, and falls down a hole in the ground.

After coming to, Miles finds himself in an underground cavern. While looking for a way out, he finds a chamber deep inside the cavern. In its center, a sword in a stone. With no other way out, Miles reluctantly draws the sword out from its resting place. Shortly after doing so, he is engulfed in bright light...¦

When his vision returns, Miles finds himself in a study. Standing before him is a man clad in emerald colored armor. Calling himself Eradose, he tells Miles that by drawing the sword from its resting place, he is now to become a white knight, defender of worlds. Miles is in disbelief at first, and reluctant to take the title. But after Eradose says he will turn him over to the resort owner for sneaking onto the island, Miles agrees to it.

Eradose then takes Miles down to the training field in front of his tower. As Miles steps outside, he realizes he's no longer on Neo Earth. In the training field, another young man is sitting there. He introduces himself as Sebastian, and offers to help in Miles' training. After a few sword drills, Eradose leaves to get the Dark Knight, counterpart to the White Knight, to meet Miles. As this is happening, Anna makes herself known to Miles, revealing she is Eradose's sister, in a way. Anna and Sebastian explain to Miles about the situation at hand.

The Emperor, the enemy of the Primes, is returning. The White and Dark Knights are the vanguards against his return. And with little time remaining, Miles must be trained in order to save the world. With this revelation, Miles is slightly more reluctant about his role in this. But Sebastian makes the comment that heroes get chicks, making Miles feel slightly better.

...¦And then Rachael shows up.

Rachael, who turns out to be the Dark Knight, is mildly irritated that Miles was chosen to be the White Knight. Although Eradose tries to have them get along, Rachael attacks Miles in anger, forcing Eradose to break up the fight. Rachael then runs off in tears.

Upon asking what Rachael's deal is, Eradose tells Miles why Rachael was chosen to be the Dark Knight. Rachael stumbled into their world some time ago, and was tricked into drawing the sword of Twilight from its resting place. The sword acted as both lock and key, keeping the Emperor's soul bound in its prison. With the sword disturbed, the Emperor's soul was freed, and Rachael feels guilty for doing so, wishing to undo her mistake. Understanding the full story, Miles agrees to help her.

The next day, Miles is taken to magic training, and is taught a few white magic spells. But, as he starts making progress, the situation turns for the worse. The Emperor has appeared, sooner than he should. Eradose hands Miles an A.D.S. armor unit and a few items to help him. But, they find out that Rachael has run off on her own to face the Emperor by herself. Eradose sends Sebastian and Miles to save Rachael, and help her stop the Emperor.

Upon reaching the Dark Stronghold, they find the place swarming with monsters. As they make their way through, they discover Anna, who also went after Rachael. She joins them without question. They also run into a mysterious creature named Fenrir. Anna and Sebastian immediately recognize her as one of the people responsible for the incident that resulted in Rachael taking the Twilight sword. However, after fighting Fenrir, she reveals that she no longer wishes to remain with those who were responsible, revealing she has a connection with Rachael, and wished to test their resolve. Satisfied with Miles, she asks that they reach the top of the stronghold to help Rachael.

Reaching the top floor, they find Rachael fighting the Emperor, who has been transplanted into a cyber-lich body. Rachael at first refuses their help, but with the power of the Cyber-Lich Emperor too much for her, she has no choice.

After defeating the Emperor in his cyber-lich body, Miles is ecstatic for beating the great enemy. But, something doesn't sit right with Rachael...¦



Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a few announcements for the game. A few features I've been keeping under the rug for a while now.

~You can have a gay relationship with Sebastian.

~Rachael is the Emperor's Proxy.

~Pepper Ann will be a playable character.

~You can also start relationships with Taffy, Mora, Patches, Randal, or Tootsie, bringing the number of endings up to 16.

Hope you guys find these new features interesting.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a few announcements for the game. A few features I've been keeping under the rug for a while now.

~You can have a gay relationship with Sebastian.

~Rachael is the Emperor's Proxy.

~Pepper Ann will be a playable character.

~You can also start relationships with Taffy, Mora, Patches, Randal, or Tootsie, bringing the number of endings up to 16.

Hope you guys find these new features interesting.
Okay, I guess you figured out by now these "features" are an April Fools joke.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a rundown on the various weapons you can come across in the game...

Attack Gems
Used by: Miles, Rachael
Attack Gems are special enhancements that can be added to magic swords to increase their attack power or give enchantments like fire or ice damage.

Combat Programs
Used by: Anna
Combat programs are upgrades to both reflex and targeting systems for androids. These programs are usually tailored to the android's preferred weapon sets.

Used by: Sebastian, Lilith
Sword are the basic weapon of many warriors, and come in a variety of styles and makes. From stainless steel, to plasma.

Used by: Sebastian
Much like swords in some regards. Can cause a bit more damage, but a bit slower on the swing.

Used by: Lilith
Kanabos are spiked or knobbed clubs used by samurai and oni demons. Sometimes made of wood with metal knobs or spikes, or even full metal clubs.

Used by: Tina
Weapons preferred by assassins and ninjas. Usually consisting of two or three blades mounted on a glove or gauntlet.

Used by: Tina, Tina W
Short blade weapons that can be used with a bit of speed. Comes in a similar variety to swords.

Used by: Mayte
Short magical implements that are used to cast spells. Can also enhance existing spells.

