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The Katboss
Apr 17, 2007
Northern Kentucky
Hello to all you fresh (and not so fresh) faces! Welcome to the katbox forum!

Since you are taking the time to get involved in our community (thank you, by the way!) I wanted to try to get the staff together to give you a brief overview of who we are and what we do around here to keep the place going.

I'm ID. I've been with the Katbox since the early days of Las Lindas. I started off in the forums and talking to SK and Chalo privately, giving minor input on the comic. Things began to get real when I was fortunate enough to get Idward into LL in Enter the Idward, culminating in being taken on as a full staff member beginning with Unexpected Visitors.

In my years with the Katbox I have been part of many interesting projects. I ran the Katbox DA, A Katbox World of Warcraft Guild, and briefly a faux advice column starring Idward. I helped produce and for a time was the writer of the Eye of Ramalach, and have been a part of coming up with the various donation systems that we've used over the course of our existence.

In 2014 I left the Las Lindas team, and later that year assumed ownership of the Katbox. So now a lot of my free time is spent managing projects, paying the bills, and steering the course of the website's future.

My history with the Katbox has been a wild ride, and I am proud to be a part of it. I have met friends for life and gotten to be a part of awesome projects. In the future I hope to keep meeting new people, and continue to be one of the team.
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The Katbox
Apr 17, 2007
I'm Curran, obviously, and I've been around here for a fair while.

At first, I began as one of the forum mods (if I remember right) then started out by helping out with a few of the older bonus comics. Eventually, I was giving the reins on Simpler Times. Eventually, that turned into full-time writing for Knighthood. Soon after, I joined the team to help out on LL and my most recent work has been iMew with Nekonny!


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 17, 2007
Hey all.

I started the Katbox back in 2004. I remember vividly sitting on the carpet of a movie theater, one that was converted for use for my breadth-requirement college classes, and writing up the first ten scripts for Las Lindas. I remember meeting Curran and ID online while on my laptop, ignoring my classes completely. :laughTiggs:

I wont lie to you. The Katbox has been my life for a long time. We're going on 10 years soon and I have loved every second of this. It's gotten me all of my best friends and it indirectly gave me a job which is now the foundation for my entire life. When I started coding for the Katbox, I was pretty much a sham as a system admin. I learned everything bit by bit to keep things going smoothly and I was terrified that people would find out how little I knew. I learned HTML to make the site, how to use FTP clients to upload the comics, how to set up a mySQL database for our first CMS... etc etc. And if it wasn't for the immense donation of time from friends who have come and gone from my life, we wouldn't be here. Because I've stumbled many, many times.

Now it's 2013. We have gone from one artist and comic to 10 unique IPs and a whole lot of very cool people. I don't think I could be happier. The KB has taught me that on any given day you could meet someone who can take your life in a wildly different direction. And it's usually for the better.

I rarely talk about me, I know. This is kinda difficult. I've always kinda hoped I would be the invisible guy behind the scenes. But that's just not realistic now. I was very lucky and was sent to college on a state program where I majored in computer science. At the time, the work was very easy so I was able to work on the KB full time and make it what it is today. It was during my classes that I made Taffy, Rachael, Sarah, Miles and a few others, and tried to fit them into Chalo's existing universe. We were going into it together, so I knew I had to respect both of our desires for how to make LL interesting. I used some inspiration from my own life for Miles' frustrations and for Rachael's self doubt and arrogance. But it was a lot of fun to develop their counterpoints of Sarah and Taffy too. It was around this time that I kinda figured I was good at writing characters, and it would take many years before I felt like I understood how to make meaningful plot.

After college, I hit a bit of a slump. It was difficult to get employed around 2008 and I bounced from self-made jobs to scrub work every half year. And I wont blame the financial crisis entirely, remember, I was pretty much writing and coding during my classes. :blushTiggs: But through it all, I had LL and the KB to focus on and give me direction and grounding.

Aside from LL, I found that I like to paint miniatures and cook. I don't have the patience to write out long stories. I'm not sure why. It might have to do with nearly a decade of trying to be succinct when writing a comic page. I dunno. I also like gaming, but I have never been seriously into it enough to get extremely good at anything. I like any craft that lets me create. I feel that's the most gratifying emotion one can experience.

