Fanfic Katbox Death playthrough

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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
((Originally, this was planned as a one shot emoticon skit, but then I decided that it would be more entertaining to make this a full on campaign for the Kingdom Death core game set. Keep in mind that I won't go into full detail for this, since I want to keep some of the rulebook's surprises (then again, with 100 random hunt events, there's no way everything in this game will be covered).

Also, if people want to give suggestions for character names and whatnot, feel free. This game is made to be hard as Dark Souls, and characters often don't live very long...))

:confuzzledSK: So.... Curran, why did you call me here?

:confuzzledCurran: Huh? I thought you did, ID...

pointsanna.gif I did. Seriously, did you two look at the group tag, and thought the both of you sent it?

:linesSK: Okay, so what's the not-katbox character doing here?

pointsLilith.gif Make that two. And I was against this by the way. But.... we need two guys for this.

:confuzzledCurran: For what exactly?

gleeanna.gif Well, I'm sure you're aware that we got our hands on Kingdom Death: Monster, so we need some people to play with us.

:pointsSK: So... why not just get the Dungeons and Dames group to play with you? Why subject us administrators to this?

pointsanna.gif As stated before, we need two guys for this. Need to keep a proper gender balance for reasons that will be made clear as the game goes on.

pointsLilith.gif And this is technically a horror game. Do you really want to have us subject Taffy to something like that?

:linesSK: Your concern is both surprising... and disturbing.

gleeanna.gif Besides, we can bring in more players after we establish the settlement.

dropLilith.gif Uh... Anna? Doesn't the rulebook state that anything over 4 players constitutes a difficulty hike?

pointsanna.gif Hence why we're playing the "First Story" with the recommended 4 player set up.

:confuzzledCurran: And now I'm even more worried.

pointsLilith.gif Don't worry. Anna is not going to be GM. This game doesn't really need one.

dropanna.gif Unless you count the game's "Storyteller" rules. Mostly just for odd numbered parties.

:pointsSK: And... what's keeping us from refusing?

dropanna.gif Come on. You two are well known tabletop gamers around here, so I figured you two would jump at a chance to play this much hyped game... That costs $400 when it goes on sale next month.

:amazeCurran: :amazeSK: $400?!?!

pointsLilith.gif Which is why it's often best to back Kickstarters as soon as possible. Eradose got it at $150. So, do take care when playing this, as we can't replace his copy if something gets wrecked.

:linesSK: You're not going to have us sign something for compensation should that happen, are you?

dropanna.gif Do I look like someone who would do that?

:pointsSK: :confuzzledCurran:

pointsLilith.gif Don't answer that.

:linesSK: Well, since there's no way I would buy this game anyway, I guess I can buckle down for a playthrough. What about you, Curran?

:gleeCurran: I guess I can play.

gleeanna.gif Good. Now then, I'll hand over the character sheets and basic items.

:confuzzledSK: Wait... What's this "Insanity" stat for?

:confuzzledCurran: No doubt something Lovecraftian in nature.

pointsLilith.gif It's mental shielding. The more Insanity you have, the more resistant you are to mental attacks.

dropLilith.gif ...Of course, too much of it is bad anyway.

gleeanna.gif We'll get into that when it comes up. The game is built that you learn the rules as you play. In fact "First Story" is a tutorial of the game's basic mechanics.

:pointsSK: Any why not just have us go through the entire rulebook and learn everything before we start?

pointsLilith.gif Because for one, there's a lot to go through. And second, some of this stuff might not even come up during a single playthrough. There's a ton of random events that may or may not come up, so it's hard to really plan ahead as to what to do.

pointsanna.gif Not to mention that it would be spoilers if you read the whole thing. It's better just to find out what happens when it dose. Although a rules lawyer like Cocoa would still have trouble planning for every last little thing that can come up.

:linesSK: Fitting description for her.

gleeanna.gif So, start out by filling out your character name, and putting in a "1" for your waist armor and survival.

pointsanna.gif And why am I not surprised you called your character that, Lilith?

pointsLilith.gif Screw you. You know I'm a Heavy Metal fan.

:confuzzledSK: You're a fan of heavy metal music?

pointsLilith.gif The comic magazine.

