Comic Knighthood #65

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The Golden Lynx
Sep 5, 2016
Other dress ? Later ? Oh my. Also interesting that when Joy denied that something is between her and Drake she didn't blush or get to panicky so maybe she is telling the truth ? I wonder how that Xing would react if Drake came on to her ?

Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
So sincerely hope that Grace has a discussion with Violet about how to properly talk to and motivate aspiring knights.

Whelp I am off to Ask the High Prime to inquire about that dress.
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AKA Squeaky
Dec 14, 2013
R'lyeh's waiting room
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*wilhelm scream*
Hehe, I dig Joy's nickname... guess Violet's would be "Boxes with Fennecs" xD

Looking forward to see what Grace has up her borrowed sleeve when it comes to Joy's training. (oh, and Grace's little pink tea set and bean bag chairs got a good smile out of me) xP
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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
After this, I would like to know what type of dress Ambar gave her.
Also, I'm trying to figure out if Grace interrupted Joy there with That's before she said mother.