IGN provides first glimpse of Sonic's looks for live action film (TRAILER IS UP)

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What a way to start my morning, as I'm waiting for the Godzilla Trailer to drop after been hyped last night when I saw this beautiful poster

IGN shit-I MEAN-drops, the first teaser glimpse of Sonic the Hedgehog for the upcoming live action movie shown showed in San Pablo Comic Con, which according to one source the crowd reacted agitated when shown(whether it was a good thing or bad thing, is not explain). But, the glimpse given seems to indicate and confirm everyone's nightmares that they'll just try to translate the Sonic design into live action.

I'm not joking when I say this, there is a good reason why Live action films of Anthropomorphic Cartoon Characters don't translate well and Paramount has exceeded to go deeper and cringier than anyone has gone to in the Uncanny Valley. Is there a reason why the Video game fans, nor the Furry Community, nor even the Sonic Fandom, aren't any way hype for this thing since it was announced, as when we saw with the Zootopia Trailers, or Sonic's cameos in Wreck it Ralph.

Go and cringe - and then let Godzilla be your release from such .. Cringe.

UPDATE Hirokazu Yasuhara, one of Sonic's creators, has tweeted on the situation
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This Texas size dumpster fire only seems to get worst and worst - two new poster got leaked one of a questionable view of Sonic's legs over the golden gate bridge, which matches the realistic bulky legs and shoes seen in the ign reveal, the other an proof of concept that was shown at a private event a year ago of Sonic sunbathing along with Chris Pratt. This last Picture is a not a representation of the final design as it pre dates the casting of James Marsden for the role of Sheriff Deputy Tom, the human who befriends Sonic in his fight against Dr. Robotnik, portrayed by Jim Carrey.

1544733726681.png 1544733771342.png

Well, after watching the trailer, here's where I stand in my overall of review of the trailer:

It is exactly what I expected it to be be: a live action Buddy Cop/Fish out of Water story, in where Sonic, an Alien, is the guest star in his own movie will be supplanted a lot by his human allies and the film been a vehicle for and carried by Jim Carrey. This is particularly off putting because the Trailer confirms there will be no other Sega Characters besides Sonic and Eggman, not even Tails. Now Carrey as Robotnik, he is sport on, but I can't understand why can't he be like in the games in terms of design: Carrey is impressive and a master in blending with a costumes, the Grinch was the proof of this. I look at it and I think of Dick Dastardly.

Sonic, voice fine, but still, is cringey to watch an animated Furry in a live action setting.

In short, those old Mario Bros. Movie vibes are quite, quite strong. This should had never been green lite in the first place. Oh well, at least we have once more Detective Pikachu when its DVD and Bluray releases before then, amirite?

This is 100% Rifftrax material ... Oh yeah, and a Executive mandate film too.


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Feb 29, 2012
Sonic, voice fine, but still, is cringey to watch an animated Furry in a live action setting.
Mmm...I'm not sure that it's so much down to it being an animated furry in a live action as it is that the character design is terrible. To help illustrate this, let's refer to a twitter post that tried a redesign:

The proportions of the redesign are less 'realistic', but the overall design is much easier to accept.