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Hey there, everyone - name's GearGades (originally Alleycat and the Ciemge). I see this is a forum where members share their artwork, so I'm going to do it here for the first time on the forums of Katbox. I'm very timid of the idea as my style isn't exactly great (cartoonish actually) - some times it comes out good others don't.

I do a lotta of comics on my DA account, mostly anthros . Dunno if I can share art featuring humans, or fetish (nude and tickling) in nature.

For now, I'll feature some of my works, made under my training with the pad in the last year or unalatered (before using too much the curve lines of MSNpaint, I cut corners when I was over loading myself with so many comics at once, eventually I went into a meltdown and remain on brief break for a month). Straight lines still are problem for me as my pulse is shaky and I use the lines from MSN paint as I still get used to it - everything else is coloring in msnpaint and the rest done in adobe.

The first picks feature my main characters from my comic "The Cats 9 Lives!" - Felicio and Kat. These two had gone through a lot of redesign over the years, if you visit my account and see the comics, you'll know what I'm talking about.

The Halloween 2012 picks Kat as StrawKat and Felicio as Goliath.

The Rakzhar (Raptor Terror Bird)

Feature in the Cats 9 lives 4 Scar of the Wolf: TC9L is a parallel universe to where our normal animals are the evolved life forms (except underwater life, hadn't decided that yet), and I was hesistant on having non anthro animals co exicting with the anthros, so I been thinking of animals Exclusive into this reality. (Giant Snakes, Giant Hippopatomus, extinct animals still roaming, bird like creatures of all aspects - it was in this thinking that I decided to take the raptor as a reference and in the end I considered the concept of what would had happened had the Raptors had not gone extinct - would evolution had still go on and in what way? - and this what I came up with, and animal with raptor body, fully feathered, avian legs, raptor arms and claws, and the head of the bird (while I wanted to add the raptors large claw, I voted against it, since the design of the beak was enough for the killing job).

Overall, the idea became my general representation of how a smalled dinosaurs may had survived and evolved on to the present, in order to fill up a wildlife vacuum that I made when I decided not to Non-Anthro Animals in world were Anthros are the dominant lifeform(s). When working on this, two designs were also made, which will be feature at a later date: The Rexar, an allosaurus size terror bird, and the Heagee, a bird like horse (not shown yet).

Two headed Cyborg Janus (technicality, is not a Human after all)

One of the many Cyborgs designs and planned villain, JaNus the 2 Headed Psycho Cyborg, carrying the head of a Cyborg Enforcer - JaNus is still the working name, as I'm looking for any mythological Giant of 2 Heads. He inspired after Dr. Hell Mechanical Monster Doublas M7 from Mazinger Z. I got more of these guys on DA and new ones not yet seen.

Cyborgs Laser, Aisu and Gunnut ready for combat.

The Cyborgs are from an old comic I did years ago in a notebook - it was nod to TFs, Megaman and Darwin Duck (their vehicle form looked like his Jet, I'm not joking) - btw, Aisu is Japanese (according to google translate) for ice.

Halloween 2015 - Kat and her half sister Kalee, surrounded by a horde.

The image depicts my OCs from the Cats 9 Lives comic - the pick depicts Officer Kalee Katsworth with her half sister (and local thief) Kat cornered by a horde of the Living dead, as a nod to the Night of the Living Dead and the many Zombie films from the 80's. Originally, Felicio was meant to be in the pick - but decided to put some of the other characters who not had major roles to date.

Christmas 2015

My New Years pick (featuring Teena and Fiona, my only LBGT couple presently).

More picks will come.
[doublepost=1455387752,1455228315][/doublepost]My Valentine's Day Pick - enjoy:)

The Valentines pick - Always love to feature these two in open environment. Fun fact in the 6 1/2 years I'd been on Deviantart, I had never feature THESE TWO in a Valentine Pick and I have no clue how that happened.
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"Growing OLD is mandatory, but growing UP is entirely optional."
Hope you do, thanks:)
I just need to tear myself away from reading manga/watching anime/playing pc games long enough to do it. I'm in a serious addiction phase right now and it's tough to do, but I'll get around to it, eventually. I'm diggin' your style and use of colors.
This a design of the discarded Rexar, which would had appear in the Cats 9 Lives 4, as the primary animal antagonist - an giant terror bird almost allosaurus size. If the Rakzhar is the wolves is this world, the Rexar is the equivalent to the Lion and the Bear. It was cut out mostly because I decided to save it for later story. The pick was made during the craze for Jurassic World and rumors of Rexy's return
I'm using the first Rakzhar concept and the concept of Felicio from the Farmer Strip, to give a general idea of the size of the creature next to an Human size anthro.

For those that don't know, Terror Birds are extinct predatory flightless birds - think of as a mean ostrich - in the Cats9Lives universe, the Terror Birds have dino like arms and tails giving a lizard bird hybrid look. This became part of the eco-system as I don't tent to combine normal animals in a world were these are anthros. So I came up with animals for this idea.

A more detail concept of the discarded Rexar animal (with offspring). Worked during the weekend to pass a bit the time.

This was the first idea born for the concept of animals different to ours living in the C9Ls Universe - two are in fact extint species of large Rhinos (Elasmotherium "Thin Plate Beast" and the Indricotherium, the Giant Giraffe Rhinoceros) the other two were the first concept for The Terror Birds and a giant elphant call Titanomos.

[doublepost=1455931846,1455568530][/doublepost]My main feline femme fatale, Kat, from my Comic The Cats 9 Lives, showing off her ....... goof looks

This is a free commission I made for a fellow Deviant - his suggestion was of a character he has fighting one of my own - is 19yr, 6ft, thin but fast and strong human, berserker/viking personality, hunts monsters in the modern world and is apprehensive of them. Therefor for the pick and in tone with February, and I chose to have him picking up trouble with Zack.
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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
I must commend you on the cartoonish style here, especially with the anatomy and positioning of the limbs.
I like the design of Rexar.

I must commend you on the cartoonish style here, especially with the anatomy and positioning of the limbs.
Thanks - usually they don't tent to come up good in the pages, since my comics are all week running and I have to work the next batch of the line. With picks I take my time to work them for better effect. Using these tent to be the training I do for my art style:)

Halloween 2009 - my first Halloween pick on DA having joined in Sept of that year, Kat is feature as a kitty witch. This shows Kat's original design at the time, a bit more pale at the time. By this point in time, Kat is over 7 years old, having draw her and Felicio back in 2002.

