Greetings from beyond the Veil

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Aug 29, 2016
Personal Text
What do you stand for mighty Helvetii?
Hello, names Rashall you simply call me Rash. Decided to join up on the forums seeing as I read several of the comics. I normally lurk, or ghost as I call it, but if I see a discussion that interests me I give my opinion.

I'm mainly play video games, card games, rpg's, or mini war games (i.e. W40k Dropzone Commander) when I'm not at work. For video games I'm either on steam, or my xbox one. If I'm not gaming I'm probably watching youtube videos.

I also do some small writing off to the side though mainly just for myself.

See you all around!


Katbox Mascot
Apr 24, 2011
Here or There
Hello and welcome to the Katbox forums, I do hope you enjoy your stay with us, and despite your inclination to lurk, I hope you're not a stranger around here all the same! Mind or embrace the crazy, whichever you prefer, and should you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! :gleeMihari:


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Hey there @Rashall Vetkay (aka Rash)!

Welcome to the Katbox Forums. Home to some friendly folks, cool artists, and fantastic admins! I do hope you enjoy your stay and join in on the comic discussions in Artist Alley. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you can head on over to Community Works to check out some stellar fan art and fan fictions. Seeing as how you’re a gamer, then you should definitely check out the Gaming Thread.