Comic Knighthood #59

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The Golden Lynx
Sep 5, 2016
Love their outfits, especially Drake's. If Hope is there then I hope we can get more history on what happened with her and Miles and the others, personally think Hope broke Miles's heart. Two questions, why doesn't Joy mention her mom ? Why is Joy worried Drake is gonna flirt with Hope ? I mean we haven't seen him flirt with any girl. Not even Ember and she's hot and they were in close proximity for a long time but still nothing happened there, so why ?


The Golden Lynx
Sep 5, 2016
Why do I get the feeling that Drake is going to hit on Hope so much?
I guess one could say that he's rather HOPEful that he's going to enJOY some young women.
Heh funny, but young women ? Isn't Hope a few years older than him ?


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
I wonder, has Hope reached her pop star status yet by this point in Knighthood? Be interesting to see Drake's reaction when/if he meets her if that answer to that question is yes.

R.E.B. Dragon

Katbox Forum Member
Aug 14, 2015
Back at the Ravenhurst home, sweet! Joy's parents have a lot to explain to their daughter(s) about their lives now. I wonder how Kayin and Grace will react to Drake with him being a Narakhan and all that. If it doesn't go over well I'm sure Hope can defuse the awkwardness and/or negativity, if she is there. Mostly it will be nice to see what Joy is like at home and with the different members of her family.

Also, if Hope is there I'm crossing my fingers for a little back story on her collage years. I prefer not to ship characters, but Learning Curves got me hooked on MilesxHope. They seemed really good together and I think they connected more than some couples in the main comic (not naming any names). I not so secretly hope they reunite somehow in the future case MILESXHOPE 4EVERANDAGAIN!!!!!
Likes: happyguy1
Apr 26, 2007
I'm surprised to see Joy and Drake coming back to the United States, so soon. I wasn't sure if there was an order in which pilgrims did their trials or not, but I figured that Joy would insist on them going to one of the more far-off trials before coming home.

I found it amusing that Joy would establish rules regarding her sister. While I can totally see Drake trying to strike something up with Hope, it's a little unusual that the little sister is protective (if you'd call it that) of the older one. Assuming we're far enough along in the Neo-Earth story that Hope's career has taken off, it'll be amusing to see if Drake recognizes Hope and, if he does, how he reacts to the fact that his travel companion is the sibling of a famous singer. On the other hand, maybe Joy isn't being protective so much as she dislikes being reminded of the differences between Hope and her. One's got girly good looks and pop star status, and the other's a tough, more humble tomboy. Thus, I can totally see how Joy might not be crazy about Drake meeting Hope, if it means she's at risk of being compared to her.

Lastly, assuming Joy is well-aware of her mother's Crest status, I'm left wondering if this visit is just a break between stops, or if she's going to attempt Grace's trial. If this is, in fact, a trial visit, I'm trying to imagine what kind of trial Grace would have. Kay sticks out as the one with the combat experience and physical prowess, so I'm wondering what kind of training Grace would put Joy through.

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
I can't resist reading this comic...

If Hope is home I can't wait to see her again! Been so long since LC...

So this is a popular topic rn so my thoughts on the "MilesxHope" thing:

Although I am curious I think this is the same as with Reiko and Skye in Rascals. An Argument between the two,perhaps Hope spent too much time as a singer she sorta neglected Miles,and Miles probably to cope with this spent some time with another. So in reality the two betrayed each other in their own way.

Also I'm rather curious how Kayin would react to Drake being a Narakhan. I doubt he'll accept him with open arms.
Buuuut on the other hand I think he'll ask Drake whether or not he like likes Joy so yeah...the "Is he your boyfriend?" Is expected.

Now as for Grace's trial,maybe to teach Joy to better express herself and use her power for a more supportive role as a Knight. I admit I can't see Grace as a Warrior,but a healer is more suited for someone like her. Tho the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Comes to mind,maybe Grace is more of a warrior than we think her to be?
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