Halloween 2010, I begin to change her colors to a more hue like.

Christmas 2010, just a few months after the 2010,Halloween pick, I begin to give Kat the stripes and color tones features - still, it would take me some years before I give her the vibrant colors she has today on the present designs.

The work pick process done for the Showgirl Kat pick - at the last minute, her hands were reworked for the final pose.

Concept for a new oc - Roxy. No bio is in the works yet - hadn't decided whether she should be in Donna4 or a small strip apart from the main Donna story.

My MST3K tribute - featuring Talisha and her Robots A.I. and Iron Feathers. Made as a nod to the show during the BringbackMST3K Kickstarter Campaing: everytime a goal was reached I added the one more logo as representation of how many episodes were funded. The night when the record broke, the last moon was added. Which explains why is kinna off balance.

My Bee OC Vio.

early post, once Spring break comes in I tent to take a week break from posting and for the most part remain out till the next Monday. Easter 2016 - featuring Benedict and Melissa.
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ohHH hey, not bad!

also I fucking LOVE bees, you don't get enough cute bee people in this fandom.
thanks, and that is so true.

Okay guys, here's the situation, dunno how much I can count on you, but I need your help baddly - I did the change to Windows 10 (work good) except my Monitor is outdated and can go from its 1366x768 factory set resolution. Right now, everything looks stretch, and I can't change it.

I can buy a Monitor in Walmart but it will cost about $100, plus the fucking 11% tax. I was considering to save it for a new drawing pad with a new Photoshop (mine is outdated, my sister bought it like 3 years ago) and later on a new PC, but as things stand, I can't work on poorly performing out of date monitor in this way and I need to get a new one asap - I can do some of the comics, but Donna would be the most difficult (is a sketch page that gets work on).

Right now there are about 19 artworks there (discarded works, previews, exclusive works and a few characters previews for Project Terra and Cyborgs).

PS: I was planning to do this, after April 1, but this changes everything.

My Da
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P.S. This designs are been reworked constantly and will be changed and updated periodically.

Update 4/24/16: Minor rearrage of the character pick to add Luke, Eva with a minor redesign: gave her the thorax part her previous drawing didn't had, tho is still the same drawing. After careful study, Scallion. This pick will be reposted for everytime at least 2 characters or redesigns added. Middle 2nd row slot, is another character from JBA that will be remake.

Some of the main and Secondary Scavenger Characters with some of the Just Bugging Around Characters (a scrapped comic) with their new names and giving most of them some serious Coloring and insectoid design (exoskeleton). The designs shown here give an idea in what direction I want to take this guys.

The New reboot to the Just Bugging Around/Scavenger characters will be rename Amazonian Bugs - this basically returning to the roots of the JBA character came from and adding the Scavengers cast to it. While doing both comics I was considering having the characters teamming up, but the amount of time that would be making there would be long - this was one of the reasons JBA was cut out, and why there won't be MsotS2. Now rather than making it a comic series (in the way I do the Cats and Donna), the direction will be in Strip form (much like I do with Furrytales creating mishaps for the characters with in small arcs). I have made the first pg (only ONE) but I'll be working on the ideas in more in depth to make a debut some time next year. So. you'll have to wait a bit longer.

Some of the main and Secondary Scavenger Characters with some of the Just Bugging Around Characters with their new names and giving most of them some serious Coloring. The designs shown here give an idea in what direction I want to take this guys.

The New reboot to the Just Bugging Around/Scavenger characters will be rename Amazonian Bugs - this basically returning to the roots of the JBA character came from and adding the Scavengers cast to it. While doing both comics I was considering having the characters teamming up, but the amount of time that would be making there would be long - this was one of the reasons JBA was cut out, and why there won't be MsotS2. Now rather than making it a comic series (in the way I do the Cats and Donna), the direction will be in Strip form (much like I do with Furrytales creating mishaps for the characters with in small arcs). I have made the first pg (only ONE) but I'll be working on the ideas in more in depth to make a debut some time next year. So. you'll have to wait a bit longer.

Dirt Gravel - (From MotS Remains same, with new colors, Final).
Violet - Vio Rosas. (From MotS. Normal clothing Vio, Final)
Pebble - Syrup Gravel. (From MotS, Final)
Vee Pollier - Eva Petallier. (From JBA, Final)
Scallion Mite (will remain same)
Dr. Beevier - Barbara Belgier. (From MotS, Final)
Roxanne - Roxana Rojas. (From JBA, Final)
Rose Antlot - Rosie Rojas (From JBA, final)
Queen Beetriz - Queen Beatriz Amazonian XII. (From JBA, Final)
Mr. Algregor - Mr. Magnus Algregor (From JBA, Final)
General Petallier (From JBA, Final)
Babsy Ludan (From JBA, Final)

New Character_
Maramba Vespa (Wasp in Brazilian) - Leader of the Black Stingers. (Final)
Jumpei (planned for the MotS, Final)

recently Added to pick _
Luke Antlot - Luke Rojas (From JBA, final)

Been reworks_
Yalil are been reworked and will be shown at a later date.
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While Orion is a long way from starting into something concrete, I'll keep posting updates on the evolution of the designs - specially these three, the main Cyborgs for the project.

They serve as prototype to reworks the other cyborgs in full length in the future.

Fully (re)name Akira (frm. Aisu), Ranger (fmr. Laser) and Gunnut. The incorporation of the Black and Yellow colors is to give a military tune to the characters as they are part of the Cyborg Enforcers corp respondents to a Military Junta, which rules their civilization.

I'm not going to lie - This idea, along with one from Halloween, have always been in my mind, as I'm open to develop it for games. If I can find people with experience to mount a game together that can help me out.

One of my many art themes, this one tickle, this pick features my OCs Leon and Chelsea (part of the Furrytales/Cats 9 Lives comics). I'll share some of these, but I'll keep it clean (fun, mischievous and no 18+, and not regularly)

A scenarion suggested by friend
at DA.

