Microsoft's new Paint 3D Sucks

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Last week, my PC, upgrade with the new features of W10 Creative, among these, Paint 3D (the upgrade to the long serving MSN Paint), and my experience with it has been disappointing, to say the least. Paint 3D is crap, Genuine Cheap Crap: After a few brief tries, I have NOT used it since it was installed. It feels heavy to use, the Mouse/Pad command is slow to react (I dunno if anyone else has had this problem).

I write this, because in their infinite wisdom, MS has announced they'll remove MSNpaint after 30+ years of service, and replace it with P3D, obviously as to challenge the dominance currently held by Photoshop Editor and Gimp, and don't get me wrong, Competition is good, but if MS thinks they can be competition with two of the most popular creative apps, they have another thing coming - Their P3D is sluggish at best, far from complete at worst, and lacks the comforts, settings and tools of these two Popular Creative Apps.

For me at least, if MS removes Old Paint and force an app that is far from complete, people will become more entrenched on Photoshop and Gimp than before ... look what happened to Internet Explorer is what I'm saying.
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