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R.E.B. Dragon

Katbox Forum Member
Aug 14, 2015
This is my entry into the Las Lindas alternate pairings fics. Hope you like it!

It was about noon on Las Lindas farm. The sun was high up casting its illumination threw an almost clear blue sky. The low number of clouds allowed rays to cascade down, bringing with them the fine mid-summer warmth.

The farm itself seemed deserted save for one alley cat, who stood on the side of the dirt road, in front of the house watching the car drive off. The rest of the Las Lindas crew were going into the city to spend the day and do a little mall shopping. Mora had planned the trip a week prior. Las Lindas had made a hefty profit and Mora claimed she wanted to buy some upgrades for the farm. In reality one of the electronic stores was having a special sale on most of its merchandise, and she was hoping to "upgrade" to a bigger television and entertainment center.

He could hear a commotion, and Mora's cries for order as the car drove off into the distance. He grinned and let out a soft chuckle as he tried to picture what sort of chaos was ensuing in the vehicle at that very moment. He had elected to stay behind in order to reap the benefits of having the place all to himself for a whole day. In his place he had suggested that they bring Geecku along. At the backing of Minos (and the begging of Sarah) a wary Mora agreed. If her distressed cries were any indication, it was a decision she had already begun to regret.

After wondering for a few minutes what to do with himself, Miles made his way in to the house. From there he went straight for the kitchen to raid the fridge. The farm residents had a cook out a few days ago, so there were plenty of leftovers. He quickly made a heaping plate of his favorites from the event. Taffy had made these amazing ribs that she had lathered in the most incredible homemade honey barbecue sauce, the smell of which permeated the air around them as they sizzled on the grill. The tantalizing aroma had tickled at his taste buds, causing him to salivate almost uncontrollably. There was the corn on the cob, which always had been on of Miles favorites. Lightly salted and drenched in melted butter, it had that air of belonging in the outdoors that no other finger food could match. Then there were also homemade mashed potatoes. They were made with buttermilk and garlic, and smothered in the most incredible brown gravy and mushrooms. The mushrooms had been sauteed with several different herbs and seasonings, then added to the cooking gravy. they gave the food a kick that Miles had never tasted before.

Once the food had been heated up, Miles grabbed a can of his favorite pop and went to enjoy his meal in the living room (another advantage to having the house all to himself). Miles flipped threw the channels on the TV hoping to find something to watch. As luck would have it he couldn't find anything that would hold his interest for more than a few seconds. With a sigh he turned off the TV and contemplated his next move as he ate his meal in silence.

"With over TWO THOUSAND channels available to you, you'll NEVER run out of things to watch!" Miles said mocking their satellite provider,"What a crock!"

Miles finished his food, feeling slightly miffed at how his day was going, and deposited his empty dish in the sink. He was more peeved with himself than anything else. The one free day he's had completely to himself in a long time and he couldn't think of anything to do with it. Why didn't he have the foresight to plan this day out ahead of time!?

At a loss of inspiration, he decide to just take a short nap. As he made his way toward the stairs he let out a loud yelp as a sharp pain gripped the bottom of his left foot. Using the wall for support he lifted his foot to investigate what had happened. Stuck clean threw his foot and slightly twisted was a shiny, standard sized fishing hook. Attached to said hook was a fishing line that led to a pole that appeared to have toppled over. The name written atop the plastic spincast read 'Sarah', though Miles didn't need a name to know which energetic spirit couldn't be bothered with securing her hook to one of the pole's eyes and putting it where it belonged, before she eagerly exchanged it for another activity.

"Aw dammit, Sarah," Miles sighed as he slid to the floor to remove the little metal hook,"There's a joke somewhere in all this, I know it."

Slowly and painfully he began to nudge and pull on the hook to get it out. The hook for its part was fighting him every step of the way, showing great resistance to his efforts. After much nudging, wiggling and pulling the hook finally surrendered, but not before giving one last sharp pain to the irritated skin around it.

Miles looked at the offending piece of metal in his hand. Cursing the hook, he ran it threw one of the poles' eyes and placed it in a cylindrical container among others. Suddenly he was struck with an idea; fishing! That's what he could do!

Once he had cleaned the tiny hole in his foot and dressed it with a bandage he walked back down stairs. He grabbed his pole and some worms from the fridge, and headed for the door. There he limped carefully to the river, careful not to apply too much pressure to the sensitive area on his foot.

At the river he cast his baited hook into the water and sat down under the shade of the tree behind him. He waited for a few moments, jigged the pole a few time then slowly reeled the line back in. With the expected failure of his first attempt he recast his line. After a while, Miles repeated this process many times, but to no avail.

"I can't believe it," He said slightly irritated,"There's not one fish biting today!"

Aggravated, Miles recast his line once more and sat back down, deciding to just relax for a while. Making use of a nearby stick in the shape of a 'Y', he embedded it in the ground and laid his fishing pole against it. His task complete, he leaned back against the tree and took in his surroundings.

