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Katbox Forum Member
Oct 24, 2014
To whom to the oc's belong?
Ah, okay, I get ya. I'd have to go through the list, though only one of the characters was submitted by somebody from Katbox, so nobody here would actually know who's these people are.
[doublepost=1500518745,1500517480][/doublepost]So, for those not in the know, I recently cancelled my webcomic due to constant negative feedback and just a general lack of support. So I'm planning a reboot, but before that, I'm going to go on a (at the bare minimum) year long hiatus where I'll be doing a lot of art practice to improve the look and style of my comic, and me and my friend are going to completely rework both the story and the lore, so that when Strays returns as S.O.S: Soldiers of Siravia, it will far surpass everything I did before. Another friend of mine has decided to help me with this and recently gave me a certain art homework assignment: the assignment was to take a certain pose he gave me and draw 5 of my characters in that pose, to help me improve my figure drawing and female anatomy.

Mimi Pose.jpg Marian Pose.jpg Jessie Pose.jpg Leena Pose.jpg Sasha Pose.jpg
These were the end results.
[doublepost=1504295560][/doublepost] Day At The Arcade Rules.jpg
So I'm doing a new Art Collage. So Anyone who's interested is more than welcome to submit a character.