Right now I am working as a web-developer. Irony, I know. As for all that time I wasted in college working on LL, it put me at the forefront of the applicants for a very cool job. Because of what I've learned at that job, I aspire to catch up to Mr Kelly and Mihari in skill some day and give the KB the owner it deserves.

That's pretty much all I've got.
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The Katbox
Jan 14, 2008
Personal Text
Please, I go through everyones trash. - The Question
I'm Phil "Sage" Brown. I'm pretty new to the KatBox but I'll get to that at the end of my story :D
I started my comic Yosh! at the end of 2003 (late November) on a forum of all places while I was in college. Eventually I got a website with my less than stellar web design skills and got into doing mostly sketch comics, not sure if I was wasting my time or not. I had fun doing it though and I had a lot of support from friends. Still I wasn't comfortable doing a full story line though I had one in mind. A friend of mine, Axel, offered to help me out by converting my thoughts and ideas into WORDS! Well written scripts that, after some time, we got a real flow going. Years later he went on a break and told me to keep going with it how I planned... and months later when I asked him when he was going to start up again he said "I'm not, I've been reading it and so far you're doing fine on your own! Keep it up!" Sweet! I'm making comics! Here we are, 2013, and November will mark my 10th year anniversary! With over 1300 comics and a 3 comics a week schedule my comic is the largest on the Katbox (for a while it was bigger than all of the Katbox comics combined, including all the bonus comics XD).

As for how I came to be a member of the Katbox, that's a fun story. I have had to move around a bit due to hosting issues, mostly getting messages telling me they can't support my site anymore because it uses too much bandwidth, even when I have "unlimited bandwidth*" or their server just cant handle all of the comics or the comic management system. So the wonderful angel Mihari flew into my life to save me! She set me up on a fantastic server and got everything running perfectly! Even redesigned my site and got a whole new comic management system. It was wonderful. It was a while after this that the Katbox was having similar problems with their hosting. At this point Mihari once again saved another comic - or in this case a bunch! In the process there was a huge strain on the server though and we realized having my comic so separate on the same server was just too much for it. Being a friend of both Mihari and Ron, we discussed my joining the Katbox. The new server was considerably more expensive though but thankfully between all of us our advertising and the generous donations made by the readers we now have a fantastic server and everyone is running on the same comic management system!

So since I have been a member of the site I ran the Halloween Special from 2012 and have mostly continued my never missing an update. Ruined only by my computer dying just before Christmas... Besides that though I've never missed an update that I haven't made up for! I love making comics, I love drawing, I love telling stories and I love being here. I am also a gamer, an animation fanatic, comic book fan, a Pen and Paper RPG gamer, and a geek... if those other things didn't give that away already. Oh I also have 2 bonus comic series- Body Cross Chaos and the current one, Yosh! Island Adventure!

Fun fact! The Phil in my comic is not really based on me! It's based off of a character from another comic I did in high school that was based on me! So he's a comic character, based on a comic book character that was based on me! *Inception!*
Apr 26, 2007
Hello, folks. :gleeWT:

If it wasn't obvious, I'm White Tiger (or simply WT) and I'm one of a handful of moderators here on the forum. I've been a fairly active forum member since I joined in 2005 and have been a moderator since around 2007 or 2008. I'm also Taffy's long-time #1 fan, although I wear the title of moderator much more often.

I came to the Katbox shortly after I became a fan of Chalo's art, which was way back in the days of VCL and when his gallery on deviantART was just starting to take off. I was in high school when I first began reading the comic and hanging out on the forums and I was lucky enough to become a moderator shortly before I graduated and went on to college. While I'm not nearly as active as the admins are, I can comfortably say that the Katbox may be one of my top three sites when I'm killing time online.

Unlike SoulKat and the other staff, I don't really have any active role with the actual comic(s). My only real contribution to the community has been the fact that I'm on here constantly, albeit not as much as I used to. Besides that, I'm fond of graphic and web design and have done a few things in Photoshop for the forums back in the day. I'm really just happy to contribute to the community by way of comic discussions and occasionally helping manage threads when they need a little nudge.

