Discussion Lady Red and Kess

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Aug 4, 2016
Hello to all! As you all already readed from title I today question about Red and Kess.

It in the same time question for RazorFox and questioning your opinion too.

Question: How you think, it's possible that Kess and Red can become archenemies in future? And how you think, they have duel with each other (in comic, not in katbox character fight)?

In my opinion they do. Because they already have huge reasons.

For lady Red: First, Kess lead the raid that attack their group when they transport future heir of queen Oscura. In result Azure mortally wounded (to be honest I don't know what kind of relations have Red toward Azure, but I suggest Azure be very close friend to Red), then lady Red lost trust of queen and maybe her career get damaged. Second, Kess kill Flare (one of her subjects and friend of Xhianil) and almost kill Kighan (third in command I guess if Cinder be second in command). Kess is a tiger :p

For Kess: First, lady Red the one who lead capturing of Kess and her group (old calendar series have that scene). Second, again Red the one who lead capturing of Kilani and already kidnap her (I don't know what Kess to do now but I think she run to save Kilani or try avenge her if begin thinking that Kilani is dead). Red is a dragon :p

PS I come with this when re-read old pages of comic and suddenly imagined duel between them. I think RazorFox may like this idea :)