Suggestion Katbox overhaul?

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New Member
Aug 4, 2015
I was wondering if was getting an overhaul anytime soon. I noticed that several sites don't have the drop down navigation menu in the upper right corner anymore (a few "veteran" sites as well as the new ones). Also, the new comics haven't been added to the drop down navigation menu yet. Lastly, the comment section on several sites has a grey text on a dark background. It can be a bit hard to read the comments (for me anyway) and the edit, reply and share buttons are almost invisible.


Katbox Mascot
Apr 24, 2011
Here or There
Yes, the Katbox is slowly upgrading, the navigation thing as you mentioned is being worked and will be hopefully deployed soon. The text on the comment section was something Disqus randomly changed, we don't really have much control over that, I'm still trying to figure out a clean way to fix it.