Gremlins 3 has been written

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20 years after of the events of Gremlins 2 the New Batch, the next Gremlins will continue were it left off, with Gizmo under the care of Billy and Kate, yet still, they somehow Screw up and a new batch of bad Mogwai are ready to feed after midnight to reek greater havok. Original Gremlins Screen writer Chirs Columbus describe it Dark and Twisted

P.S. I do hope they revisit the ideas of the discarded Mogwai for Gremlins 2 to reuse.

Name from the NECA Toy line Gremlins Mogwai Action figures (I don't know if these names where given to them during the pre production stage, need confirmation).

DooDah: Chubby face, also the discarded Fat Gremlin.
Penny: White with Black Stripe.
Brownie: Brown-Yellow-Blacklines (likely a Lenny Prototype)
Patches: Light brown with Light brown/Black spots.
Gary: White Mogwai ("George Prototype", Maybe)
Zoe: Light Brown.

The three Unknown Mogwais
Gizmo look a like/Spottie - Brown Fur/Black lines /White Spot around Right eye with a black ring on around White spot: Likely a Daffy Prototype (based on the fact Kate confuses Daffy with Gizmo in the film) this may have been one of the early ideas.

Light Brown Mogwai No2. and Lenny Look a like Mogwai (Standing next to the Mohawk Prototype, these Mogwais resemble Lenny and Daffy in aspect. I couldn't find any large image that would help, btw) If any of you have these images, please, lend a hand.

This ideas give a full view in the way the production team wanted to take their evil Mogwai - let's hope some of these designs are once again looked at, and maybe one or two sticking with Gizmo as teammates

Disclaimer: I don't own these pictures, they've been downloaded from various sites in like a year of Google searches. Is hard to find one single place that has all the made and drawn prototypes in one place, so I made this picture for the purposes to share it with the Gremlins fandom here.