:amazeCurran: What?! I thought that was a porno magazine.

pointsLilith.gif Show some respect. It might be graphic, but it's not a porno mag. A lot of those artists have some serious balls.

pointsanna.gif (Especially when they're on full display.)

pointsLilith.gif What was that?

dropanna.gif Nothing.

gleeanna.gif Regardless, it's just a formality to name your character.

pointsanna.gif As we have no spoken language until the end of the first encounter. So my house rule is that we don't share character names until we get the language innovation.

pointsLilith.gif Not to mention that... getting attached to our characters so soon isn't a good idea. We can still die this early in the game.

:amazeSK: Are you serious?! We can die in the first encounter?

gleeanna.gif Welcome to Kingdom Death.

:confuzzledCurran: Sounds more like Dark Souls.

pointsanna.gif ANYWAY... Let's start the First Story. Normally you'd read the story in the book out loud.

gleeanna.gif But it adds more to the atmosphere if I just play the audio of it from the Kickstarter video.

:linesSK: ...What have we got ourselves into...

Next: The first encounter.
[DOUBLEPOST=1444779945,1444593319][/DOUBLEPOST]This will probably continue after Valleycon this weekend. As 1) I can really lay into the rules then in a more controlled group setting to make reactions more realistic (as I'm running a demo of this game that weekend), and 2) Trying to find a table big enough to fit the game on is near impossible in my living room (as I have to contend with toys all over the floor from my niece and two nephews), so I'll have to "borrow" the dining room table from upstairs.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
*After the introduction.*

:pointsSK: So let me get this straight... We just wake up with no armor, no weapons, and no memory?

:gleeCurran: I take it our goal is to get our memories back then?

pointsanna.gif Nope. Those memories are gone for good, if you even had any to begin with.

:confuzzledCurran: What? So do we just... appear out of nothingness then?

pointsLilith.gif It's... not really clear. The included comic for Aya the Survivor shows her going from a little girl, to waking up as a grown woman. And with how children are automatically playable shortly after they come into the village, who really knows how time and aging works in this world.

pointsanna.gif Lilith, we'll get to the subject of children when it comes up. What matters now is the first encounter.

:confuzzledSK: Wait... Children? We can have kids in this game?

dropanna.gif I SAID we'll get to that when it comes up. Now, let's just focus on the fight.

gleeanna.gif As you remember from the intro, we were attacked by the White Lion here. We managed to get some sharpened stones to defend ourselves, and now we must fight to survive. For this encounter, I will be the monster controller, but we will take turns with this duty every enemy encounter.

pointsLilith.gif And not to mention that if playing as the monster, you have to target your own character, you get +1 insanity.

:amazeCurran: ...Okay.

gleeanna.gif Not that it matters. The AI card says to target the closest visible target, which is ID there. Good for you that his movement can't get him in range, so now we all take turns taking our actions.

:confuzzledCurran: But, I can't move in close enough.

pointsLilith.gif None of us can. ID there is the only one in range, so he has to try and fight the lion.

:confuzzledSK: So... what are these numbers on the weapon for?

gleeanna.gif Okay, that number is the number of attacks you get, and that one is the plus to your attack. You have to roll 5 or better to hit the lion, and you got two attacks.

:steamedSK: ...Dammit. Not enough. And that one was just a number off of hitting.

pointsanna.gif Well, it's the white lion's turn..

dropanna.gif Ow. That's a hit. Roll your hit location die to see where you got hit.

:amazeCurran: Yikes! That's right for his head!

dropLilith.gif And that being 2 damage, you got to roll for a critical damage.

:linesSK: I'm guessing that's really bad, right?

dropanna.gif Yep. Taking critical to the head is very bad.

:crySK: ...A 2?

:amazeCurran: Is he dead?!

dropLilith.gif Worse than that!

:amazeSK: Worse?!

dropanna.gif Yep... I'm afraid that you're head exploded.

:amazeSK: EXPLODED?!

pointsanna.gif And due to this horrific display, all of us in visual range take -1 to our survival stat.


:furyCurran: I will avenge you!

:gleeCurran: Yes! Two hits!

gleeanna.gif Well Curran, looks like you hit... the lion's strange hand, and... his golden mane.