Off the site, I'm a recent college grad who's working full-time, although it's a job I'm not fond of. Despite graduating from a college that has a reputation, the federal and research job markets haven't been kind towards recent grads. However, between working, helping out the family, and jobhunting, I'm often online and on the forums. Besides browsing the Katbox, I'm also into gaming, photography (relatively new to this), travel/food stuff, graphic design, and web design. Unfortunately, all of these things are mere hobbies of mine and I've never taken any of them to the career/professional level.
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Katbox Mascot
Apr 24, 2011
Here or There
Hi everyone, Mihari here! :heartMihari:

Hmm... Where to begin? :confuzzledMihari: I guess if I go with the origin route... Sage covered most of everything. I met him through chance hanging around another webcomics IRC chat. I commissioned him to do the first ever rendition of Mihari "on paper" so to speak. Things kinda went from there, I hung around his community offering a hand when it looked like he needed it, from there things grew to me assuming a community role (as his comics Kate) in his community. Then things eventually led to his old hosts hosting woes as he mentioned. From there I took him on to my host at the time, and things progressed fairly well.

It wasn't long after that Sage introduced me to Nekonny to do some flash, and possibly some voice work for him and his comic Caribbean Blue. I continued helping out at that point with Sage's community, and now doing spot checks and offering advice to Nekonny for his comic, which I would eventually take over writing for around comic 190 something. As an avid gamer, I was winding down in my WoW days, and I decided to transfer from my server to join Nekonny on his server, and joined the Katbox Guild there. It was there I met Chalo, ID, Aven, and SK. By that point I was more familiar with the Katbox, but I was still seen as an overbearing pesky outsider trying to wiggle her way into too many things. :blushMihari: It was also around that time I took on the face of Kimi here on the forums.

Time went on and I did some various little tasks like repairing a few mods to the forum, and then eventually followed up to actually reworking the themes for the entire Katbox. After that was said and done, and being able to work on the backend of things a bit more, I diagnosed the Katbox as getting too popular and busy for it's current host to handle. Thus I offered to do much the same I did for Sage when his host gave him issues. However, I vastly underestimated just how big the Katbox was, and it ultimately overwhelmed my own hosting at the time. Long story short we found a nice new server, it makes nice nice.

Apparently, from there it seems running the server and doing general maintenance on the box itself for the Katbox requires a certain amount of trust, and those silly Katbox admins didn't know what hit them! *cackles* Err... is this thing still on? Oh... :pointsMihari: Nevermind all that. Ahem, so yah trust, moving on, eventually at this point I was a neck deep in writing for Caribbean Blue, I had helped Sage come on board, and I helped SK run things in the shadows. I'm still really flattered and honored about eventually becoming the Katbox Mascot after that point, and we've reached about today.

Now that I've crit you all with Wall-o-Text (Rank 9001), lets see offline I'm a mother to a wonderful daughter (geez it goes fast). I do freelance work as a web dev, programmer, and flash app designer (dying out these days.) I'm a runner (yay cheetah!) :heartMihari: I'm a huge gamer girl, and I'm told I can be quite scary with some of the stuff I can pull off, which from here we'll just call sorcery or magic. :gleeMihari: I love all music, I used to play the piano and even draw back in the day before my epilepsy hit. I won't say how long ago that was cause I really don't want to date myself further. :pointsMihari:

Yah, I think we'll stop there. If you do have any further questions, or what not, just ask! :gleeMihari:
Apr 21, 2008
United Kingdom
Personal Text
Wish you were here?
Hey everyone.

I'm Sussoloc, a moderator for the Katbox forums and also the Katbox's former DJ and (as yet, unofficial) #1 fan of LL's Tiare Mehran.

I first came across Las Lindas in 2005, and I have been reading the Katbox's comics ever since. That said, it wasn't until three years later that I decided to become a part of the community. I would casually participate in any threads and discussions that piqued my interest; in particular, I was an avid contributor to the Las Lindas Character Theme Music thread, which SoulKat was running at the time. Eventually, SK would approach me to become the thread's new manager, and for a number of years, I would continue to expand and improve upon it as I saw fit. I suppose the KTML's success is part of what led to me being chosen to become part of the Katbox's moderating team, which has been quite an honor for me.

