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Aug 11, 2017
For the members who know me in WOW as Andrewv. I talked about my Gf's art and said I would post it on the forms. She is a little anti social but has been into the katbox almost as long as me. I will be both posting a link to her website and uploading some of her artwork in this form. Some of these are commissions while others were done for herself.



[doublepost=1503183263][/doublepost]Turns out I cant send links to websites just yet.


[doublepost=1503183621][/doublepost]These next few are prints that she made.




[doublepost=1503184318][/doublepost]This work is in no order of any kind.

Aug 11, 2017
She be happy to hear that.





Aug 11, 2017
Steph says she honored to hear you say that Nekonny. Thank you.

[doublepost=1503374010][/doublepost]This next drawing is part of a coloring book that she is currently working on.


[doublepost=1503374729][/doublepost]We are also starting a business in crafting cosplay items. Masks, chest pieces and that sort of thing. I will post some examples of some examples.

[doublepost=1503374868][/doublepost]This is the sculpture that was made. This would help create the cast and that in turn would help make the mask.

[doublepost=1503374963][/doublepost]Here another example but of a cosplay item.

[doublepost=1503375260][/doublepost]We take commissions of all kind if your interested. Just let me know and we can work out the rest.


[doublepost=1503497409][/doublepost]These are some commissions that converges ordered when trying to impress a new client.






[doublepost=1503981708][/doublepost]Okay time for a weird story. So I hear Steph playing some so kind of shark game on her phone. Curious I try a few rounds and pretty strange joke/pun. An hour later I find that she made this.