Scenario - Chelsea performing some sleep tickling on Leon in the morning. She sneaks out of bed early, gets a feather and slowly brush the feathers up and down Leon's big feet, sticking out from under the covers. He silently smiles and squirms in his bed while he's still asleep. A nice bit of change, as Leon is often harrassed in tickle scenes (part of his Job performance). this time he is just slowly enjoying the situation;)

For Project Orion and out of my Patreon for the world to see are the Tankers - large Cyborgs of brute strength than shown by their counterparts, the Iron Maidens. This is the group Janus is part of. They are creations of Dr. Archibald Rockwell. I'm not going to lie, I'd been holding to these guys for quite a long time - Dracon is the oldest of the character that went through at lest two concepts. Fellow DA member Connan-Bell helped me give the name Tankers to this faction. Also, part of the same battalion as the Tankers, the Iron Maiden are 4 female Cyborgs created by Dr. Rockwell. Gaea is the leader of the group. While smaller to the Tankers in comparison, they are not defenseless nor less dangerous then their warmongering counterpart.

Sharing here a commission just made in the weekend for a fellow on DA, doctoe. Funny I have a lot of Fan Art but hadn't share it as of yet.

The idea was more different than shown here, as he suggested Sonic in a Pyramid opening a coffin and opening, revealing Amy, wearing the Mummy rags. Problem was while good, there was no way I could achieve it sequential, do to the amount of work I'm dealing with right now - I as matter of fact from Thursday evening I have worked and completed as of today 5 pages and two tickle pics that would have been worked through May, allowing me the window of oppurtunity to do this sketch. As I did the sketch, it crossed through my mind the idea of instead of Egypt I thought of something alternate reality instead, Sonic been the leader of a gang of rascallion (with Tails, Knuckles and Rogue) trying to hide from Minister Dr. Eggman's robots and accidentally falling over the flying ship of Princess Amy. The idea is a nod to both Sky Sanctuary Zone and of course, Mobotropolis and the Sonic SatAm show as the environment for this setting.

Care to Join me? I know some of you wouldn't mind;)

Kat's New look for the Cats 9 Lives remake I'd been considering for a while. I made a journal explaining the crazy reason for this crazy decision.

Update of the previous drawing, with Lights and Shadows added.

The Ezouju (Èzuòjù) Which is Chinese for Mischievous (according to Google translate. Are mischiveous Demons that are planned to make a presence in one of my upcoming new comics (Project Terra). The Creatures are based on the Mogwai/Gremlins from the Gremlin films. The birth of these things was accidental, as I originally was working on making a fan made Mutant Gremlin Weasel - if you remember Gremlins 2 the New Batch, the new Gremlins sneak in a lamb drinking tons of genetic serums many of them becoming mutants. And was liking what came out from the sketch that this prototype which I refered as Ezouju was born.

He became the first concept of many others that came about. During the process of developing, I originally envision giving them the ears of a cat to deviate from the Gremlins ear design, primate or rabbit - but I'd rapidly realized, the creature didn't look threatning with small ears, so I gave them the big floppy ears instead, and really, it completes the whole look. It gives a deceptive impression of been a gentle creature.

I'd been deciding what to do with these guys (ideas raged from Demons/Spirits to aliens in another dimmension) while there are more designs that have been made. After much thinking I decided to name the race Èzuòjù (Chinese for Mischievous) as nod to the fact the character were inspired by the Gremlins. After some thinking I decided to SORT OF combine the ideas as one. The two demons in the concept below are Shǎndiàn (the yellow one) and Pyra (she is based on my fanfiction female Mogwai Crimson). Head here is you want to see my Gremlin Fan art

(the artworks will be release on the public soon)

Working Concept for Donna's new look for the remake of her comic.

This is something I did out of both boredom and thinking about more last night. I was considering posting it on Patreon, but after much thinking I decided to share it openly. The Drawing on top shows a new take on Donna for her remake shows her somewhat reverting "close" to the routes when I conceive her almost 20 years ago - which I hope I can have it running when the remake Cats starts, but for now I giving a small tease. For a while now, I'd been thinking and trying to conceive better the ideas around the remake of the Donna's comic, something that was cause by my work on the 4rth comic, the upcoming Halloween drawing - which is in Patreon right now, for early showing, and the fact I had down played the multiple personality problem of Donna recently (more than usual).

Lemme explain, and here comes the spoiler for that plot, that got cut out - ORIGINALLY, Donna4 would had taken a supernatural route. That was discarded for obvious reasons, as it would had been jumping (not the shark) the Megalodon on that one, as I had never given any hint of supernatural stuff occurring in Donna's world in the way that has been presented thus far, I was considering of showing an indication the multiple personality thing is she been posses by a spirit, but now I not gonna do that either. Still, plans for Donna4 would had still taken on crazy route as the main antagonist would had still be a NON-Human. After much thought, I want to maintain the final Hello Donna comic straight forward and grounded.

Because of this, it means the debut of Donna 4 will be postpone, until the new elements of the plot have been finalized- fortunately, I won't be scrapping many pages like last time, as the current batch that is complete don't show any of the weird shit conceive during the two versions, so for now, the next comic to debut after Donna3 and Cats5 are done, will be Cats6. So D4 is not discarded BUT STILL needs fixing.
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Sep 1, 2016
I have very little/no experience with patron but that sound really retarded.
So you don't pay the instance you subscribe??
Or like, you know, any other monthly payment method where you get the stuff first and start paying the next month, but you still have to pay for that month regardless of unsubscribing... I mean if that's true they can just shove in a 30% cut of bots to your real subscribers to make themselves look good.
Or like, you know, any other monthly payment method where you get the stuff first and start paying the next month, but you still have to pay for that month regardless of unsubscribing... I mean if that's true they can just shove in a 30% cut of bots to your real subscribers to make themselves look good.
Unfortunately no. GoFundme, Kickstarter and Indiegogo serve mostly to finance future projects in the works, where as Patreon one donates to a content creator who has an active project (like Jim with his Jimquistion, or the members of Katbox with their comics). I know is not easy many content creators who use donation sites, specially for a one man team like me, and I was not expecting to earn 100's of 1000's but after reopening my Patreon I was again dealing with that much stress because it meant putting more effort than the first time - but some people were donating the dollar only to see the art to undonate before the deadling. Some undonated after I told them thank you, which is weird and as they never made any comments or suggestions to better my art (and I don't considered my art perfect, but average honestly).

When I did the commissions, I learned this (You set the price and limit, and limit to the themes you are open to do). I had more control and time to do those works without thinking the stress of my failure with Patreon, and earned more than in the same period. So is better for me to do the commission, set a price and save the amount I can earn over time. PayPal takes just a 40+ cents from what I noticed when the transactions for the commission was done. So better do the sacrifice there - I do something I wanted to do, work for people in what I do best, draw. And this was the MOST hillarious period I had (two had to be redone 3 times each, and one was a comic).