:confuzzledCurran: Dammit. I can't do damage attacking his mane?

gleeanna.gif Hey, it's not all bad. Do damage to it, and you get a rare resource. Now roll to see if you do damage.

:furyCurran: Ha ha! Natural 10 to his hand!

gleeLilith.gif Good work there! You just cut his hand off.

:steamedSK: Dammit, why couldn't I get rolls like that?!

Next: Establishing a save haven.

(Curran and ID Fox, if you want to submit ideas for character names, feel free to. Besides, ID gets a new one after the hunt.))
[doublepost=1448606272,1446490547][/doublepost]Well, this is an interesting turn of events. With a fully interactive character sheet now online, I can directly post everyone's character progress as this goes on. For example, here's Anna's character after the first hunt.
[doublepost=1448936942][/doublepost]*After the white lion is defeated...*

dropLilith.gif Well, he sure was tough. That Ruptured Spleen is gonna take my character out of the next hunt.

:pointsSK: Speak for yourself. My character died in the first attack.

gleeanna.gif Well, Curran was the MVP of that fight. Did a critical on that lion, and took his hand.

:confuzzledCurran: What about you Lilith? From the look on your face, it didn't look like you got a good resource draw.

pointsLilith.gif I don't want to talk about it...

dropanna.gif You got the....


:confuzzledSK: Not gonna ask then...

:gleeCurran: Well, now what's next?

gleeanna.gif It's time to establish the settlement. First, we all gain 1 Survival Point for returning, and 1 Endeavor Point. Now, we'll get to what they do a little later, but right now,we have to run the First Day event card.

gleeLilith.gif I'll roll our starting population.

*Rolls dice*

:gleeCurran: Says here we have 10 plus our survivors. That makes 14.

:pointsSK: 13.

:amazeCurran: Oh, right...

gleeanna.gif Now we nominate someone to say the settlement's first words, starting our language innovation.

gleeLilith.gif I'd say our MVP.

gleeanna.gif Second.

:gleeSK: Okay, I guess we're all speaking like ferrets then.

gleeanna.gif Mark +1 to your courage stat, and we'll go on.

dropanna.gif Well, since ID Fox is our first death, we have to mark him as our first casualty, and have to decide our death principle.

:confuzzledSK: "Death Principle"?

pointsLilith.gif Yeah, we either bury our dead... or eat them.

:amazeCurran: :amazeSK: EAT THEM?!?!

pointsanna.gif Well, there's more to it than that. You have to choose if you want to gain resources or understanding. Both are critical to the game depending on events.

:linesSK: I can see why you didn't want Taffy to play this game.

gleeanna.gif How about Nekonny and Mihari? Now that we have an established settlement, we can have more people join in.

:pointsSK: ...This is going to get a bit more complicated.

NEXT: The next hunt.
[doublepost=1456122098][/doublepost]Okay, it's been a while, but part of the problem of this taking so long is that it's a bit difficult to get the game out every time. I mean we are talking a three foot long game box, so setting it up in what space I can isn't easy (especially when I have to share said space with young children). But I will get the next session up sometime soon.

But here's the question before we can progress. Who should join the game? Nekonny will be in (for reasons that will be made clear next session) :amazeKBNekonny: , but what about the 6th member? I was thinking about Mihari :confuzzledMihari:, but I've also given thought to some of the girls of Dungeons and Dames. Granted, I'm sure ID Fox would never want Taffy subjected to this horror :wutTaffy: , but how about Pepper Ann :pointsPA: , Cocoa :laughCocoa: , or even Tootise :dropToots:? Hell, I'm open for just about any suggestion, granted under two conditions.

  1. The player in question must have some way for the group to realistically have them join the game (for example, there's no way even Anna can convince someone like Rachael or Miles to play this game).
  2. The player must either be female, or be willing to play a female character (as we have to keep an even tab on genders for reasons that will be made clear later, though it might not stay that way).
Any suggestions?
[doublepost=1457425024][/doublepost]*The next session begins...*

gleeanna.gif Nice to have you join us, Nekonny.

:pointsKBNekonny: I don't know how you guys talked me into this...

:dropMihari: Well, I thought this could be fun, so...

:linesSK: Yeah... "Fun"...

pointsLilith.gif And you're still hung up on loosing your character in the first hunt?