Beyond the Katbox, I have a degree in software engineering, which I have yet to put to good use, sadly. I'm currently doing temp work as an administrator whilst looking out for permanent employment, and my aim is to find something before the end of 2013. My hobbies outside of the Katbox are video games, going to cinemas and theatres and visiting museums; I also used to collect things like model aircraft and precious stones.

Now, as I may have explained in the past, I have autism (albeit high-functioning). As such, I would find it rather difficult to provide in-depth observations (the kind that WT is capable of) in comic discussions, but I do like to provide my own simple insights on comics if and when I can. All things considered, I think I've done unusually well as a member of the Katbox community. I've talked and worked with some awesome people, and I like to think I've made some positive impacts on the site and some of its comics, which I certainly hope to do more of in the future.

Well, I think that's about all I have to say about myself. Thanks for reading! :gleeSully:

Oh, and here's a fun fact: Chalo and I happen to share the same birthday. ;P


Katbox Forum Member
Mar 5, 2008
Los Angeles, California

I'm insidexml, the third, newest, and last moderator for the Katbox forums. I got my start through deviantART, where I noticed a page of Building an Empire floating around and liked what I saw. From there, I expanded into LL and followed the deviantART account. I didn't become aware of the existence of the forums until 2008, and after checking it out (and really liking both CB and TEoR) I made an account and started doing stuff. I didn't really contribute any particularly deep insights or profound statements to any discussion I was every part of, ever. I'd say I'm not a particularly deep person. But I am diligent, and practical. I feel like, during the four years prior to becoming a moderator, the only thing I did was meticulously go through all the codex entries for the LL crew and look for errors. I still have each entry methodically saved in case of a cataclysmic server wipe or something.

But, uh, yeah. Four years passed and suddenly I was a moderator because I guess the guys thought I was a pretty cool enough dude, and also Naerie's (un)official #1 fan.

I used to participate a lot all around the forum, but my activity as of late is pretty much shot. That's because I'm currently in my first year of college, working on a degree in Computer Science. One of my main hobbies is gaming, and I spend a lot of free time on Steam playing a variety of games. I'm also highly involved in another forum by the name of Aelyria, a play-by-post fantasy rp.

Hey, you know how you think of all these great ideas after you've written something? This is like that!
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The Katbox
Apr 20, 2007
Personal Text
But its a good one!
I'm not really good with these things, I tend to drone on and on, but meh; This is my story.

I started drawing in high school, inspired by a friend and a flood of anime that was showing up at the time. Being very interested in the potential of the (back then) novelty "internet" I eventually came across a few webcomics (Sabrina on Line for one). I really enjoyed the format and having some basic understanding of html of my own I decided that I could have a go at drawing sequential art. Thus was born my first comic; Tina OnLine (to this day I am embarrassed at my lack of naming creativity), starting a pair of catgirl characters I had created around that time.

I worked on TOL on and off through collage, but never took it very seriously. There wasn't much of an internet community back then, much less of a webcomic or art community to speak of (lack of feedback -> lack of interest). I got involved with anime convention management, helping found what would become Brazil's largest at the time. There I specialized in art contests and exhibitions and was able to meet and make friends with dozens of very talented people.

After graduating in 2002 (computer science), I moved back to the US and worked in retail for a couple of years (the job market was bad, especially for someone with no experience). It was during this time that I started to think about a new comic project, one that would take place in a small controlled environment, and recycle my old cast from TinaOnLine.

And thus the 'spinoff' comic, Caribbean Blue was born. I worked on pages for a year before actually stating to post, just to have a decent reserve. My HTML skills were still pretty basic, so I was hard coding all the links every time I posted a new comic page. At the time I also published the comic in two languages. Doing all this was a lot of work...

Looking to increase my audience, I began searching for other comics on the web that would be interested in exchanging links, eventually coming across Las Lindas when it was only a few pages old. I really liked the story, enough that I began drawing a series of fanarts of the cast and communicating regularly with Chalo and SK.