I had looked at Tapas Comics which has been described as the Youtube of Comics as means to start small - my main two comics, The Cats 9 Lives and Hello Donna are been remade for that with a third newer story to go along - but it won't start until each iteration is finish. Cats6 and Donna4 will be the last stories for these versions. So I still have to wait to finish these two.
[doublepost=1475796681,1475608344][/doublepost]One of the Summer pics release from Patreon, decided to post it, perfect for this period - I'll be posting some of these in not the same order as I did in Patreon, post will depend on the theme of the month.

Since this is October and to go along with the theme of the month, I sharing here my fan art of the Mikene Warrior Beasts - the Various Monsters of the Week and OVA from Great Mazinger and other Mazinger related stories.

Mikene (Mycenae) Empire.
The Mikene Empire is heavily important in the Mazinger lore, as the ancient civilization's technology in producing Giant Guardian Robots (the Talos) is later rediscovered in the Expedition lead by Dr. Hell - after rebuilding the Talos, he revealed his true intentions with the ancient technology and massacred all the scientists, minus one - Juzo Kabuto (Koji Kabuto's grandfather) would be the sole survivor to escape the massacre, and his knowledge of the ancient robots, along with the discovery of Alloy Z and Photonic Energy, would lead to the birth of Mazinger Z - seeding the MazingerZ/Hell Legion War. After the defeat of Dr. Hell and his Legion, the ancient Mikene came back now as Giant living Cyborgs bent on conquering the world and wiping out Humankind.

The people of the civilization itself, once prosperous and peaceful, were collected by the Emperor and the The Great General of Darkness and convert them into either the normal human Foot Soldier, or their brains processed to become the main operating component of the a Mikene Warrior Beast, thus making them Giant Cyborgs. All Warrior Beasts have a human face incorporated at various points in the body and is the primary weakness of the Warrior Beast, likely where the brain is located. It is impossible to destroy a Warrior Beast without destroying the brain. These Giant cyborgs have self destruct devices (generally located close to the brain) to either force the Warrior in a desperate suicidal run under desperate situations, or to threaten and/or punish one that gets rogue.

I had tried to draw the General's and the rest of the Hierarchy, with NO luck, but, that doesn't stopped me to share what I got here. Each Mikene Beast Warrior bio is under each pick.

Links to the Monster Bios.

Halloween 2016
Donna is called to deal on a spooky matter in the Astoria Manor - but the problem may be too much for her to handle. Inspired by the cartoon shorts Lonesome Ghosts (from Disney), Jeepers Creepers (from WBs) and the Filmation Ghost busters Animated series.

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Jan 5, 2015
Critique Mode activated! GAMBARE
Right, finally checked on the art here. I think it's promissing but there's something that irks me with the technique, the linework feels heavy to me- it seems you're using a mouse rather than a tablet, or didn't set it to register different pressures. I highly recommend checking the linework of different authors (i have a soft spot for the way manga authors draw their lines, as the thick-to-thin line is very often used. Read Ranma...). I find certain elements rather vulgar (is no one wearing bras? All that thick fabric pushing against the boobs would lead to chaffing) but that is artistic choice. Probably.
The colour work is a bit garish. Computer colours are especially hard, since finding natural colours in a digital wheel is difficult, I suggest using colour refs as your colours are far from natural, and too intense.

Usually I recommend using traditional art for studies and such because it's much easier to go around and sketch stuff with some drawing paper rather than a computer with a tablet.
Critique Mode activated! GAMBARE
Right, finally checked on the art here. I think it's promissing but there's something that irks me with the technique, the linework feels heavy to me- it seems you're using a mouse rather than a tablet, or didn't set it to register different pressures. I highly recommend checking the linework of different authors (i have a soft spot for the way manga authors draw their lines, as the thick-to-thin line is very often used. Read Ranma...). I find certain elements rather vulgar (is no one wearing bras? All that thick fabric pushing against the boobs would lead to chaffing) but that is artistic choice. Probably.
The colour work is a bit garish. Computer colours are especially hard, since finding natural colours in a digital wheel is difficult, I suggest using colour refs as your colours are far from natural, and too intense.

Usually I recommend using traditional art for studies and such because it's much easier to go around and sketch stuff with some drawing paper rather than a computer with a tablet.
The breast thing, yeah, I had tried to evolve from it, but always go back to that way. Since my art veers to somewhat an exagerated cartoon style, it got stuck like this, and have gotten used to work them in that exagerated style.

The Color, is both MSN paint for coloring and Photoshop to work all the other stuff (shadows, etc.), but I had my monitor set in a color setting that I was used to, so what it looked garish seemed colorful in the way I was used to seeing it on my monitor (currently, my PC is down and I'm using my brother's computer, so the garish thing is noticeable on my brothers monitor). The line will come and go, even to this day I don't have a define pulse - I'm still on the learning curve on that.
After a year of TRYING to make any of Dr. Hell mechanical Monsters, FINALLY I bring the first ones out - and what better choice to start with than with the two most famous members of the Dr. Hell's Underground Empire Mechanical Monster Army and the series fan favorites: Garada K7 and Doublas M2. Since the franchise's inception on it's original Manga publication, the two were there - the first to be sent out to conquer the world in the name of their master, Dr. Hell, and the first two die at the hands of Mazinger Z and it's pilot, Koji Kabuto.

Garada K7 was armed with two large scythes that were attached to it's head as horns and would use them as Boomerangs to a target. He also has missile launchers on his eyes. Doublas M2 contained a more variety of arsenals at his disposal to his partner - Having two heads standing at long necks, Doublas would extend them and use his heads as spears, as well fired heat beams from the beak like nose which when combine would create a more powerful blast of energy (yes, Doublas M2 invented the crossing the streams gig). He would discharge electrical from the panels on his stomach. In the many re-tellings of the franchise, their origins had been different - in the original Manga, they were left overs of the ancient Mikene Empire and are rebuilt, while in the Anime they were built by Dr. Hell years after the Expedition to Bardos and the Massacre of the Scientists.

In later reinventions of the franchise, Garada and Doublas would at time's be resurrected as Garadoubla MK01 which is the combine parts of the main 2 plus other destroy Mechanical Monsters (as in Mazinkaiser). In Shin Mazinger Z, Koji -when he went back in time to the Mikene Empire glory days - Garadoubla MK01 was Hero of the Empire and of alien origin. After Koji kills him and uses is corpse to distract Emperor Hades to help Zeus out - his remains would be left where Dr. Hell would find them in the main timeline. (AND YES - I WILL BE MAKING both versions of Garadoubla MK01 in do time).

