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Jun 20, 2013
The racetrack
Starting a new thread for this, since I feel it's different enough from an actual art thread that I could keep it separate from my Garage thread. That said, this thread is going to be the dedicated journal of each race in the #92 Katbox Webcomic Community Dodge Charger in the FAST Under Armor Cup Series, in it's 2017 B Season. I may or may not throw in some races that I don't run the Katcar, I haven't decided yet.

Anyways...... We start with a week ago (when I meant to start this thread), at Talladega under the lights. Talladega is large 2.66 mile long Tri-Oval Superspeedway. It's a wide and fast track, with cars reaching speeds of 200+ MPH!

The green flag dropped with 24 cars in the field. I started up in 14th. The chess game that is superspeedway pack racing was underway.

I soon learned that, while my car was fast, it wasn't as fast as some of the other cars in the field. Early on in the going, I also learned it wasn't as stable as I'd like it to be either, as I slid through the tri-oval. I managed to keep the car in a straight-ish line, but lost a lot of time.

Around lap 16, a caution flag flew after a driver's engine let go. This opened up the first round of pit stops.

The restart came out a couple laps later, and this led into a looooooooong green flag run, lasting nearly the entire fuel window. My car was still a little unstable, and I lost a lot of time because of it. I actually lost a lap to the leaders towards the end of the run due to the time I initially lost.

However, the leaders encountered problems as some of them dived down to make their pit stops. I'll just let the picture explain what that problem was....

Two laps after the restart, we had another wreck. The Big One. Two drivers (the #19 Aflac car and the #99 car) both went flipping, several drivers (including myself) spun, but most people were able to drive away. I spun after locking up the brakes trying to avoid the wreck. Thankfully, I didn't hit anything, and was able to continue after making another pitstop to replace my tires.

I was able to hang on to a top 12 for most of the remainder of the race... However, with 4 laps to go, a driver ahead of me had an engine failure, slowing up another one of the other drivers in the pack. I took advantage and was able to take 10th place as the Caution flag waved, ending the race under yellow flag conditions.

Overall, a solid day. A 10th place finish with a barely-top-20 car was an achievement. That was all from Talladega! Onto tonight's race: New Jersey!


The Katbox
Apr 20, 2007
Personal Text
But its a good one!
This was a cool writeup! thanks for sharing XD

Would be sweet if you could skin all the cars XD

(is this you VS AI or other actual people?)