:steamedSK: My character's head exploded in the first attack!

:dropMihari: E... exploded?

dropanna.gif Oh, never you mind. Just... don't roll ones, and you'll be fine.

:confuzzledCurran: Wasn't it also because he took two damage to his unprotected head?

pointsLilith.gif Which ended in him rolling a 2 on the critical hit table for that location, and... you know the rest.

:dropKBNekonny: I have a feeling we might be in over our heads here...

:pointsMihari: ...Probably.

pointsLilith.gif Well, maybe you should take the first card on the hunt track then.

:confuzzledSK: "Hunt track"? We didn't have this before.

gleeanna.gif Because the first fight was a tutorial. Now the game starts proper, and we're actively hunting the monster.

pointsLilith.gif Rather than it showing up and trying to kill us.

gleeanna.gif Mihari, take the first card.

:confuzzledMihari: ...Let's see. Say here we are in a field of golden grass. We can avoid it, or go through it.

gleeLilith.gif Well, since you revealed the event, you got to make the call.

:confuzzledCurran: It looks like we have a 3 in 10 chance of the monster getting the jump on us.

:dropMihari: Well, let the dice fall where they may...

gleeanna.gif Okay, everyone mark +1 to your courage stat.

:crySK: ...Here we go.

*Rolls dice*

:gleeMihari: 5

dropanna.gif Okay, it says we get lost, and have to roll the random hunt event table. This is a d100, so white is high, black is low.


:confuzzledMihari: That's a.... 77.

pointsanna.gif Okay.... let's look up the result here in the rule book.

dropanna.gif ...And it's the sinkhole. Everyone roll.


:gleeCurran: 5
:gleeSK: 7
gleeanna.gif 9
gleeLilith.gif 7
:pointsMihari: 2

dropanna.gif Well, that makes Mihari the straggler. Roll against the table.


:amazeMihari: A 1!

:amazeCurran: Oh crap! We might have lost Mihari!

dropanna.gif Not quite. Says here you fall in, and are pulled up some time later. You have lost all your equipment.

pointsLilith.gif So return your cloth and stone to the game box.

:blushMihari: So I'm naked. Great...

gleeanna.gif Nekonny, you're next.

:pointsKBNekonny: I'm not too sure about this...

pointsLilith.gif Just do it you big baby.

:amazeKBNekonny: Lion in... heat?!

:pointsSK: Says here we gain 1 brain damage from the noises we hear that night.

dropanna.gif Event brain damage. Those without insanity points cannot take more than one. You cannot take critical brain damage from event damage. Same goes with critical hits. Event damage is non-lethal.

:pointsMihari: Now I have unpleasant images in my head.

gleeanna.gif ID, you go next.

:pointsSK: Random Event, huh? Okay, hand the dice over.


:gleeSK: 99

pointsanna.gif Let's see... We have the "Portcullis". Since we don't have the key for it, re-roll.


:gleeSK: 48

pointsanna.gif And... I have to hand the book to you, ID. From this point on, no one can speak.

:confuzzledCurran: Seriously?

:confuzzledSK: Let's see....

:amazeSK: Holy shit! Anyone who speaks dies?!

:amazeMihari: W....

*Anna covers Mihari's mouth.*


:pointsSK: I'll let that slide for now, but it says here that I'm the only one who can talk until the event is over. We all have to roll the dice, or be stuck here.

:linesSK: And rolling a 1 is instant death. Well, that's expected.

:amazeCurran: dropanna.gif :dropMihari: dropLilith.gif

NEXT: Unexpected events
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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
*The survivors return from their hunt...*

:gleeSK: Well, that went better than expected. A lot of close calls, but everyone came back alive.

:pointsMihari: Not all in one piece mind you. I got a bruised tail bone.

dropanna.gif My Achilles Tendon got torn.

dropLilith.gif And Curran lost his arm.

:gleeCurran: At least I'm alive and didn't bleed out. Kind of reminds me of playing XCOM when everyone just barely makes it back.

:gleeKBNekonny: I'm still surprised Mihari was able to take out the Lion's eye with her bare hands.

:blushMihari: Yeah... We got a spare cloth and stone here, right? I'm really feeling exposed.

gleeanna.gif Well now that we made it back, first we draw the event card.

blushanna.gif And... I nominate Nekonny to "volunteer" for this.