In the Robot Girls Team Z, Garada K7 and Doublas M2 are two comical relief kids - Garada is portrayed as a tomboyish Teen with an attitude eager for a fight and Doublas is portrayed a small timid girl too shy to speak without her hand puppets and can be distraught is she losses them and having something of sister relation to Ashura been their parent figure. Still they can show the same abilities as their original Mechanical Monster counterparts.

Some of the summer picks that will be release for this month.

Hoist The Colors!

Originally completed on April 20th it was posted on Patreon on July 1rst as part of the second Summer Batch of artworks - I re-modified on the Oct.27 to give a bit texture to the planks plus to give a bit of cover to Kat's nips, which nearly showed more in the original version. I was originally called "Care to swabbing my deck Swabbie?"

Although, whether is Swabbing her deck or Hoisting her colors, I know MANY of you would want to be HER Swabbie;) This pirate version of Kat was planned in the beginning to be an idea of various ancestors or alternate realities of Kat, something I was doing before I started the Cats on Devianart.


Ready to Deploy!

The 2nd of the Summer picks - A nod to the Mecha genre. It was also a take on the Mecha Sequence in Cats 9 Lives 3: where Kat briefly hijacks one of Talisha's Mechas.

P.S.: subconsciously I made had based on a Biordroid from Masters of Robotech.

Kitty Noir

Part of the Summer post - this is a retake, Noir Style, of the murder of Colt in the first Cats 9 Lives Comic.

Janus' Charge attack

New take on the Janus Cyborg, making a charge attack onto a defended position - and the defense have no effect to such heavy armored monster.

Terradix Teaser Image

Part of the Summer Artworks posted on Patreon, now been posted to share - This image gives a tease into the world and 3 main characters (Humans Robin and Sasha, and the Demon Shǎndiàn) from their upcoming Comic Terradix - the world the story will take place (still thinking on a working title). While there are 15 pages that were completed, I still need to study my artwork better, which means, REPLACE all 15 pages with new pages. I was considering Airships as flying transports, but went Skies of Arcadia on them instead (as a nod to the game).

Halloween 2016 - Standoff against the Horde!

One last Halloween pick - Mary and Gunnar stand in a precarious situation as an unknown virus strikes their village an any who get bitten by the infected becomes a ravage red eye spitting Zombie, oozing Green saliva.

I originally intended to show the first look of Mary and Gunnar designs for their remake comic, which will be set in the Cats remake universe - but instead where the new Cats takes place in a large Metropolis, Gunnar and Mary's new comic is set on Gunnar's home island. This is a way to somewhat revert these two back to their old roots which I spawn them from. I Did not intend to make an extra Halloween artwork, but doing the new Janus pick, the Mikene and posting some of the new works had me inspired to do one last Halloween pick and tease a look into the new comic ... THERE MAY BE ZOMBIES tho ... and monsters too.

Cat Burglar

Out of Patreon for the world to see, I gave you Cat-burglar: the Pick that me reconsidered rebooting the Cats.

This was part of the second batch of Summer Picks posted on Patreon. It depict Kat stealing a statue from a "location", and the Felidae Police Department searching the area on their Bi-Copters - this serves as nod to the first idea on Kat for "Cat Burglars" (the original ideas for "What's New Pussycat?", the then name of the Cats 9 Lives), back in 2002. The Concept didn't go anywhere and stopped working on it, just a few weeks down the road, and canned it. One years later, the characters were redesign, with Felicio as a cop and Kat as a Club Singer. When I was working on the Summer works, I remember the original ideas for Kat, and caused me to rethink the direction I wanted the Cats to take and less than a month later that decision lead to the drawing and announcement I made..

Kunoichi Kat

Part of the Summer works and second to last of the whole batch - Kat as a Female Ninja. Here's the pick I used as reference to make this pick

Project Terra Character Profile

Side(back and fore profiles of Robin and Sasha, and the Demon Shǎndiàn (They still needs a bit of more work).

Lightning Demon Shǎndiàn

Shǎndiàn Showing off a light show - there were many designs before one became the main focus of the planned story. I was inspired by Gremlins, Pikachu and Mewtwo when I came up with this look.

Shǎndiàn (or Shan) is a Èzuòjù- a Demon who enjoys making misery and mischief among mortals. The creatures of this race variate in size and aspect, they are known to have some sort of hierarchy, as an elder member of the species will command fear and respect from a younger one, and there had been instances were they will coordinate with other Èzuòjù. Despite their aggressive and animal behavior, there had been some with capability of speech - indicating all are capable of such, but quite often refuse to talk in front of mortals. Their diet is unknown, tho some speculate it's meat, do to their canine teeth.

Posting Cover of Cats 6, pass Midnight (if there are no problems) I'll post the first 10 pages. This will be the last comic of THIS iteration of the Cats, as the it will be rebooted. After the 10 pages, I will post some of the first looks for the rest of the cast of Cats Rebooted. (FYI: if you want to now WHY I'm rebooting the Cats, head to my Journal of June 8, where I explain the reasons for the decision

Summary (Tonight, although it GIVES AN OBVIOUS HINT). DISCLAIMER - any similarities with another story is purely coincidental ;D

Summary: After years of dealing with lunatics from their pasts, present and of the robotic kind, our daring and fair feline duo tied the knot, the wedding is peaceful, humble and with no incident ... until they decide to take their honeymoon on a yacht cruise that gets wrecked in storm and get stranded on a small island. Before they can think what to do to get out, the Cats discovered they aren't necessarily castaway and stranded....

Just stuck in another unexpected predicament to get off before their gracious host turns them into tests samples.

Disclaimer - Any similarities with another story is purely coincidental ;D . To comic link

First look of the Furrettes, and three concept ideas for Felicio (traditional dark, White with Black Stripes and Dark with White hair and White stripes for the Cats' Reboot.

Felicio taking a break from duty as the Sun sets over Felidae. First look of a Felidae PD cruiser - I was inspired after a bought a small die cast Chevy Bel Air CHP for references - also Pick gives a major spoiler about this remake.

Sketch works of special art pieces for Art previews of the Cats Reboot - showing Cole, Felicio, Kat and the Ronfar Gang. Cole's pick is complete. Trying to finish Felicio's pick now.

