Comic Las Linda's #531: Winter is Coming

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Katbox Forum Member
Jul 31, 2015
I was thinking the bankrupt line would have ended in an exclamation rather than a period. Hmm so is it the juice company thats bankrupt or Las Lindas? Only solution is opening a brothel chain all over and bring in that sweet sticky cheddar.
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The Golden Lynx
Sep 5, 2016
Mmm I could have sworn during the live stream Alejandra said something else, oh well. So who exactly is bankrupt? Both farms or only Alejandra and if she is bankrupt is she here asking for money? Also when Mora asked who wears the pants I think she meant who wears the strap on.
Only solution is opening a brothel chain all over and bring in that sweet sticky cheddar.
I like that idea

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
Winter is coming....

...Jon it's the middle of Spring! coming...

First things first,who exatcly is going bankrupt here?
Alej,Mora or both of em?

Is Alej here for a loan or a place to spend the night Till she can sort things out...
Or has Mora not prepared any stock for winter which will pose be a problem...

Also,I'm gonna be the one to say it

But Rach and Miles just hooked up only to return to the farm and learn they're going bankrupt (if the farm and Alej are going down togheter). Perhaps Miles' plane will come in handy here?


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
#6 about a moment killer...
But in all due seriousness, I have to say that it's a nice change in pace to see some conflict in the comic. It has been awhile.


Forum Field Marshal
Gallery Volunteer
Apr 21, 2007
Bowling Green, KY
I assume the Gr8 operation Alej and Mora were heading, the one I assume the big hiring spree and the new plant was for, is the one in danger of bankruptcy. I was looking back at the comics to see if there was a clue of any possible difficulty that operation may be undergoing, but I don't see them.

Even if it's Alej's side of the operation and not Las Lindas itself that is going to be bankrupt, that is still going to hurt Mora as well. Being a primary preferred vendor has its benefits, but you're dependent on your partner's success and if the majority of your growth was built on that can collapse like a House of Cards if that partner fails.

I wonder if that means they're going to be pushed to draw back on operations and cut personnel. That'll bring up the possibility of people getting pink slipped and...well, I can only imagine which characters would get them first.


Alejandra's #1 Tiger
Mar 5, 2008
Ipswich Queensland Australia
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Don't judge unless you enjoy being judged.

I am willing to bet that this is a bluff ploy by Alejandra to throw Digit off her poker game by rattling Mora. I mean I doubt someone as business savy as Alejandra would let things slip to the point of bankruptcy, after all she did manage to bring her last endeavour to a very profitable practice.

So yeah, while Mora tries to shake the bond between Patches n Phi, Alejandra hits back with something that hits close to home...literally. =D

"The best bluff ever is telling Death it's shoelaces are untied and then making it look."