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Muh art & some Commissions
Kat Pose
Afternoon Hangout, with Gunnar and Mary

WIP line art with Kat. Felicio and Cole.

Been a while I posted any preview or teaser for the Cats Reboot - Working on Chapter 2 has been so arduous, I realized I was not necessarily satisfied with the the sequences made, so I ended up changing some sequences (example The Cats 9 Lives reboot ch.2 Pg 15 preview that's pg18 now) and made chapter 2 longer than Ch.1. (Close to 70 pgs).

So I decided to split Chapter 2 in half and making what would be Felicio's portion of the Chapter as part of Chapter 3 and Chapter 3 is now 4. In so doing means Chapter 2 is almost done - one page is left, then I need to work on a cover Pg for it then do some minor editing on some pages and the Cats reboot could start sometime after Easter (or early).
Thought you were cold - One of various Shadow/Rouge pics done for Valentine.
Commission for wild-blank

Commission done for RoflLizard, with his OCs Tercy and Sophie

Commission for MC4E84, featuring his OCs Sheila the Lioness and Molly the Sheep
1520214826450.png 1520214843623.png 1520214868402.png 1520783256862.png 1521133843504.png
Bios for the Warrior Beasts

The Great General of Darkness
Archduke Gorgon
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Pics of Leon, Chelsea Kat and (now added) Felicio.
1521392259526.png 1521392298378.png 1521766671908.png 1528672042638.png

Covers for Manor Mishap (Currently running )and The Cats 9 Lives Reboot (Coming Wednesday ) both only running on Furaffinity
1521392385594.png 1521392422072.png

Preview for Pg 13 of the First Chapter of the Comic Phantom Pack, featuring Mary and water creature in Looney Tunes -esk hi-jink.

As you can see, I reworked the look of Mary from the last preview I did before This is to coincide with the events to happened in the Cats Reboot, unfortunately, do to the length of first arc of the Cats her comic won't start until the events of Chapter 5 as it the events that take place may take longer than originally expected..

So at best, Phantom Pack may not start at best guest in a year or so, at the passe I'm going. So enjoy this small tease. Don't worry, Mary will make a presence on Cats Chapter 2.


Fan Art of the Housewife, the French Maid and the Pink Pantheress from the 1981 Pink Panther Valentine special "Pink at first Sight". The Panther, feeling lonely, day dreams on the Pink Pantheress of his (well) dreams causing any woman he meets (or teddy and Gangster, yes that happens) to briefly become an hallucination of the Pink Pantheress, getting in all sorts of troubles, specially as he takes the job of a Delivery Boy causing the mischief to grow even further.

Certainly the one female character that became the eye candy of the special, while brief, was the Housewife - while her name was not given, her husband is called Albert. However, quite forgotten, even by me, until recently mention by someone at the comment section of a drawing of the housewife done by the ever talented Aeolus06 Pink at first sight was the French speaking maid, who works for a snooty violinist named Rudolpho. The women characters that had a speaking role were all voiced by the late Marilyn Schreffler.

The special is really fun to watch, and by far one of the best Pink Panther episodes/Special. This special is nostalgic to me, as it was my actual first introduction into the Pink Panther cartoons when I was in 2nd Grade.

Fun fact: for a long ass time, due to my bad understanding of English, I called the housewife Sharon, this is because I misunderstood the situation at the opening of the special, where the Jester Delivery guy wrongfully brings a dress to the Pink Panther which is address to a woman by named Sharon, even though the Panther when he is hired to be a delivery boy does not take the gift to the Housewife. Still I went for a long time calling her Sharon, with the last name been Blu because she wore a blue dress.

Also, the voice of the Jester was performed by Muppet performer Jerry Nelson, the original voice of the Count from Sesame Street. Other talents included Frank Welker, Brian Cummings and Hal Smith.

Commission done for Kaijufan97, of his OC Kaiju the Whip King
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My OCs Kat and Mary as Dark Ladies of the Sith Darth Pandoria and Darth Desperia, made early in the year but not completed until Mid March. It was a planned 3 Sith based drawings meant for today, but do to time and the work load, had to conform with these two, and save the 3rd Sketch for next year. So enjoy your May 4rth, you Rebel Scum >:)
1525467146174.png 1525467178864.png

Cover and Pg Preview for the Furrytales Leon and Chelsea Comic 2: Map of Discourse.

Pen and Pencil Sketch


Pgs 2 and 3 Lineart Previews.
1528671882958.png 1528671913060.png

Preview of The Cats 9 Lives Chp.3 Pg32

Phantom Pack Cast (Mary, Gunnar, Ludgar, Sunny, Shay, Roku and Tina - more to Come)
These are old pictures I did of Mary and Gunnar well over a year a go, as I was still trying to think further into the yearly idea of the Phantom Pack Comic. Phantom Pack Chapter 1 is pretty much done, but the comic won't see it's debut until after the events of Cats Chapter 4/5 have conclude, as these are correlated. I did some of the picks for Phantom Pack crew hope to post them in the next weeks.
1528926178219.png 1528926214869.png 1529945446002.png 1529945319228.png 1530158545019.png 1530158569377.png 1530234136691.png

Cover for Chapter 1 of the Phantom Pack - the Chapter is now complete, worked over the time in the last 2 days just to finish the last page and the Cover Pg. Hope to debut the Comic at some point after Chapter 4 of the Cats is done(or 5, depending if the worst case scenario happens, and Chapter 4 becomes too long it will have to be split in two as well). Currently, Chapter 1 is 26 Pgs long.
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Mary's Sun tan Request
DonnRode Summer Camping: Donna and Roderick, out in the woods.