Preview of the Cats Rebooted Arc1 Page Opener, without the Dialogue - While I was NOT intended to show anything of the Comic itself yet, I decided it should be fair that I do so, to give an idea on what direction I'll be taking the Cats from here on in their Reboot as well the first look of Kat for the Reboot. By seeing the first page gives a massive hint on how different things will be from the previous two versions of the Cats (the current iteration that has been running since 2009 and the ORIGINAL story which I started back in2003, when the Cats -the "What's new Pussycat?".

The second page provides some throwback references (like the Prime Truck from Cats3 and The Captain and his first Officer from Cats5). These pages are also REWORKS from the first 20 pages which I finished this weekend and decided to rework them after I gave a full glance to the first 20 pages, and the sequences did not convince me. The Reboot will start after Hello Donna 4 is completed, so we are many months ahead of any exact date given for this comic's debut, so for now, you'll get this.

(SPOILER: the Furrettes and Gaby, who where on the 20pgs had to be cut out - BUT BY GOD I WILL MAKE PRELUDE PAGES OF THIS where they will appear).

And Finally: Chelsea, Leon and Kalee will be in the reboot - and yes, in the 20 pages. No way I'll miss an opportunity with these (specially Chelsea and Leon
. This pick is a trim down version of the original as Gaby, Felicio and Cole where in this pick. Gaby and the Furrettes will be rework in the prelude and you guys saw Felicio's first concepts look. The first official look of Cole will be later this week. Kalee will be rework later.

Art and Comic Sharing time.
PS Page 13's panel no.3 has an minor sex intercourse scene - so apologies if this violate any guidelines (if so, I'll remove it and post the link only).

Cole Collier
First Official look of Cole for the Cats Reboot - I was inspired by Chalo's character of Randal Hawthorne from Las Lindas strip - If Eric W. Schwartz's Sabrina Online inspired me to make Furry Comics, Katbox is a major influence for me to get inspired once more by rebooting the Cats and the "Phantom Project" Mary's and Gunnar's comic). Working on this pick, also marks the first time I genuinely think of giving Cole some sort of major role in the Cats, considering he gets killed off in the beginning of the Comic.

This drawing nearly got scrapped, as I was considering to give him a reddish tone for hair and face, limbs as his brother Ben was made reddish in tone in one of the Patreon Summer Picks, but made him blonde instead, this brings his character out better than his previous incarnation.

Official Full look of Felicio, for the Cats Reboot - I decided to change his last name to Garrino, rather than Alleycat - no reason in particular for the change, is something I'd been thinking to do for a long while, I just never got around it.

Christmas 2016 No.1 - Dancing under the Snow and Mistletoe
First Christmas picks and originally intended for Patreon had I continue on to December.

This is a bitter sweet pick for me, because we would never get to this point in the Furrytales Comic, as the Wedding Arc will be the last of Arc of the strip (I'm genuinely stuck after this arc). There were 2 plan arcs later but I can't afford to prolong the story anymore than it is and as I am working on its reboot -Phantom Project- I decided that Furrytales will end on a humorous tone. Let's Hope its successor has a better brighter future as its story progresses

Joana wants Darrell to play Rudolph in this years Christmas Play, for the kids, but he is not amused about the idea:)

More The Cats Reboot preview pages and artwork

Kat and the Ronfar Gang.

As well, got sketch concepts to share with you today...

First, a Preview Sketch for Gunnar - hanging with some of the characters he will be in the new comic (these aren't necessarily new -except for one- as they come from the original story I had Gunnar and Mary on with 2 been combinations of 4 characters). Some of the characters from both Furrytales and the Cats will be added here as well, as part of the community that coexist of the story.

Plus Sketch Teaser for the Hello Donna Remake - currently tittle Astoria Project. The name comes from the partial title of the 4rth Donna Comic, which in turn became the basis of the inspiration that made me reconsider the reboot idea. While I had worked out some of the details and ideas in a text document that will serve as a Guide for this, "Astoria" is LOOONG ways to start (it may not start anywhere either THIS nor NEXT year) as much of the concentration is going to the Reboot Comics of the Cats and Mary's/Gunnar's. This is a similar situation that will affect Terradix, as I want to avoid any overload.

Everything is still in an early idea stage and it will be a while before I start polishing some of the problems. All I can give you for the moment is this.

The original Commission I did for
- which in the end it wasn't what he suggested. There was a lot of accidental miscommunication between us do to the suggestions

Even tho it wasn't what he suggested, I still like how this pick came out.

Sharing here the image teaser of the Donna Reboot - a small idea where I want to go. Again, a reminder that the comic WON'T "necessarily" start in 2017 I have a lot to work before I can proceed with any Comic opener.

P.S.: Boy am I rushing through a lotta works these past 4 weeks - The Cats (main and reboot Comics) the Images and pages for Project Phantom, also doing tons picks for 2017, plus Astoria (doing 6 characters), and I hadn't given a look to rework Donna4.

First looks for Mary and Gunnar for my reboot Comic Project Phantom.

Last Christmas Picks before the New Year eve ones.

This is something of a yearly tradition for us - every year my brothers and I gather all the figures that we have to make a Christmas Photo with these guys. It takes us about 3 hrs to organize them properly.

Lastly - Of all the things I fail to do this year, this one pisses me of for NOT having finishing it on time.

I was inspired to draw my perception idea of a would be Go Nagai Villain called the Albatros for God Mazinger - the original sequel for Great Mazinger in where the remnants of the Mikene Empire would had continue to fight. The project never took off and some of the ideas went to Go Nagai's other project Goldrake (Grendizer) and many of the elements God Mazinger would be later revised for Mazinkaiser. God Mazinger would had dwell into the origins of the Emperor and the Generals and the Empire itself (been aliens) eventually the idea was save updated for Shin Mazinger where Mikene Empire's Origins are actually given.

As I tired to do more with the sketch I decided to put more giants along with my Albatros fan art and later became more different that what I intended - as the fact a Giant Janus was added in the sketch (kinna fitted, since Janus was inspired after Doublas M2 from Mazinger Z, and in Shin Mazinger Garada K7 and Doublas M2 were on Monster under the command of Hades - Garadoublas MK01.

I wanted to bring this out by Halloween, but fail to do anything on time (do to the many Mikene Empire Monsters art I made). I might revisit this some day.