:confuzzledMihari: Wait, why Nekonny?

*Shows Mihari the event card.*

:gleeMihari: Oh yes, definitely Nekonny.

pointsLilith.gif Okay, you two are up to something. I'm pretty sure that event is the promo card from the pinups set.

:linesSK: Promo cards?

gleeanna.gif Yeah, I got a few of them here. Mostly just new items you can make.

dropanna.gif Don't have the special Holiday event card yet though.

:pointsKBNekonny: Okay, I'll bite. What's the event?

:pointsMihari: Just roll the dice, Nekonny.

blushanna.gif You'll find out soon enough.

*Rolls the dice.*

:XDKBNekonny: 10! Ha! I'm free and clear!

pointsLilith.gif That's what you think...

gleeanna.gif Add a permanent +1 to you evasion stat... And you get this.

*Anna passes Nekonny the "Belt of Gender Change" item card*


:gleeMihari: Looks like you're N-Chan again.

dropanna.gif And by the way. The item is cursed. You can't take it off.


gleeanna.gif Now we check off the timeline, and trigger the Milestone Event on the sheet.

:confuzzledCurran: It says "Endless Screams". Is that a bad thing?

gleeanna.gif Regardless of the result, we can hunt a new beast now. Who wants to be the voice of reason?

:pointsSK: I'll do it.

*Rolls the dice.*

:gleeSK: 4

gleeanna.gif Okay, you gain +1 to Understanding, and everyone gains +1 to insanity.

:pointsMihari: So we're all slowly going crazy.

gleeanna.gif You're not truly insane until you have a total of 3 points.

:pointsMihari: Not like it matters. We might need to put this game on pause for a bit. I have some work I need to do after this session is done, and I don't know how long it will take.

dropanna.gif Not a problem. We'll just archive your character, and bring someone else in. The game is set up that people can come or go between sessions, and their characters are added to the pool.

:pointsSK: Meaning we have to find another victim for this game.

:gleeSK: Well, I may have someone in mind.

pointsLilith.gif So long as they can play a male character. With Nekonny now female, our gender balance is way off.

:pointsKBNekonny: Don't remind me.

NEXT: Hunting the Antelope
[doublepost=1457594305,1457466699][/doublepost]Now that I got expansions, should I throw them in too? We're still early enough in the campaign that they won't come into play right away, or affect anything that's happened so far.


Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
*The start of the next session*

pointsanna.gif ...I can't believe ID bailed on us.

:dropKBNekonny: Well, it's not like he can be here every time. And he did find replacements for him and Mihari.

:pointsPA: This is lame. I can't roll stats, there's no fighter class, and I can't buy weapons.

pointsLilith.gif Not that kind of game, munchkin.

:furyPA: Who are you calling "munchkin"?!

pointsLilith.gif Let's see... The person here who wants to min/max her characters so they can kill stuff faster.

:dropCocoa: Simmer down, Pepper Ann. This is a game of crafting and survival. Apparently, we have to work for our weapons and gear. Though it feels weird with you playing a male character.

:gleeCurran: Come on, we got an Antelope to hunt.

:gleePA: I'll take point. How hard can this game be?

pointsLilith.gif Famous last words... Don't suppose ID told you about how he lost his first character then?

pointsanna.gif (I think I see why ID had us take her into this. Pretty sure this game will knock her down a few pegs.)

:pointsCocoa: I think he mentioned something about his head exploding. But didn't really tell us much details.

dropanna.gif Oh, you're going to find out the hard way. This game doesn't pull punches.

:gleePA: Please. I can play Paranoia without loosing a single character. Watch and learn.

*Much later...*






pointsanna.gif I told you this game doesn't pull punches.

:furyPA: What... the... HELL?! My character...

:dropCocoa: I didn't realize they had stuff like that on the critical hit table.

:cryKBNekonny: My character doesn't have those anymore, and he... er... she felt that one.

:confuzzledCurran: Uh, pretty sure that kind of injury can affect both genders.

dropanna.gif And with that, we lost another viable male. This will seriously affect attempts at repopulation.

furyLilith.gif HA! 10 for my damage roll. You will be avenged!

NEXT: Population issues.