Las Lindas Miles Lionheart and the Ring of Hathor- Fanfiction

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In honor of wrytergirl's birthday I thought I'd trying writing a story about Miles Lionheart. be warned this is going to be ongoing and I'm not quite certain how long it will end up being. So sit back and enjoy the first installment.

Miles Lionheart scratched the back of his head as he walked up the wooden front steps into the main house of Las Lindas. His white hair was bound into a short ponytail at the back of his head he was wearing a pair of black and white plaid pajama bottoms. There was nothing covering the black and white fur of his well toned torso since he hadn't bothered with wearing a shirt to bed last night. He pulled open the unlocked screen door and shoved the heavy wooden front door behind it open entering the quiet house. Usually at this time in the morning everyone else was up and about fighting for a turn to take a shower or eating breakfast but there wasn't so much as a peep inside today. Digit the farm's residential spirit who appeared as a small cybernetically enhanced child hung in midair before him completely unmoving. Waving his hand in front of her face and getting no response he tried snapping his fingers and she shook her head suddenly seeming to awaken.

"Hey where is everyone?"

"I don't know, the last thing I remember was hearing a noise behind me last night. I came downstairs to see what it was then there was a weird blue flash of light." Digit looked around the room clearly confused.

"Well go find them and see what the situation on my breakfast is when you do." The small spirit floated upwards through the floor to the second story presumably to begin searching the other's bedrooms. Miles walked down the hallway to the kitchen which showed no signs of recent use and was still spotless from the thorough cleaning Taffy gave it each night before bed. He filled the glass coffee pot with water shoving it into the coffee machine the replaced the filter and dug out a bag of the fresh coffee beans from the pantry depositing them into the machine as well. Just because he was starving didn't mean he should have to drink the jockstrap drippings that were automatic coffee. The red light on the front of the machine lit up and he heard the sound of water working it's way through it being transformed. After a minute a smell bell chimed he selected one of the few white porcelain mugs without any cracks from the cupboard and pouring himself a large portion of the steaming liquid. Digit floated down into the kitchen coming through the ceiling and looking around worriedly.

"I've looked everywhere and none of them are here! It's like they all just vanished!"

Miles took the first sip of his coffee being careful not to burn himself in the process, it didn't taste quite as good as when Taffy made a batch but it was still decent. "Alejandra probably kidnapped them then."

"How did you figure that out?"

"Kid who the hell else would go to all this trouble just to screw with Mora? I wouldn't worry too much I'm sure she'll screw up soon, Minos will bring them all home safe and sound by dinner." Miles waved lazily over his shoulder as he walked through the open doorway the lead into the living room holding his mug by it's handle.

"But what if it wasn't Alejandra?" Digit poked her head around the corner looking into the living room after him.

Miles sat down on the couch propping his feet up on a table in front of him and taking another sip of his coffee. The remote to the farm's only television had been discarded on the couch and he picked it up switching on the television which slowly hummed to life. "I'm telling you I'd bet my left nut it was..."

"...Alejandra Coldthorn kidnapped this is channel three's continuing coverage of this still developing story." An equine woman in a skirt and jacket stood in front of the Gossamer Tower holding a microphone. Miles put his feet on the floor and leaned forward watching the television closely. "Earlier this morning Coldthorn Dairy employees discovered that Ms. Coldthorn's home was in a state of disarray and there was no sign of her within. As of now now demands have been made but..." He lifted the remote switching off the television and set his mug down on the table.

"I guess they really are gone. Dibs on the big room." Miles ran out of the living room back outside towards the barn he'd been forced to sleep in for the past several months to gather his belongings. Digit flew out of the house chasing after him easily catching up.

"Wait we've got to go and find them!"

"Pff yeah right. Why should I risk my neck and do all kinds of work just to go chasing off after them to who knows where?" Miles rolled his eyes and kept running straight through the large door into the barn.

