Godzilla King of the Monsters

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It Begins - Reaching Monarch and Ghidorah's Roar Official Monarch Twitter account https://twitter.com/MonarchSciences
Website http://www.monarchsciences.com/ The Website has this interactive globe of marked spots all over the world, including Godzilla's present location, Skull Island, the resting place of the other 3 Monsters, Monarch facilities all over the world - 3 in the U.S., 6-7 in Europe and North Africa, 3 in asia, 1 in Australia, one in the middle of the Pacific (Skull Island) and one in the middle of the Atlantic.

Teaser of Ghidorah - a larger image of our favorite Three Headed Dragon. Seems to follow the general fan art depictions of Ghidorah, that is with Bat like wings that fold to become fore legs when he is on the ground.


Monthra's and Rodan's Pictoral design from @MonarchSciences site - is interest to note that the second Rodan pic kinda confirms the leaked unfinished statue of Rodan released last weekend. Both are described as Titanus Mosura and Titanus Rodan. Interesting they don't call Rodan "Titanus Radon". Radon been his actual Japanese name. They are using Monthra's "Mosura abreviation, and if I recall well, Godzilla was referred as Gojira by Ken Watanabe's character in the last movie.

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