Character Joy: Combat Style

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Katbox Comic Character
Aug 7, 2011
Well, Prime fighting styles have a lot of different names and histories than what you might know. Love Clan doesn't really get a lot of fame for fighters I'm finding out, but the ones they do make tend towards blunt weapons, so the staff I got is right up and fitting for them. The closest thing in human martial arts would probably be Bōjutsu but with some other styles mixed in as well, like Kalarippayattu stick-fighting. But like I said, don't dig too deep into that kind of thing, since I'm making my own style out of all of that and all of the Prime arts as well.

As for what it is for? Come on's me! Do you really think I do defense? Come on! XD
Likes: Darth Dies


Katbox Forum Member
Mar 21, 2016
OH HO HO Darth Dies I see what you're doing! She will be great, no Excellent for "it" and I would welcome her if she's interested in testing her skills.
I'm also interested in learning the fighting styles if primes since "he"may or may not be there I cannot wait to fully get this going!
Oh, before I forget Joy "he" is also impressed with your exploits and style, "he" also wanted to tell you that should you ever be in need of an ally...well you get the point.
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