Halloween Art Contest (ends October 29th)

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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Happy Halloween everyone. For the season, I'm going to be doing a special contest. The premise is simple, draw one of my characters in a costume for Halloween. Here's the list of characters you can choose from to draw...


NOTE: The character of Lilith, Anna, Kimberly, and Ichigo are SAFE FOR WORK ONLY! Yes, you can draw Anna is something like an Elvira outfit, but nothing even remotely NSFW for any of them. Also, Lilith hates dresses, being part of her character. Just keep that in mind. Also, some characters do have predetermined relationships, so please ask about them if you plan to draw group pictures (although keep it solo, as it will be easier to work on), and bring up any questions if you need ideas on personality of a character. You must also be the artist for this. You can't commission someone to make an entry for this contest for you. Also, no gore, extreme fetishes, or anything of that like.

To enter, submit your picture via a note, a private message on Discord, or posting on the Katbox Forums. You have until 9PM CST on the 29th to enter.

The prize is as follows...

-1 copy of the double feature DVD, Attack of the Moon Zombies and Terror From Beneath the Earth, from Saint Euphoria pictures, signed by the creator and director.
-1 free cell shaded commission
-1 bag of Halloween candy

Keep in mind, due to shipping costs, this will be only for those in the US. The contest will end October 29th, and the winner will be announce on Halloween, October 31st. So let's get to work.
[doublepost=1509223194,1508560459][/doublepost]Contest ends tomorrow at 9PM CST, and I still haven't gotten any entries. Get them in soon.