How dose your character fight?

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Jun 1, 2009
Given we have a new Fighting Game thread, I was thinking about making a topic where we can talk about any combat abilities our characters have. Feel free to post here if you got something. I'll go first...

Anna was build with combat in mind. She has a Mage-Tech pistol, with the ability to change elemental output, and had use of a large anti-mech cannon, and a chaingun. Anna’s ADS Core also has several dragon scales, allowing her to change her own draconic type. Red for fire, white for ice, blue for thunder, gold for light, black for poison, and purple for darkness (green being an elementless default). She also has a breath weapon emitter, which can deploy from her mouth. Anna’s combat visor can also be deployed, which can see magical constructs and can bypass cloaking attempts against her, as well as altered vision modes, such as ultraviolet and infrared, to name a few.

Anna also has significant skill with sword play. However, her skills with her swords are from training and experience, not downloaded data. This makes her more effective than any sword welding robot or android, as she has something akin to instinctual and improvisational ability rather than just basic data. Her basic melee weapon is a katana that can give off an electrical discharge. The discharge can be used against enemies, but it’s function is intended for Anna’s quick draw, with the sheath being a low caliber rail gun, allowing her to quickly draw it if need be, or to launch it out to strike with the hilt.

The second sword is locked behind “Weapon Restriction 1”, and is a holy blade that is know by many wide spread legends. By all accounts, Anna should not be even able to use the sword, as only those chosen to be worthy of it’s power can use it. And yet, Anna can use the blade without issue. The other puzzling fact is that Anna also has access to healing magic and other similar divine abilities. Again, an android should not have access to such thing, but Anna is able to. Her most powerful attack is called the “D-Emulator”, which is a chest mounted energy emitter, which can launch a large blast of energy.

However, there is data about something called the “E-001 G-Emulator”, tied to “Weapon Restriction 0”. Other than it’s name, no other data can be found. What it dose, what abilities it has, and how it’s activated. The only other hint is the “Black Box Data” inside Anna’s AI. Again, what it contains is unknown.

Lilith was trained at a young age in the arts of Bushido, although the code of Bushido has changed to match modern culture and combat. Lilith’s preferred melee weapons are ones favored by the oni, which she herself has oni blood in her veins. Usually a large sword, and a iron club, which she can dual wield on occasion due to her unique biology.

Because of her parentage, Lilith’s muscle fibers are very strong, and densely packed, giving her the strength of an oni, and the agility of an elf, without significant muscle mass on her body. However, she also can trigger a “rage state”, when she looses control of her anger, which double her own strength, and makes her hands almost claw like. The sclyra of her eyes goes black, her hair turns white, and her skin a bright red, when she turns.

In unarmed combat, Lilith has training in CQC, especially in the technique “Krav Maga”, giving her the ability to restrain and even disarm her opponents. Lilith is also trained in firearms, often having a heavy machine gun on hand, and a “Mage-Tech Red Dragon” magnum revolver (which can be charged to shoot explosive fireballs), but also skilled in the use of pistols, shotguns, and explosives. Lilith also is trained in archery, having a Yumi bow she is well skilled with.

Unlike others with elven blood, Lilith has no magical training, refusing to even learn basic magic skills. This is more based on her wanting to take her opponents head on with her strength and combat training.

Eraku is trained as a combat mage, having access to a large array of offensive and defensive spells. Often using fireballs, wall spells, and various others. But that isn’t to say it’s the only combat skill Eraku has, being also trained in mixed martial arts and Krav Maga, often training to keep in peak physical condition. Eraku is also often training under low oxygen conditions due to… reasons, and can work in high altitude conditions with little difficult after… taking something off the chest.

Eraku is also trained in swordplay, having a longsword on hand at all times, and also trained in firearms. Eraku’s preferred firearms are a pair of “Mage-Tech Blue Dragon” shotgun pistols, which can be loaded with buckshot, deerslugs, rock salt rounds (a favorite shotgun round of Lilith), or bean bag rounds. The shotgun pistols also have a build in blue dragon scale, allowing Eraku to charge rounds with an electrical charge, which when paired with bean bag rounds, is an effective non-lethal solution to organic targets, or paired with deerslugs, a way to terminate mechanical targets.