The sky was the same beautiful blue it had been earlier. Apart from where Miles sat the sun shone down bright, having only shifted by an hour or two, bringing down its heat with it. Miles noticed there were a few beads of sweat that had gathered on his brow. He wiped them off gently, then looked back up at the sky. The clouds, a cirrus, looked wispy and long, and were separated from each other by somewhat long distances. This allowed the blue of the sky to be greatly noticeable both threw and between them. Miles had always had a weakness for the cirrus, and regarded them as the perfect clouds for a summer day.

He took in the area around him. There was unmowed grass on both sides of the stream. It wasn't too high on his side, but it was a good two feet on the other. Though the weather was hot, there was a gentle breeze in the air around him. Miles was filled with a sense of tranquility as he watched majestic waves of grass dance about peacefully, swishing back and forth, each blade forgoing its individuality in a sea of green made all the more magnificent by the beams of light reflecting off from them. As Miles took in his surroundings he was unaware of how heavy his eyes were growing.

Some time later, Miles eyes slowly opened as he came back into consciousness. He observed his surroundings once more. The sun had shifted a great deal and his shade with it. Whats more his breeze had died down to where it was barely noticeable and he was covered in sweat.

Miles glanced lazily at his watch to see that it was just about Three O' clock. Mora and the others would be home in a little over four hours. Yawning, Miles reeled in his line, noting as he did so that a little bait thief had stolen his worm off the hook. Attaching the hook to one of the eyes, Miles rested the pole against his right shoulder and limped back to the house.

Arriving inside he deposited the pole in its proper receptacle, and made his way to the upstairs bathroom. From there he closed the door, peeled off his sweat soaked clothes and climbed into the shower. Using Taffy's soap (he was out of his own), he scrubbed himself clean and took a few minutes to enjoy the warmth of the running water.

A few minutes later Miles turned off the faucet and climbed out of the shower. From there he re-applied more anti-bacterial and a fresh bandage to his foot. After making sure it was dry he grabbed a random bathrobe off the wall and put it on himself.

Miles made his way to his shared bedroom and began to lay out some clothes. He held up two different colored shirts, and tried to decide which one he liked better.

"What will it be?" Miles asked, "The blue or the red?"

"I'd go with the blue," said a voice off to the side behind him causing Miles to nearly jump out of his skin.

Miles turned quickly and his voice hitched in his throat as his mind went blank for a few seconds. After a few moments Miles willed himself to speak and managed a fairly high pitched, "Madam High Prime?"

"That's right," said Ambar. She was sitting on Rachael's bed with her chin in her hand and her arm resting on the front post. She wore an amused but genuine smile.

"Uh... wha- what are you doing here your High Prime-ness?" asked Miles bewildered, "And how long have you been here?"

"I just popped in to see how everything's been going around here," replied Amber her smile never faltering for a second, "And I've been here for quite a while now."

"Okay," said Miles wondering how he could have missed the fact that the most powerful person in the world was in the house and he failed to notice her presence, "But how did you get here?"

"My ship, Darling," Said Ambar pointing toward the window, "It's parked just outside."

Miles looked out the window and sure enough there was a ginormous ship sitting just off to the side of his workshop.

"HOW did I miss that!?" exclaimed Miles, "I had to have walked RIGHT passed it!!"

"It's amazing how much goes unnoticed when we aren't paying attention," said Amber still smiling.

"Yeah but, still," Miles trailed off. Turning his attention back to her and asked as calmly as he could, "So um, is there anything I can for you Ma'am?"

"Please call me Ambar," said the High Prime giving him a much warmer smile, "And I was hoping to chat with Mora and Minos for a while. Do you know when they'll be back?"

"Um, not for another four hours now, Miss Ambar," said Miles shakily checking his watch. It felt weird to address the High Prime as anything but her official title.

"That's a shame," said Amber though she didn't sound too disappointed, "I only have a short while before I have to leave."

"Oh, well um, I'm sorry," Miles offered weakly.

"No need to apologize, Miles. It's not your fault," said Ambar kindly, "And I'm sure the two of us can find something to talk about."

"What do you mean?" asked an astounded Miles, "And how do you know my name?"

"I know the name of everyone who works here, silly," replied Ambar giving him another amused look.

"Oh," said Miles feeling for some reason as though that should have been obvious. After a few moments of awkward silence, in which the High Prime simply stared at Miles, making him feel all the more uncomfortable he asked, "So what do you want to talk about?"

"Hmmmmm," Ambar hummed shooting a contemplative look up at the ceiling. A few seconds later she gave him a sly grin and asked, "So when are you going to update your ranking posts, dearie?"

"My- my what?" asked Miles perplexed.

"Don't you remember? Those ranking posts you did on the forums," said Ambar, "They were quite popular and I very much enjoyed reading them."

"well," Miles began quickly, trying to think of a good excuse, "A lot has changed since then."