SK helped me out more than I could ever thank him, helping me migrate to an actual comic hosting system. His true gift however came when he invited me to join the Katbox (which at the time had expanded once to include Avencri). I was honored at the request, and promptly migrated both ToL and CB over.

Back in RL, I eventually got tired of retail (too much stress, poor treatment and very little pay) and decided I needed to kickstart my career again. At the invitation of some collage friends that were in their last year, I moved back to Brazil to take some intensive programming courses. Six months later I was back in the US, and was able to land a job as a programer analyst. Everything was great, I was making a decent starting income in a nice environment and even started the process of getting my own house.

During all of this, I continued working on CB and ToL. The Portuguese language version was dropped (never got that much feedback from it anyway), and although SK tried to help out by scripting ToL, it was eventually pulled due to lack of updates.

Then 2008 happened. Although the company I worked for always exceeded our goals and were very profitable, we were downsized and eventually eliminated. I looked for a new job but it took me a year before I was able to find work again (I refused to go back into retail, instead opting to take more programing courses and focus on getting new certifications). I eventually landed a job as a tech at a high school. This turned out to be a great position for me, as it was very stress free, offered a livable wage and allowed enough free time for me to pursue my hobbies and interests.

I finally got my house, started traveling again, and continued working on CB and advertising through link trades. It was probably through one of those I met Sage and we began talking a lot online, and through him I was introduced to Mihari. She was a great person, lots of fun to talk to (believe it or not, I thought she was a bit shy at first). She was very talented in programing too, and seeing how the Katbox was growing (we had two other artists join since then), offered to help us migrate into a better comic management system and hosting provider. We can pretty much agree that she was a godsend at the perfect time; we moved hosts just as our old one was about to kick us in the rump with costs, and we got a fancy new interface with all the bells and whistles.

A major problem I experienced as CB developed was that I was having a lot of trouble switching gears from writer to artist. Mihari began offering advice and help with the story. Eventually that turned into writing the full script for CB, which she's helped me on since around page 200 or so.

Thanks to the help and support from friends and readers I've passed page 300 and had prints made of both my first volumes. I would have never gotten this far without them, that's for sure.

I'm mostly looking forward to finishing CB, and migrating to other projects, possibly a series of short comics like iMew. I'm also going to reboot ToL (under a new name hopefully) and who knows what else?

Captain Video

Frontier Psychiatrist
Gallery Volunteer
Sep 4, 2009
Partially Submerged Boat
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"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
Sometimes the biggest events stem from the smallest events. One day, in July of 2008, I was at my favorite thrift store and I discovered an unopened copy of Corel PhotoPaint 8 from 1998. That led me into a (dead-end) experiment with drawing, which led me to DeviantArt, where I more or less tripped over some of Chalo's stuff one day. That led me to Las Lindas, which led me into the Katbox as a whole. That was about January of 2009.

I lurked for a long time on the forums. There was a contest for comic dubs in April, and I entered - you can see my entry here. I didn't win, but I did make it onto two of the three judges' shortlists, so that was cool. I graduated in May and moved to Florida, where many great and terrible events befell me.

I finally had Internet hooked up in the fall and got back into the Katbox (it didn't seem like an entirely appropriate thing to be perusing in a public library). I ended up joining the forum just a few days after Las Lindas' fifth anniversary - its tenth anniversary, this September, will be my fifth anniversary here (just about) and I love the symmetry.

After swearing off it in 2005, I got back into fan fiction with the critically acclaimed Emoticon Theater saga "Cleavage of the Living Dead," which got me noticed by Kuurion. Pretty much everything that happened to us from then to when we joined in February is covered here.

Unfortunately I don't have the resources to attend conventions, and since I moved back from Florida at the end of 2009 I haven't even been within two hours of one anyway. That means that, unfortunately, I've yet to meet any of my colleagues. It's also a bit weird being a dedicated writer in an environment where most of the comics have writer/artists. Still, it's great to be a contributing part of a community I've admired for half a decade, and I'm really happy with how our April Fools thing went over. I hope I'm helping to generate, in part, some of the magic I first felt when I got here.
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