Of Legion’s 9 AIs, three were built for combat. In the heavy combat armor, there are two wrist SMGs, a shoulder mounted cannon for either rockets or mortar rounds, and durable armor. Legion had significant hand to hand combat abilities, often fighting with the metal fists of the combat armor, and having a more brawler combat style.

Outside of the armor, Legion has an arm mounted sheath containing a hyper vibration katana. She can draw the sword for combat, or use the sheath as a tonfa for hitting or blocking. These weapons more suit the increased agility she has outside of the bulky combat armor. She also has limited fox fire abilities, due to the kitsune genetic base used for her bioroid body. This is mostly launching fireballs at opponents, but she has some illusion magic, being able to create an “afterimage” of sorts.
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Darth Dies

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Feb 25, 2016
Darth Dies (Lat. Dīes means "Day")

Fights in the agressive Djem So combat form.

Richard fights with a Longsword (tho skilled in the art of Sword and Shield and Axe and Shield)

Vlad,a simple Viking,fights with an Axe and shield.
Feb 29, 2012
How do my characters fight?
(Each of my characters are from Pathfinder campaigns. Does not include my fursona, but can add that if wanted)

Ivel Nahta (catfolk arch-pyromancer): Uses primarily fire magic, though he does have a large variety of other spells. In combat he usually unleashes devastating area encompassing fire spells capable of burning through fire resistance/immunity and spell resistance, often at point blank range since fire heals him. Due to being schizophrenic he is chaotic and unpredictable, both in combat and general decision making. Is best not to anger.

Trent Fomalhaut (half-dragon paladin): Incredibly strong with high durability. Uses an over-sized executioner's sword and overwhelms his opponents with powerful strikes and full 3 dimensional mobility from flight. Gained the nickname "Pale Executioner Cloaked in Crimson" due to is weapon of choice, pale skin, and armor made from a red dragon he decapitated in a single swing.

Karasu no Satsujin (tengu ninja): Master of stealth. Primarily uses shuriken aided by other thrown projectiles to attack unseen from a distance. Using ninja tricks usually for invisibility and adds to his versatility through use of magic scrolls.

Ielenia Emevryn (werebear elf archer): Uses a longbow for ranged combat, but also proficient at using it as a melee weapon if needed. An expert alchemist, uses alchemical items to aid in combat and various other situations. She supplements her archery with alchemically crafted arrows that do anything from burning enemies, to tripping them, to marking them with scent markers to track.

Red Flare

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May 17, 2017
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Listening to Sabaton and Powerwolf makes me want to crusade
How does my character fight?
word of warning it might be cringeworthy so proceed with caution.

Lyioda (Skyrim lykios) Basically he loves to play dirty by doing cowardly things by engaging someone at a distance while using illusion spells so they can't retaliate back if forced to hand to hand combat he'll use his said spells to disappear or disorient the enemy to take pot shots.

Khada (Skyrim Khajiit) A cat that uses a greatsword to plow through enemies with strength he cares little about blocking because he would likely take down the enemy before they can swing and his endurance and determination is unmatched and if forced to a situation of him getting pelted by arrows he would like just charge at the enemy foolishly thinking little to nothing about his health. (rant ahead)

Jun (D&D Human) His basically a "Peace keeper wannabe" He has dozen of knives and tries not fail with them but ultimately killing himself because RNGesus hates me and basically killing this character after the third encounter with an enemy which I cried because it took me hours to make his character and writing them down at le character sheet because I was still a newbie using the player's handbook and the DM had to hold my hand on making him because I was borderline stupid of trying to understand what dice will I be using to get my stats and equipment T-T.


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Mar 21, 2016
Looks like I'll have to keep checking here to make the characters have the proper fighting styles,
also a bit of a late announcement I have a pre-test alpha release ready so I'll need some testers
a fair warning a controller will be needed to play it though (xbox usb if possible) at least till I can figure the code to make it work with a pc keyboard
and keep in mind also that the registration for fighters will be soon so there's that I have a few more things but I'll get to them when the time comes.

until then back to exile I go