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The Katbox
Apr 17, 2007
As part of my work here, I wanted to formalize and post official forum guidelines. While 99% of the time, most of the modding work is pretty darn easy here, the fact that we didn't have an update or refresh of the posted rules was something I wanted to correct.

As with all policies, these are living documents, and they can adapt as conditions or needs change, and has been read over and discussed over the past few weeks by the Katbox staff. Questions are welcome as always.

Forum Guidelines:
  • Treat all fellow forum-users with respect and courtesy. There may be events where people disagree strongly with one another, but at no point should namecalling, flaming or trolling occur. In the event of these things being found, moderators and admins will review any cases to ensure appropriate corrective action takes place.
  • Ideally, personal disputes between two members are handled between them via private messages, but if necessary, a forum moderator can be asked to get involved if there is significant disruption.
  • All forum posts must follow the Katbox Acceptable Use/NSFW guidelines for tagging of materials.
  • Forum users are expected to keep all threads on topic and focused on the original intent of the thread. However, this serves only as a guideline, if threads are deviating but in a productive fashion that is encouraging deeper discussion, that is fine.
  • Forum users should avoid thread necromancy. That said, some boards are slower than others, so old threads time-wise may be quite high up on the board. In that event, as long as the posts are relevant, this is not considered necromancy and forum moderators should check the context before locking threads.
  • Spamming multiple threads or repeated bumping of one thread is not allowed.
  • No political, religious or other volatile social issues (ex. feminism) discussions.
  • Any posts that encourage or assist others in illegal activities (for example, free downloads of paid products) are prohibited.
  • Attempts to circumvent rules or banishment via alternate accounts or private messages is strictly prohibited.
  • If a forum-goer sees a post that appears to break these rules, they should use the report feature. The forum moderators cannot be everywhere at once, and reports give them a big, red heads-up of problems. It is far more productive to report a post than to simply say "this is against the rules" in the thread.
Character Forums:

Comics and artists maintain a character forum at their discretion and desire, and therefore the conditions and amounts of answers are in control of the comic team. That said, the community asks a few basic rules be followed:
  • Be polite in asking questions
  • Do not spam threads or repeatedly bump your own
  • Do not attempt to undercut other questions or posts
The character threads exist as a way for comic writers to have fun posting back and forth with their audience in the characters they love. Please keep in mind that these are a thing for fun.

Corrective action

While it is not something that is a fun thing to do, it is worth address what happens when someone breaks the rules.

The system of corrective action is as such:
  • First offense - Thread/post removed and moderator sends PM reminding user of the rule. The moderator's responsibility at this stage is to ensure that the user understands the rule, and to acknowledge that they will not break it again. At this point, this is not considered a "strike" or punishable offense. This is the buffer zone for ignorance.
  • Second offense - Thread/post removed and moderator issues warning at their discretion and judgement. Instead of just reminding the user about the rule, the moderator must also issue a warning that repeatedly breaking this rule will result in a temporary ban. This is "strike one" and the poster will be informed of this.
  • Third offense - 24 hour ban at the moderator/administrator's discretion. In addition to the small ban, they are informed that this is "strike two". Any further infractions will result in a permanent ban.
  • Fourth offense - Permanent ban.
While this is the basic flow of punishment, every moderator and administrator should use this not as strict "this is what must happen", but as a guideline tempered by common sense. For example, someone who accidentally necros a thread is a very different case than someone who repeatedly insults or harasses other users. In the former case, only if the necroing becomes a chronic problem and no change is shown should a manager escalate things, while in the latter, common sense dictates a faster action on that individual.

That is why I am using the term "moderator's discretion" once things reach the third offense. In addition, they should use that discretion when it comes to time between violations. These steps are not permanently fixed, and if through their behavior, a user shows that they are willing to fix things and work with us, they need not stay at step 2/3. All moderators are instructed to use their common sense, as most situations requiring moderator action are not those that even require PMs to users. Instances of duplicate threads, for example, are almost never a case where someone gets in trouble, and mods should be able to use their common sense to say "this is no big deal, I'll fix it and nobody needs to worry". Likewise, a person coming in with obvious malicious or disruptive intent should trigger the common sense of "I should accelerate this".

Note: Administrators reserve the right to ban users without following this guideline in extreme cases (examples include spam bots, dedicated trolls, etc).


Resident Resident spirit expert
Gallery Volunteer
Nov 26, 2012
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Cat boobs ain't a spreadsheet
So pretty much the same, Ahight.

The thing that always bugs me about moderation policies: What of long-term violations? IE:offence 1 and 2 are an entire year apart.


The Katbox
Apr 17, 2007
So pretty much the same, Ahight.

The thing that always bugs me about moderation policies: What of long-term violations? IE:offence 1 and 2 are an entire year apart.
That kind of thing falls under the umbrella of common sense I talked about. If someone has a year of good behavior between incidents, there should be enough common sense going on to recognize if it was just a slip up or not, and to take the past into consideration. The "strikes" are not meant to be these big scary things that never go away.