How to Make a Webseries: A lecutre series on creative media and art

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For those not aware of the Night Mind channel on Youtube, Night Mind is a channel that covers creepy and disturbing videos and online content. But for the most part, the Night Mind channel applauds creative thinking and immersive story telling. The creator often tries to support creative artists who want to create new and original works. In that regard, he started a video series where he gives lessons as to how one can take their ideas, and run with them.

It's not really that simple though. This series goes into a lot of details, such as how to be open to idea and creativity, how to take something that's been done, and examine what you felt in it, and do it in a new and original way, how to tell stories with characters that are believable in the context you're going for, and how to bring in the audience into your world, and adapt to where things go with audience interaction. And it's not just webseries like Marble Hornets or Everyman Hybrid. Many of these techniques can even be applied to any form of artistic media. So even if you don't plan to make a unique and disturbing video series, there are things you can take from this, and apply to yourself. Hell, I almost expect someone to use this in an art class someday.

Here's the videos in the series. Keep in mind, some of these are nearly an hour long, but worth the watch. But you HAVE to start from the Starting Point video, and then go to the video that best goes with what you're going for. If you need to watch them all, go in the order I posted them in.

Starting Point: What are you looking to do, and what path you should follow.

The Green Path: How to be open to ideas, how to find them, and how to nurture those ideas.

The Yellow Path: Taking concepts and ideas that have been done before, breaking down what you like from them, and how to do them in new and different ways.

The Blue Path: Telling stories from the viewpoint of characters and settings, and how to make those characters believable and realistic.

The Red Path: Providing stories that are thought provoking, and interactive, with the audience being involved with it.

The Red, Blue, and Yellow Path videos will have follow up videos later. But I hope this is as interesting to you guys as it was to me.