"All the more reason for you to do them again," said a smiling Ambar rising to her feet.

"You see, here's the thing," said Miles trying to avoid the real reason as to why he didn't want to do them again,"I'm a live-in-the-moment kind of guy. What I post now might not reflect how I feel a few days from now. It's all based on my views at the moment."

"That is... unfortunate," said Ambar advancing on him the way a fox would to a distressed rabbit, "But the fact remains. I still wish to see more."

"Okay, the real truth is," Miles began as he took a few nervous steps back, "They're just to much work and-"

"Ssshhhhhhh," Ambar shushed him, cutting him off with a finger to his lips, "Hard work is always appreciated."

Miles' body began to heat up and he broke into a sweat all over again. He tried stepping back some more, but his own bed stopped his retreat."

"So will you dear?" said Ambar giving him a warm smile as she gently caressed his cheek, "Re-do your ranking posts I mean."

"Y-yes, I w-will," said Miles as though his brain had been completely taken over, "If you r-really want me to."

"I do, sweetie," She said gently pushing him down on the bed, "And I really look forward to reading them"

"Uh... what are d-doing?" asked a truly flabbergasted Miles as Ambar slowly crawled on top of him, straddling his waist all the while running a slender finger down his chest.

"Extra incentive, dear," she said as she undid the knot on the bathrobe, "Besides, I have to get a leg up on my competition now, don't I?"

As she started to part the bathrobe Miles hands reflexively shot up and caught her wrists. As he did so he gave a raspy "wait!".

She raised an eyebrow at him curiously and remover her wrists from his hands, but her smile remained as she asked him, "Is there something the matter, sweetie?"

"Well... its just that," a shaky Miles began as a curiosity popped into his head, "Aren't you already IN the top tier?"

"Too right you are, sugar," Ambar replied in a voice that Miles found intoxicating to his ears, "But I'm not at the TOP of that tier."

Giving him a sly grin Ambar brought her lips to Miles' ear and said in her most sultry voice, "At least not YET, Mr. 'Ruler Of The Universe'!"

As four O' clock rolled around Mora and the others pulled up the drive to Las Lindas. As they entered the house Mora gave the place a good once over. Everything seemed to be in order. The only thing missing appeared to be one caustic ally cat.

"Miles!" Mora called out peeking her head into the kitchen.

"Yes?" He answered from the living room. When she walked in, she found him sitting at the computer typing away.

"the house seems to be all intact," she said walking up to him.

"Of course," said Miles turning his revolving chair towards her, "So how was your trip to the big city?"

"It was... fine," said Mora, her voice deadpan, "We won't be forgetting it any time soon, that's for sure."

"Nor will any of the masses involved either," concurred Minos coming to stand by Mora, "Geecku caused quite a lot of disturbances today."

Miles saw the gecko prime in question out of the corner of his eye. She was looking at Minos and Mora with an innocent expression. One that implied the exact opposite. Miles gave a small chuckle.

"What happened?" Miles asked them with genuine curiosity.

"Where should I begin" asked Mora with a roll of her eyes.

"Oh! Oh!" exclaimed Sarah excitedly. It was obvious she took much more pleasure from the days events than anyone else involved, "First we went to do some clothes shopping. Geecku attempted to try on all the the clothes in the store. Even the ones other people were wearing!"

"We got kicked out," Mora added, "Then we got kicked out of the food court after she climbed over one of the service counters and played hell through the kitchen."

"But not before we got kick out of the bookshop," Idward piped up, clearly displeased by this, "She got caught defacing store merchandise."

"Then she accidentally knocked over a bunch of soap bottles over at the Bed and Bath store," said Taffy, who looked pretty sad about this, "One of the poor store managers tripped in a puddle of soap."

"We were kicked out of there as well," said Randal.

Miles gave a gleeful giggle as images of this string of unfortunate events, spearheaded by a wild gecko woman, danced themselves around in his head.

"What else did she do?" Miles asked with a wide grin.

"There were a few more incidents," said Minos bring the conversation to a close," Eventually the mall security asked us to leave all together."

"And that was just at the mall!" chipped Sarah, who wore one of the biggest grins Miles had ever seen.

"Not to mention she couldn't sit still in the car," said a fairly miffed Mora," The damage her claws did to the upholstery-"

"Do not worry, Mora," said Minos wrapping an arm around her shoulders to try and calm her," I will pay for it."

"So what have you been up to all day?" asked Rachael. She was leaning against the threshold with her arms crossed, but she gave him a friendly smile, which he returned, and continued on,"And what are you doing now, for that matter?"

"Not much. Just updating my Katbox ranking posts," answered Miles turning back to the computer.

"You mean you're finally re-doing that after HOW many years?" asked Mora more than a little stunned," What could have possibly brought this on?"

"Hmmmmm," Miles hummed with a finger pressed to his bottom lip, contemplating his answer, "We'll just call it... 'Divine Inspiration'."

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!
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