Comic Las Lindas: Morning Bun

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
#2 is this taking place after the whole loud noises? Asking as I'm curious as to how Randal managed to get her clothes on her.


The Golden Lynx
Sep 5, 2016
Well a very sweet pic, though you guys notice in the last panel Taffy is only in her underwear infront of everybody ? I wonder if she is wearing a thong ? Looking at Miles face this seems to be the case. Also in the last panel Mora seems to be asking for trouble with that no bra white tank top
Likes: happyguy1
Apr 26, 2007
Another cute moment with these two, and props to Randal for tying the engagement ring in with breakfast in bed. It's less-than-kosher to give her the ring the morning after he proposes, but the execution seems to make up for it.

Of all the stuff in the strip, I think the bit about Mora helping to pay for the ring caught my attention the most. When he says that Mora helped him pay for it, I'm wondering if he meant she bought it whole, helped by paying for part of it, or if they went in on a bank loan for it. I'm also wondering if Mora insisted on paying for it, or if Randal asked for her help. Randal's always struck me as a modest guy, financially, and we know he trusts Mora tremendously. As generous as Mora is for helping with it, I'm sure she's more-than-happy to do so, given that Randal's family and Taffy is a close friend of hers.

Speaking of Mora, I'm also wondering what she and Minos are making of all of this. Of the three couples on the farm, Mora and Minos may be the one with the most history behind it, yet they don't seem nearly as anxious to get married as Randal and Taffy are. It could also be differences in perspective; Randal and Taffy feel like the clock's running, but Mora seems to be taking her time, and Minos seems content with that.