Sunset Swim
This was one of the many Summer picks I worked for Patreon that I'm releasing at this point. This pick is the reason Donna's comic will be rebooted in to Project Astoria. This version was modified to give both of them swimsuits, the original they were naked. Polar opposites (one been colorful and Sunny, the other been sort of eerie), but it essentially started the process to reconsider the reboot. I wanted to explore a bit of the "relation" between Donna and Roderick which we still hadn't got to see much in the short run of the comic, but I'll try to explore it in the last comic as best as possible, while in the reboot this two will be going a bit to their old roots.

A Cat Burglar's Punishment
When Cole learns that Kat has gone back to her old thieving habits, he tricks her on date to "teach her a lesson".

Believe it or not, I don't like the idea of sharing my tickle picks here, mostly out of avoiding any sort of trouble. I feel very contempt to keep it all on D.A., specially after just sharing one recently last week, but with this there is an exception to the rule. This pick gave me extra opportunity to rework on Kat and was well the first attempt in working on Cole for the first time in years. This pick of Cole was the prototype to the previous pick I'd shown weeks ago. When THAT pick of Cole was completed , this one was retouched to add the new colors on. I never did that because Cole was killed at the opening of the Comic.

New Year's Eve Party
Last Pick of 2017, folk. Kat puts a number for her friends on the New Year's Party as the clock reaches 12. have a Happy New Year and as always keep it safe. See You Next Year

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Phantom Project Add - Mary for my upcoming Code name Phantom Project (Having a hard time coming with a catching title). This give is a mere proof of concept for the new Comic and the setting for the said comic. So I'm sharing here as a tease.

New Add for the Cats upcoming Reboot - Kat exploring the city in search of Cole as shadowing figures look from the over pass above, like Vultures. Something I'd been doing (unintentionally) in some sketches is drawing Whiskers to Kat even tho I had not added them in the fully complete versions - Felicio had bee given his Whiskers for years, but didn't do so to Kat. This mostly because I viewed the as Feline mustaches and didn't made since that Kat had any (been female), though there had been male Felines, like Mr. Mozart, who had a mustache rather than whiskers. So I thought it would look nice and complete on her, been a cat and all. Next step, work on a new Title font for these Cats.

Artwork for this month - Since I'm posting on Saint Valentine's Day;)

Date in the Park
Gunnar takes a moment to have a bit of a fun moment with Mary as the two enjoy a Sunny day at the park;)

Romantic Rivals
Martha dealing with a rival to get a love interest the two have. Featuring two old OCs - Frieda Goodwill and Jack Brandon

The Prince and the Maid
Next in the list was No.10 in the Patreon Summer line up, is Robin and Maid Marian escaping Prince John and his Henchmen, played by the cast of The Cats 9 Lives.

Fun Fact - in the original version of the Cats 9 Lives (What's New Pussycat??) I would make minor stories called "WNP?? Alternate Universe" - in it I would feature the characters living various lives. Such example is Leon, who came from one of such stories, Chelsea was originally a Tiger called Karina before tuning her into a Cheetah when presenting her on DA, and such were counterparts of Felicio and Kat. In such story one of them was this one. Although, in the story I made, takes place after the main story, so Ronfar and the Gang weren't the villains, but Talisha. I did this pic as another nod to the old era of the Cats and its madness.

Valentine Pie (Pic and Strip Versions)
Kat can be so glamorous in her own vixen like way (even though she is a cat). Couldn't ruined the original pic when adding the Cole Panel. It came out too perfect, so I made a second version for the strip.

Baked Sweets
Mary knows that to get a Wolf's attention is throw his stomach.

This is by far one of my Favorite works - it perfect captures Mary's Sweet Innocent persona with Gunnar's clueless nature. When I was thinking on the Valentine Pie pick, Mary was intended to be either the main character for the pick or along with Kat. But Kat was done first and couldn't add Mary at this point. So I decided to make a second Pic for her with Gunnar in it.

Hedgehog Valentine

Last of the Valentine Works, I give you another SonAmy pic. I always wanted to reworks their design a bit after the Commission I did for a follower of mine back in April . I kinna gave Sonic and Amy a more older look (late teens rather than mid in the games) - Sonic retaining some aspects of S.Boom in his design like the scars and sports tape.

Posted on my DA, more (18+) pics. In order to avoid any possible problems, I'm posting the links here. Pics are Age restricted BTW.

Virgin Killer Furries - What lead to this drawing, you ask? For about a three week period I saw many DA artists I following drawing the OCs like this with a type of sweater. I shit you not, I did not think THESE were real, but they are, google it, Virgin Killer Sweaters, a trend that started in Japan ... Of course!!

Warrior Beasts and Mechanical Beasts Fan Art

My OCs.
Kat enjoying a bit of her Spring Break.

Melissa begins her work to paint the Eggs and Ben decides to help out

Concept idea for the Cats Reboot.

Roxanne is going to ask Luke for a favor ..... This was done just for shits and giggles actually - really was stuck and did not know what did I wanted to drawn. So I did this just to pass the time. Been thinking on what do I want for these two exactly, but nothing is final at this time, in all likeliness, their story will be also where I would feature Dirt and Vio. I then redraw the first concept - a bit more of adorable, funny and sexy at the same time (Specially on Luke's shy bewildered expression and Roxanne's almost near Machiavellian face). A gave a bit of an environment, something that the previous sketch didn't had.

upload_2017-5-24_22-27-47.jpeg upload_2017-5-24_22-27-57.png

Gunnar and Mary swing out of harms way from the local Top Predator - Belian.

Pics of Donna Anderson and Roderick Shane with emotion workout, for the upcoming Astoria Project - Now officially called "Devil's Cove".

The Reboot comic will be something of a Mini Series, planned with a 23 to 30 something Chapter focus - currently I have made a list with a 17 Chapter Synopsis thus far And will have a 3 arc focus. Can't divulge any further at this point, but the characters have been chosen - some of which you just saw recently- and I will be posting some of them during the month, trying to finish some artwork before I do the last pick.

The Comic will featured some of the cast of the Hello Donna comic with their roles reworked (Family relations, villains, etc.). This idea has been in development for quite a while now - in fact it first started as a side comic for Hello Donna series that would had been in universe tied in, starring two characters from the comic ( Zack and Sally) but it change to be a full reboot of the Donna Series. Roderick was always planned to show up on the first Hello Donna comic, but removed him at the last minute, do to the large number of characters been presented, with the reboot, he will appear much more early in. His design is not necessarily final.

