Error Las Lindas Next out of order and Archive leading to wrong comics

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Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
Was skimming through past comics when I find that for some reason links where going to the wrong places. For example when I hit Next from This Page it jumps pretty far ahead to This Page. And it is the same if I try to reach that next page from the archive as well.


New Member
Apr 26, 2017
Paris - FRANCE
Hi, I can't fix the bug but can explain it :

- first post : there are two pages in the Archives with the same name "Good Night", one (September 2011) issueing the one you refere, the other (December 2013) showing up when you hit the Next button or either miniatures from the Archives. But you can watch the two pages together if you scroll down... (okay that is not a fix).

- second post : the "missing page" was an April Fool page, which obviously has been moved or renamed or deleted from the actual Archives. There is no real discontinuity in the story.
May 17, 2018
It would take some work but placing the date at the end of the comic page name might straighten it up. I got lost and thrown around, currently trying to find where I got thrown off track again.