Katbox Update 7-21-2017

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The Katboss
Apr 17, 2007
Northern Kentucky
It's about high time I wrote an update here. There hasn't been as much of an update because there hasn't really been a lot going on.

Work is still being done on the site. We expect a new front page up any day now, quickly followed by the AD site coming up. The reasons this has been taking so long has been due to a number of factors, our resident sorceress not having a good year (putting it lightly) being the biggest one. Out of respect to her privacy I will not be going into further detail, but I have been in constant contact with her regarding her status and her progress.

Last month we were preparing to launch the new front page with all its glory. It's been by far the biggest development project that the upgrades require, Unfortunately a difference between the versions of PHP that we employ broke the test deployment. The Katbox uses an older version of PHP while the first iteration of the front page used the latest. We thought about updating the version that we use but that would have wrecked these forums. It's been another delay trying to rebuild the front page to be compatible with the version of PHP we use.

Otherwise I've been busying myself getting familiar with how the site works. A lot of the smaller visual tweaks and newer pages up (Debunkers, Oasis) were set up by me with some generous tutoring by Mihari. I've also been working with artists behind the scenes to see that any minor needs that I can help with are met. Really, it's been a very long and tense waiting game for all of us but we're sticking with it. Again, I'd like to reiterate that the improvements that we worked for last year are still on the list and will be implemented in time.

Midwest Furfest
In better news we have been accepted for three tables at Midwest Furfest this year. So we are going to be in Chicago in force this November/December! The guest list is currently:
with @Nekonny as a tentative.

If I can get my ass in gear I'd like to pick the community's brain on stuff you'd like us to bring. So keep an eye out for something like a survey within the next week or so.

Consider this an open forum. If you have any questions or comments I'll do my best to respond.
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Jun 9, 2008
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Ahhhhh Art, How we can escape life to thee
Sadly Im not going that way this year other wise I would leave a tiny list of things I'd like to see :O