"Because they're your friends!" Digit floated down to the hay strewn ground beside him and stamped her foot.

"No they aren't in fact I sort of hate most of them. " After pulling an empty green duffel bag out from beneath his extremely uncomfortable cot he started stuffing his clothes into it.

"Uhm, well i-if you rescue them then there might be a reward!"

"Keep talking." He looked over his shoulder but continued to retrieve his clothes from the floor as quickly as possible.

"Think about it Alejandra is rich! Her company will probably pay you anything you want if you bring her back."

"True but the ice queen would probably just stiff me. Nice try." He forced the last of his shirts into the bag, tugged on the drawstring pulling it's mouth shut, and turned walking back out of the barn.

"Wait there's more! I bet the others will all be grateful if you help out you'd be their hero!" Digit stood by his bed looking after him as he walked away.

"So who wants to be a a hero? They have to do way too much work just to have people blow a bunch of smoke up their asses." Miles lashed his long black tail with it's white tip behind him sweeping away the ridiculous notion of heroism.

"Yeah but you'd never have to do another day of work as long as you live after this! Plus everyone would treat you like a king! No more getting beaten up or dumped in the well." God how he hated that well. "Taffy would cook for you until you burst,..." While she might be a tease in the bedroom no one would ever call his ex-girlfriend such a thing when it came to food. His mouth watered thinking of a never ending supply of food made just for him. "...back rubs and ear scratches on demand anytime you want them..." The image of resting his head in Mora's lap while Racheal and Sarah scratched his ears gave him a twinge of joy he struggled to fight down as he continued walking. "you could nap all day..." He pictured watching Minos, Randal, and Idward toiling in the fields while he curled up on the couch for a cat nap. "maybe one of them would even sleep with you!" Images of Taffy, Mora, Racheal, Sarah, and Alejandra hurling themselves at his feet begging to please gave him a lecherous grin, it was as though he could practically feel his fantasy touching him. he reached out to embrace the dream and the girls flew away blowing him kisses before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Miles dropped the duffel bag with his clothes and turned to face Digit smiling. "'I'm in."


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[quote author=Omega Wolf J link=topic=3714.msg96881#msg96881 date=1242609371]
*snickers* :gleeAmbar:
Way to go Digit, she found the right buttons to press, smart girl.

Digit was playing dirty offering Miles all that stuff. I can tell you this much that deal would have me lining up to rescue them too. I probably would have even made it past the bit about naps.


Katbox Forum Member
Miles walked back into the house then settled himself in front of the farm's only computer. Digit buzzed in the air behind him like a bee hanging over his shoulder as he began clicking the mouse. "What are you doing? We've got to hurry and go find everyone!" He looked over his shoulder at her with a sarcastic exp<b></b>ression.

"Oh sure, where should we go?" Digit raised her hand and opened her mouth to make a suggestion then promptly closed it. Miles turned back to the computer smiling with triumph. "Exactly. First we've got to find out something about who took them unless you'd rather go door to door."

"How are we supposed to find out who took them?" Digit peered over his shoulder at the computer curiously.

"I put security cameras in the walls while we was fixing this dump up, we should be able to see who got in here with those."

An image of the house's front porch appeared on the computer screen it was night but a dim light shot down in a small circle like an old spotlight in the darkness. Miles scanned forward through the footage for several minutes before there was a flicker of motion in the corner of the frame. Four figures stepped into the circle of light one of them looking up directly into the tiny lens of the camera. Each of them wore nearly identical clothes consisting of a pair of baggy black pants, dark red bands around their arms, and red masks covering half of their faces. The tallest of them was a very tall heavily muscled male tiger who carried a large curved blade attached to his belt. Behind the tiger were two smaller figures, both rodents of some sort with filthy black hair and mean sets of beady black eyes, their hairless tails lashed out behind them. The wrinkled skin of the figure pointing at the camera was the color of scalded skin, his chest and arms were covered in black feathers. After a moment the tiger reached up to the camera and the image faded as he crushed it in his hand and it flickered to static.

