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The Katboss
Apr 17, 2007
Northern Kentucky
I need to get back into the habit of using the forums to communicate with everyone. I'll be using this thread to give a more detailed updates list. For the sake of brevity I won't be allowing responses to it. If you have specific question you can either post in the Outage thread, PM me, or poke me on twitter.


Spoke with Mihari this morning about the state of the rebuild. Mihari worked through the entire night fixing up our backup files that have some discrepancies with current site architecture. These backups are part of an SQL database and changes have to be made manually.

Mihari estimates it's about 10 hours worth of work to untangle and rebuild one comic though she has the process down to a science at this point.


This is our list of backups and Mihari is just going down the list one at a time. #4 is Tina of the South, so that will be next to go up. After that is Caribbean Blue, though having spoken to @Nekonny he is wanting to do something akin to an HD remaster of that and so we may only need to set up the original template and let him do his thing.

As frustrating and slow as this process has been for all of us we got to talking about what we could do to make sure this never happens again. Mihari was one step ahead of me and has already purchased better backup software. The katbox will begin doing nightly backups so that we hopefully never have this kind of downtime again.

Some of the site architecture has also been redesigned. Taking advantage of rebuilding things from scratch a lot of folders and files have been taken off the public HTML directory.

I've asked Mihari to keep me involved and if there's anything I can do to help speed up the process I'm willing to do it. I spent maybe about 20 hours last week rebuilding Yosh! Saga in wordpress. Messing with SQL and backend stuff is sadly beyond me and I am confident she is doing the best she can.

I will keep this thread updated as often as new information pops up. Thank you

Tina of the South is restored:

[doublepost=1486075878][/doublepost]Part 2:

Caribbean Blue is now restored... sort of. @Nekonny has asked for something special.


Draconia Chronicles is now back up!


Uber Quest is now back up!

[doublepost=1487355315][/doublepost]Rascals is now restored!

[doublepost=1488474910][/doublepost]I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. Truth is there hadn't been much update. We've had to slog through sickness and nature itself at some point tried to stop the march of progress.

But march on we have.

Our World is now restored (mostly):

Paprika is now restored (mostly):

Peter and Company is now restored (mostly):

Peter and Whitney is now restored (mostly):

Addictive Science is now restored (mostly):

Itsy Bitsy Adventures is now restored (mostly):

Desert Fox is now restored (mostly):

False Start is now restored (mostly):

Practice Makes Perfect is now restored (mostly):

Artificial Incident is now restored (mostly):

Mousechevious is now restored (mostly):

DMFA is now restored (mostly):
When I say mostly, you will notice that the pages are all missing their styling. That will be coming soon. In the meantime all artists affected should have access to their works and can begin re-uploading.

Thank you for your patience. We still have a long way to go.

Thank you everyone for your patience on what has been a long and trying year. With delay after delay in the implementation of promised features I wouldn't blame anyone for being upset or frustrated at the pace. It's certainly caused sleepless nights around here, but we press on. I am still fully committed to ensuring that the promised upgrades that we worked so hard to fund will be made. So here's a list of what's been done recently:

- All comics have been restored that need to be, and Oasis is now part of the Katbox.
- This week a new Archive system has been developed and implemented. You can see most pages now have their own page for that and we think they look pretty nifty.
- Infrastructure for the After Dark site is going up. I've purchased 4 domains and www.katboxafterdark.net is now pointing to our placeholder more on that soon.
- After issues with PHP the front page, I am told, is just about ready. Not giving an exact ETA as I don't have one. For now the front page I (mostly) put together is serving as an adequate if simplistic placeholder.
- I've been working on standardizing the menus and sprucing things up. I've set up an internal ticketing system to better log and address issues that people bring up and keep track of what's been fixed.
- I've been working on our social media bot to expand to more platforms. Currently experimenting with Tumblr and Pinterest and more could be on the way once I get those down. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the image posts with our profile, more on that below.
- I've started work planning for our table at Midwest Furfest. There's a meeting going on later today to hopefully finalize plans for merch and goodies and displays. Will try to keep everyone informed there.
- Various fixes and additions have been going on that, thanks to the new ticketing system I'm better able to keep track of. It's smallish stuff such as links that need to be put up, comments that need to be set up, and other requests made by the artists. It's stuff I can mostly do on my own.

If you have questions, comments, or site issues please feel free to make them known either through PM or the Help Desk forum. Feedback is always welcomed and we'll do our best to make as many people as possible happy.

Thank you.
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