Phantom Pack - Shiruba Training: Hendrick and a younger Gunnar, training all the way till sunset. While here shows something of an martial arts style training, the concept would be different in the final version in the comic. This serve more as prove of concept.

Cats 9 Lives Chapter 2 Cover.

Mechanical Beast Modilus (To Bio )

Basking in the Sun - with Spartan, K5, Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A (to Bio )
Mazinger Team Tornado Trouble (to Bio )

Warrior Beasts Diacus and Goberius (to Bio
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Commission I done - Ling, by superdes513 1532538523292.png , and Frederick J. Wilkinson, by DCLeadboot 1532538662897.png
1532538442040.png 1532538371902.png

Comic Commission done for AsllaUru99 1532538952896.png Featuring his Pokemon OC Noir, co featuring Renee the Panther by zp92 1532539030621.png and Seraphinxa by KimberCo 1532539108721.png
1532538869681.png 1532538887131.png
Commission done for KallyToonsStudios
of three of his female OCs - from left to right, Amy, Barbara and Suki.

Commission done for RoflLizard of 3 of his OCs battling a Robot in a temple.
Commission forAlexRaccoonGlider
of his OC Trax.

Commission done for MC4E84 1532838211502.png featuring his OCs Sheila the Lioness and Molly the Sheep.

Commission done for someone. Featuring my OC Chelsea been choke hold by Thomas, gulping a lump down the neck, as she looks at the most terrible device of interrogation known to any sentient being ... a Feather ("dum, dum, dum" dramatic reverb).

Fan Art - Elora the Faun and Sheila the Kangaroo Spyro Reignited.
1535475862133.png 1536115411244.png

Sketches and line arts

The full 31 preview pieces for the Month of October. Featuring my OCs, OC Monsters and as usual Fan Art (LOTS of Fan Art).

Sketch of the MechaDon - a Junkbot much in the style of Boss Borot, only featured in the Kotetsu Jeeg Anime, based on the Go Nagai manga. It was piloted by Don, his namesake, and Pancho (a Laurel and Hardy kinda of Duo, but roles reverse).

This is a plan work to update my old MechaDon and MechaDon 2 drawings I did many years ago

Preview line art of pgs 48 and 50 of Chapter 3 of the Cats 9 Lives comic. Had to work on Chapter 3 for a bit longer than I expected, as I forgot to add Mary's sequence into it as it preps stuff for next chapter.
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My Octoberfest Fan Art Go Nagai Monsters
Mazinger Z Mechanical Beasts
1540496441579.png 1540496468294.png 1540496514494.png 1540496548802.png 1540496582161.png
Great Mazinger Warrior Beasts
1540496623981.png 1540496652615.png 1540496686072.png 1540496704432.png

UFO Robot Vega Saucer Beasts
1540496792425.png 1540496816701.png 1540496846059.png 1540496867710.png
Kotetsu Jeeg Jamatai Haniwa Phantoms
P.S.: sorry if I post this link, but this mostly for of all of you who live in Hispanic America when Jeeg (El Vengador/The Avenger) was on its run back in the 80.
1540496918583.png 1540496962566.png 1540496992412.png 1540497344845.png

Other Fan art for the 31 day Octoberfest.
1541026062994.png 1541026095256.png
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My Octoberfest - OC Art

Ghost Kat

Foolish Mortals who thought who could go a night on an abandon old mansion thinking there was no problem to it, of course, the resident specters have a lot to say about their ignorant naivety. Featuring Roderick, Donna, Sharon, Zack and Tanya.
1540750493089.png 1540750516528.png 1540750541726.png 1540750562500.png

OC Giant Monsters : Vorath, Zelmurah, Janus, Pherax, Koulgar and Goragus.

1540750711891.png 1540750743324.png 1540750767591.png 1540750789223.png 1540750817177.png 1540816919264.png
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Apr 1, 2019

Thanks - usually they don't tent to come up good in the pages, since my comics are all week running and I have to work the next batch of the line. With picks I take my time to work them for better effect. Using these tent to be the training I do for my art style:)

Halloween 2009 - my first Halloween pick on DA having joined in Sept of that year, Kat is feature as a kitty witch. This shows Kat's original design at the time, a bit more pale at the time. By this point in time, Kat is over 7 years old, having draw her and Felicio back in 2002.

Halloween 2010, I begin to change her colors to a more hue like. PhenQ | Phen375 | Phen24

Christmas 2010, just a few months after the 2010,Halloween pick, I begin to give Kat the stripes and color tones features - still, it would take me some years before I give her the vibrant colors she has today on the present designs.

The work pick process done for the Showgirl Kat pick - at the last minute, her hands were reworked for the final pose.

Concept for a new oc - Roxy. No bio is in the works yet - hadn't decided whether she should be in Donna4 or a small strip apart from the main Donna story.

My MST3K tribute - featuring Talisha and her Robots A.I. and Iron Feathers. Made as a nod to the show during the BringbackMST3K Kickstarter Campaing: everytime a goal was reached I added the one more logo as representation of how many episodes were funded. The night when the record broke, the last moon was added. Which explains why is kinna off balance.

My Bee OC Vio.

early post, once Spring break comes in I tent to take a week break from posting and for the most part remain out till the next Monday. Easter 2016 - featuring Benedict and Melissa.

Those are the spoilers kid you know what i mean