Miles switched to the cameras embedded in the walls of the entryway and saw that the doors were already open and all four men had entered, they were crouching to the side of the stairs unmoving. Digit floated down the stairs a shimmering white mass in the close darkness, there was a flash of blue light and she came too an immediate stop hanging in the air. Stepping around her they made their way up the stairs to the second story. Unfortunately he didn't have cameras in all of the bedrooms but the hallway cameras showed them entering each bedroom one by one. Moments later they would emerge with the room's occupants unconscious over one of their shoulders. Finally they stood in front of Minos and Mora's bedroom door, Miles had managed to sneak a camera into this room during his upgrades. First he tiger set down his captives on the floor and then he entered the room with the vulture slowly opening the door as Miles switched from the hallway camera to the interior. The men slowly crept to each side of the bed and pressed white patches of fabric across both of the sleeping bovines faces, there were thrashing movements beneath the blankets but they subsided after a few seconds. The tiger lifted Mions' and Mora's large forms across either shoulder carrying them back out into the hallway after the vulture. The rodents had moved Taffy, Idward, Randal, and Racheal to their shoulders, the vulture carried Sarah down the stairs in his arms as they walked back down the stairs and outside. A scrap of paper fell from behind one of them and slapped to the floor as they made their exit. After they went through the front door the cameras only showed Digit standing as a statue in the entryway and Mile's entry the following morning, the entire incident had only taken ten minutes.

Miles and Digit looked on in a stunned silence for a few minutes until he closed the window. He looked over his shoulder at the spirit saying "Well now we know who took them."

"Why didn't they take us though?"

"No idea." Miles walked out of the computer room to the front door stooping down and picking up the folded yellow scrap of paper cast down on the floor. It had been torn from a legal pad and read "Sasha's, 9:30" along with the day's date. "But I think I know where we might be able to find them."

Back in the barn Miles was entering the combination in a combination lock on the trunk at the foot of his cot while Digit sat on the bed looking glum. The lock clicked open and he lifted the green battered top of the trunk up. There were five items neatly arranged next to one another within, he pulled each one out setting it on the cot before Digit. The first was a small firearm, then what appeared to be metal gauntlet, a pair of rimless green sunglasses, a backpack, and several small tubes with sharp metal tips. Digit looked over each of the items with interest before asking 'What's this stuff?"

"Just some things I've been putting together in my spare time. The guns just an old handheld air pistol but I reconfigured it to shoot these tranquilizer darts" "he lifted one of the small metal tubes. "The glove is loaded with three tightly coiled springs that'll pop out a panel above the knuckles, it should be enough to knock just about anyone for a loop."

What would you need that for?" Digit quirked her head to the side as Miles slid his jacket on over a dark green shirt he'd taken out of his bag.

"Moving big rocks mostly." In truth he'd prepared it following the harvest festival when Minos had sucker punched him in the stomach after his breakup with Taffy. "The glasses are night vision goggles, and the backpack is my little secret." Miles loaded three of the tranquilizer darts into his gun then picked everything up carrying it all loosely in his arms walking back towards the rear wall of the barn.

"Should you really have that stuff though? It seems pretty dangerous."

"Don't be a moron those guys got Minos, Rachael, and Mora all of whom have kicked my ass till their feet hurt. I'm going to need this stuff to even have a chance." Miles twirled the gun on his finger rapidly smiling. "Besides I know what I'm doing" The gun fired a dart into the air with a puff startling them both and embedding it in the ceiling where it rocked violently. "What? That could have happened to anyone. Now quit eyeballin me I've gotta get to Sasha's in time to catch up with those goons."

"How are you even planning to get there, isn't it in Gossamer? There's no way you can't walk there with all that stuff."

