Godzilla: Monster Planet

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This is a brief article coming from Crunchyroll - Toho has a new Godzilla film (IN ANIME FORM) coming 2017. Polyygon Pictures, who has been hired to work on the Anime help with the animation on Disney XD Tron Uprising and Cartoon Networks Star Wars the Clone Wars.

Team is comprised by writer Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magic and Thunderbolt Fantasy) and is being directed by Kobun Shizuno (Detective Conan movies, Knights of Sidonia) and Hiroyuki Seshita (Blame!, Ajin chief director).

English Article

the Original Japanese Article at Oricon

Official Website.

People are starting to theorize this maybe another Planet where Monsters rule: I doubt toho would permit the idea of Godzilla been an alien - even tho they gave to much liberty to the crew of ShinGoji. Two theories - it still is Earth (Future time line) and the picture reflects, based on the "astronauts" and spaceship (let's call it New Super X4000 for now), I theorize the following - either is:

1)it could be just monster island.

2) Monsters took over the Earth and Mankind left the planet to inhabit another one and leaves a force behind to study the monters or find a way to take back the planet.

3) Crazy theory, Jason X style -

a)Mankind abandons the Planet, they return to Earth ages later, find a hybernating Godzilla, take it to the new planet as an relic and crashlands on a planet where monsters live.

b)or because their new planet is full Monsters and know of the legend of Godzilla, head back to Earth to retrieve him and have him fight the monsters on mankinds new home planet.
[doublepost=1488035780,1471561284][/doublepost]The Godzilla Anime Twitter account has been in the last few weeks releasing some concepts and art for the upcoming Godzilla Anime, set to come out later this year, showing a bit of the weaponry and vehicles we'll see in the film. Interestingly, thanks to a Youtuber, it can now be confirm that the story (as shown by the second image called Old Tanzawa Forest) will be taking place on a Future Earth - Tanzawa is a mountain forest region in Japan. As well, Godzilla-Movies.com points out that another "Humanoid Race" will be feature in the film. More information will be release in March for Anime Japan.

One thing still that is pissing and concerning fans is that, as of yet, we still hadn't seen Godzilla in any of the images (an image called Ghost Godzilla released by skreeonk.com, was in fact a fan art).


[doublepost=1490392122][/doublepost]Godzilla anime official name - Godzilla: Monster Planet, coming out November 2017.

Synopsis translated here in English on the Official Godzilla site http://godzilla-anime.com/intro/

The appearance of the giant living creatures “Kaiju's” and the ultimate existence that destroys all monsters: Godzilla. Through the battle against kaiju’s that lasted for half a century, human beings has experienced continuous defeat, and finally plans to escape from the Earth. And in 2048, only those who were selected by the A.I. managed under the central government boarded the inter-sidereal emigrant spaceship “Aratrum” to head for “Tau Cetus e”, the planet beyond the distance of 11.9 light-year. However, the environmental condition differences between that of the Earth and Tau e, which they finally arrived after 20 years were far beyond the predicted numbers, and was not an environment considered to be habitable by human beings.

The young man on the emigrant ship: Haruo, who saw his parents killed by Godzilla in front of his eyes when he was 4 years old, had only one thing in his mind for 20 years: to return to the Earth and defeat Godzilla. Shut out from the possibility of emigration, as the living environment in the ship deteriorates, the group of “Earth Returnists” led by Haruo became the majority, and determines to head back to Earth through a dangerous long-distance hyperspace navigation.

However, the Earth they have returned has already passed the time of 20,000 years, and has become an unknown world with the ecosystem reigned by Godzilla.

At the end, will human beings win back the Earth? And what will Haruo see beyond his fate…?

[doublepost=1499367276][/doublepost]Godzilla Monster Planet Teaser

Kaiju Joining Godzilla in the film - Rodan, Anguirus, Kamacuras (The Mantis), Orga (Godzilla 2000), Dogora (The Space Monster https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogora) and Dagara (from Rebirth of Monthra 2 http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/Dagahra) and a new Monster called the Servum. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/ne...me-film-previewed-in-1st-teaser-video/.118484 Let's pray it gets bigger and Monthra and other Showa/Heisei Era one timers make it in as well:)

Servum's file in english http://www.godzilla-movies.com/news/major-spoilers-godzillamonster-planet
The Servum

A sub-species of Godzilla discovered by Earth landing troops, classified "Servum."

This information was compared with data collected on Godzilla after he was bombed by a nuclear warhead, cellular analysis reveals the Servum is 97% Godzilla.

Like Godzilla, their body has metallic-like tissue and can discharge an electromagnetic pulse.

There are two types. The flying-type and the worm-type, which burrow underground. The flying-type preys on the worm-type, and the worm-type preys on smaller animals creating a food chain.
[doublepost=1502920684][/doublepost]New Godzilla Monster Planet Trailer.