Used by: Mayte
Similar to wands, but longer. Also has quite a bit of defensive ability, and can be used as a weapon.

Used by: ???
A long spear like weapon. Can be enhanced with magic properties.
NOTE: Only one lance can be equipped in the game, and it's pretty damn powerful too.

Used by: Tina W
Rounds that can be used in various firearms. The advent of Technomagic has created many varieties of bullets that can be used.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
I thought there were a few of the KB fan girls around here that were going to be part of the game too??
Unfortunately, since the Miles harem is no longer, I had to cut them as playable character. But, I want to work some of them in at least as NPCs. Not to mention that the character list was a bit too long to work with, and I was having trouble working them all into the main story.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Okay, here's the thing. I need someone to make character sprites again. The previous sprites are non-compatible with VX Ace, not to mention that we only had character sprites for Rachael, Anna, Miles, Randal, Miranda, Minos, Idward, and Digit.

I also need to find new tile sets, as most of the originals are either lost or incompatible. This was expected with the step up in graphics, as you can see in the remade dungeon screenshots. So if anyone can help in these matters, it would help out.

Also, I have a bit of a surprise. I may be working on a voice acting demo as a proof of concept. If it works out, I may have a lot of this game voiced over. But as I said, only if I get it to work.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
I'm still working on summons for Sebastian, and the "Gear" system, but here's the list of skills, spells, and limit breaks for the game...

Spell list
Enchant Weapon
Curse armor
Curse weapon
Mana drain
Life drain
Heal 1
Heal 2
Heal 3
Recover 1
Recover 2
Raise 1
Raise 2
Energy Ball 1
Energy Ball 2
Energy Ball 3
Void Slasher
Fire 1
Fire 2
Fire 3
Inferno 1
Inferno 2
Ice 1
Ice 2
Ice 3
Blizzard 1
Blizzard 2
Lightning 2
Water pump
Tidal wave
Fire breath
Ice breath
Lighting breath
Poison breath
Holy 1
Holy 2
Darkness 1
Darkness 2

Double strike
Triple strike
Poison stinger
Tiger agility
Target system
Oni strength
Fan fire
Quick draw

Limit Breaks
Ragna Blade
Ragna Blade: Level 2
Dark Drain
Dark Reaver
Summon Bahamut
Holy Dragon
Dark Dragon
Five Fingers of Doom
Succubus Form
Shadow Clone Attack
Shadow Clone Tiger Strike
The Big Gun
The Bigger Gun
Wo Ai Ni

Reading some of these, you should be able to tell some of the spells some characters will use. If anyone has any other ideas for spells or skills, I'll look into adding them.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Alpha 1.0 is ready for download

~Complete first dungeon.
~First four characters playable (Miles, Sebastian, Anna, and Rachael)
~First two bosses (Fenrir, and Cyber Lich Emperor)

Goals for next version
~Complete spells
~Get accurate starting equipment
~Get an official portrait for Sebastian

Keep in mind that the current sprites and equipment are only placeholders for now, and will be changed in later versions.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a few more screenshots of some of the later areas...

The historic ruins

Junari castle

I also have a weapon list hear for Miles and Rachael (minus the Legendary weapons)

  • Attack Gem: Basic attack gem for magic swords.
  • Attack Gem 2.0 : An upgraded version of the original.
  • Fire Gem: Grants fire based attacks to magic swords.
  • Ice Gem: Grants ice based attacks to magic swords.
  • Thunder Gem: Grants thunder based attacks to magic swords.
  • Stun Gem: Grants stun based attacks to magic swords.
  • Posion Gem: Grants poison based attacks to magic swords.
  • Darkfire Gem: A gem from the underworld.
  • Holy Gem: A gem created by angels.
  • Light Gem: A gem that can unlock Dawn's true power.
  • Shadow Gem: A gem that can unlock Twilight's true power.

I'm currently working on rebuilding the Dragonmaster's Tower from the RPG Maker 2K3 version, and I'm still looking for modern and futuristic scenery tile sets. So, if anyone knows some good RPG Maker resource sites, please let me know. I'm also still looking for a spriter, and I also would like some bug hunting on the current alpha build to make sure I got most of the glitches and bugs out of it (and if you can't download it, I'll reupload it).


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Here's a list of shops in the game...

Weapons and Arms
Standard weapons shop, usually can find the standard swords, axes, etc. Will also sell ammo types for Tina Winchester's guns.

Standard armor sold at these shops.

Dress Fancy
Specializes in formal wear. You'll visit one of these shops for a story mission later in the game.

Sells wands, staffs, attack gems, and magetech armor plating. Will also sell mana restoring items, and some accessories.

General Supplies
For all your healing item, ingredients, and other needs.

Sells cybernetic attack programs, combat frames, and some types of heavy weapons.

The Merchant Reaper
A mysterious reaper sent my Hel to assist you under Fenrir's request. Will appear in various dungeons to restock healing items, and sell summons for Sebastian. Will also be key in the "Lost Souls" side quest, which will get you Rachael's Ultimate Weapon, and Sebastian's second Limit Break.

Shiden's Machine Shop
Not really a "shop" mind you. More like a lab. This lab is a secret area in the game that can be unlocked as early as the first chapter. Shiden will give you exclusive upgrade accessories that only Anna can use, and will allow you to get Anna's second most powerful weapon near the end of the main story.