"Who the hell said anything about walking." Miles pulled the handle of a garden hoe hanging on the wall and the wall slid to the out of place revealing a room behind it he stepped back into the darkness alone. "Walking is for little kids and nerds, I'll be taking this." Pushing out a motorcycle Digit looked on in awe at it's shimmering body. The motorcycle's body was jet black on top with two stripe of light brown running down each side and a pale white undercarriage. It's black leather seat was easily large enough to allow for two passengers and a black side car with a small windshield jutted out from it's right side. Two polished poles sprang several feet in front of the bike holding the front wheel in place and curving back into a pair of silver colored handle bars. He slid onto the seat dropping his load into the side car and used the kick start with a grin. The bike purred to life beneath him the way he'd built it to, he hadn't wanted a loud screaming engine as a companion every time he went for a ride.

"Wow Miles! It's beautiful!" Digit floated around the bike inspecting it from every angle with a huge grin.

"She kid, motorcycles are always a she" he slipped a black helmet with a green stripe on both sides over his features. "You should call the cops now, and be good until someone comes back." The bikes wheels spun kicking up dirt as he tore through the front door of the barn at high speed following the sole dirt road that lead out of Las Lindas without a single backward glance. He smiled beneath the helmet, he'd built this bike to take him away from Las Lindas and now he was using it to save the place.


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May 10, 2009
Ah now I gotta write the next part...I wanted to take a nap now too. I really don't feel well.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story though.
ToT *gives you big fluffy pillow* I hope you feel better. owo

*gets back to my own fiction* PARAISO TIME! 8D


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In the interest of being fair I thought I'd do a quick poll. You see Miles is going to cross paths with a female who will be assisting him once or twice on his little adventure. Now I've been playing with a few idea and I haven't come up with one that I love so I ask you oh great forum...who is Mile's perfect girl? Hope? Tiggs? Someone else? Sadly Taffy is out of the running this time since she's ben whisked off.


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Sorry I haven't updated this story in so long. It's sort of been put on hold until Just Business is finished. I know this is really short but I wrote it a few days ago and thought it might help keep the story in people's heads.

Twenty minutes later Miles was finally off of the dirt road out of Las Lindas and moving at high speed toward Gossamer. Looking to his left at the tree splattered countryside as it blurred past he was pleased with his bike's performance. Turning his attention back to the road he saw a figure in the middle of the it and pumped the brake with his hand to avoid skidding off of the road as he screeched to a stop. The bike spun to it's side and skidded to a halt a few inches in front of Digit who stood in front of it without flinching, she pointed at Miles shouting "You left me!"

"What the hell are you...!" Miles pulled at the side of his helmet lifting it off of his head.

"You! Left! Me!" With each word she rose higher of off the ground and closer to Miles.

"Yeah I did. So what? This is going to be dangerous and you might got hurt, it's better for you to stay at home where it's safe." He shrugged as he held the helmet under his arm.

"You can't do it alone though you're going to need help!"

"Not a chance. You can go home or don't but I'm not brining you with me either way." Miles fixed his helmet back on his head and turned the wheel of his bike back in the right direction. Just as he started moving forward Digit flung herself down in front of the wheel. "Move!"

"No!" Digit squeezed her eyes shut and put her hands over her head, Miles revved the engine of his bike twice and she started each time but didn't get out of the way.

"Alright but you have to do what I say from now on or you can stay here and be roadkill. Deal?"

"Deal." Digit leapt into the air and down into the seat of the sidecar settling herself in. Miles looked down at from his own seat disapprovingly.

"Seat belt." Digit buckled the safety harness across her lap with a loud click as the metal buckle slid into place. "There's a helmet on the floor there, put it on." Digit pulled the too large helmet off of the floor and put it on her head, it was black with a white circle on the side. It had a pair of green tinted goggles attached to it so she pulled them down over her eyes then looked at him. "Good now we're ready." He lifted his foot off of the street and together they resumed the journey down the road to Gossamer.
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