Making some staffing changes this year.

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The Katboss
Apr 17, 2007
Northern Kentucky
Happy late new year everyone.

I've mentioned this before for our Patrons. The katbox as an organization has developed a lot since I took the reigns. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. It's been a long strange trip of learning experiences. This website has been my home on the internet for about 14 years now and I've had big plans for it ever since I took over.

In order to keep pursuing those plans I've come to the conclusion that I can't do all this with just myself and Mihari. I need new blood to take over some of the responsibilities I can't handle on my own. So I'm taking on two new administrators to help with functions of the site that need a dedicated eye.

@BadXAsh - Promotions Lead - Many of us know BadXAsh. He's been around the community for about a decade and we all know him as a plesant and outgoing guy. He will be joining the Katbox as the head of promotions. Good social media needs a person who is dedicated to it. And while I enjoy the occasional bit of banter on there I don't have the energy or attention span to devote the needed time to it. Bad will be helping out with that. So check out our various social media accounts to see what he gets up to.

@MoonlitCaitlyn - VP of Fun (working title) - The Katbox community has seen busier days. And like with promotions I dont have the energy or time to devote to new projects to revitalize this place. So I'm bringing on someone who I think will be able to. Caitlyn has been a discord member for a bit over 6 months but in that short time she has proven herself to be energetic, helpful, and trustworthy. This place used to be the seat of the Katbox community and I'm not giving up on it yet. As we move on we're going to look into ways to revitalize both the forums and give a boost to the community as a whole. And we'll be asking for your opinions too, so keep an eye out for things like open threads or surveys where we will be wanting feedback.

Thanks as always everyone for being part of the community. I hope that we've got many more years together and that this is the start of a new chapter in the history of this website.
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