Virgin Sweater design flaw (Strip is 18+) - Sequel to my Virgin Furry pic. Got a bit inspired when I saw the collaboration between
- So I kinna had to with humor in it of course:D

Sonic Fan Art

Sonic v Eggman - Poor Dr. Eggman - He only wants to enslave the world and establish his Empire, but that blasted Hedgehog always get in his way.

Welcome to Angel Island, Young Hedgehog - Sonic Ventures to a mysterious floating island and explores it, when he meets the ill-tempered Guardian of the island's most priceless and powerful treasure.

The Hedgehog and Fox - In the ruins of this strange world, a young Fox seems to shadow our brave Hedgehog.
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Saving OC works and Fan Art for later this week, enjoy:)

OC Pics (sorry for the delay, really forgot, and didn't remember until after I gave a glimpse on the Thread today, my bad) Fan Art will be posted later today or tonight.

Camp Fire (With Mary and Gunnar)
By far, my cutest pic with these two yet. Had to essentially elongate the list for Summer to make for work featuring these two and some of the other related characters for this comic, as I don't have that much OC to share surprisingly (lotta fan art tho).

Dirt and Vio
Been a while I last did anything with Dirt and Vio, they might be part of the very comic for Luke and Roxanne, this is till however an idea in development. P.S. one of the last summer pics is with this two, and it came out adorable :3

Zack and Tanya
There are times that doesn't pay to get out of the bed - featuring Zack Brandon and Tanya Quinn (Originally Sally McQuain, in Hello Donna), for the upcoming Devil's Cove Comic, with the emotion workout added. These two might be essentially our secondary protagonists to look at, not final yet tho, however, the two are planned to be inseparable every time they will be featured. At one point, I was considering them to make them the main protagonists of the spin-off Comic from Hello Donna, but the idea was cut out as I was having problems visualizing the concept. In the end it was decided to make it a Donna Reboot, with Donna, and her group, as focus protagonist - with a second set of Protagonists to look at, i.e. Zack and Tanya.

They will also be portrayed much more older in terms in age - early 20s rather their 18/19 binge they had originally in Hello Donna.

Martha, Jack and Frieda.
Another set of OCs for Devil's Cove - Martha Dupreh, Jack Brandon and Frieda Goodwill. Jack and Frieda were considered to appeared in the Hello Donna Comic, but that was scrap, as the 4rth comic will be the last iteration of Donna. Now, here's a massive Spoiler for ya - Jack and Frieda, are the parents of Zack, making them Husband and Wife - still, Martha, loves to jump in between these two in order to hang out with Jack, showing her obnoxious nature will remain in the reboot comic. Also a bit of a fun fact, Jack had relations with these 2, plus a third at different time of his life, I decided to keep it down to Martha and Frieda because one to short down the number of characters and in the original the two hated each other, with the personality traits inverse - Martha was nice, Frieda was the tough one.

Also, rather than the Emotion Work out, I wanted to do a personality description of the characters.

Martha - a Vile tempered, Bossy, Nagging, Boozer.

Jack - He is Inventive but a bit of a of a scattered brain.

Frieda - A Go lucky mother, Who can easily get lost in translation.

Devil's Cove Pgs 1, 2, and 3 Preview
I had scanned and made a few pages of the upcoming Devil's Cove Comic, and made the first 3 pages of it, no speech bubbles.

Two Headed Menace
Another take on Orion - this time from the SciFI Concept into a "Steampunk-ish" Theme. I'm undecided how do I want to develop this exactly, so this is a LOOOONG way to go before I make up my mind. Also instead of of the 3 main been Cyborgs, the characters are Humans in Power Armor - watching a lotta of Fallout Lore kinna inspired me to do this.

A Bit of more Sonic and Mazinger Fan Art

Amy, Rouge, Blaze and Perci (Character from Sonic Boom) enjoying a bit of Scuba Exploring - and Crabmeat is happy to welcome the lovely Maidens from the surface.

Metal Crashing in - Sonic and Amy receive an most unwelcome surprise visit.

Blaze and Silver cruising through the desert.

An evening walk for the Roughest on the Badlands of Mobius. This is by far one of my Favorites, along with the SonAmy pic While I did gave Shadow and Rogue some looks to go along with my art style, Omega was largely kept the same with minor tweaks (Legs and Upper torso). He became the only character I didn't see any major reason to overwork on.

upload_2017-7-1_12-13-57.jpeg upload_2017-7-1_12-14-45.jpeg
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Decided to post my Fan Artworks first - my usual OC will be share later today, so this thread will be updated:)

Warrior Beasts and Mechanical Beasts

Sonic Fan Art
Team Chaotix - The Chaotix Detective Agency Springs into action with their fearless leader Vector in charge.

Really wanted to bring the personalities more with Espio and Charmy, but with Vector's clothing here I wanted to do a nod to the Sonic X episode where Vector makes a references to TV character Columbo, by actually dressing up as the character, with rumpled french coat and everything, but added the hat for effect. While the comical relief in Sonic X, in Sonic Heroes the Chaotix were more attentive to their job as P.I.s, with Vector solving the ID of their mystery client by the end of their Side Story.

Vanilla, Cream and Cheese - My last pick of Sonic Fan Art, featuring The Rabbit Family and Cheese:-D

My OCs
Caught Red handed - another work tease for the Cats reboot:)

Phantom Pack cast
The Concept Character roster of Mary and the Pack - Gunnar, Ludgar, Sunny, Roku, Shay, Fiona, Tina, Naga, Hendrick and Cyrus.

Malachite - Life Stages of the Creature I called Malachite - he is LóngHóu, a word plays of Dragon (Lóng) and Monkey (Hóu). This character is meant for another story line unrelated to Shan, a LóngHóu I shown already in other works for another story still in development.

Late Afternoon Nap - Well, is July 31rst and with it marks the end of the Summer OC/FC Batch of artworks. So I'm ending this years Summer-o-Rama with this adorable pic of Dirt and Vio, cuddling each other as the Sun Sets on the last day of Summer. There were many other works that had been made during this period, which I decided to hold on to and save them for the period of the Fall and Winter Seasons - some of which are for October mostly:)
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Neo Grendizer
This was a commission, requested last week by
of his Mecha Neo Grendizer
, as a thank you for helping me out with my Grendizer Problem.

Rather than putting him on Earth, I decided to put him defending Planet Fleed from a new generation of Vegan Invaders and Saucer Beasts. This was my last post for a before Hurricane Maria hit.

The Following Pics were posted during the LAST WEEK of October. This was a batch of over 20 plus works I did during the year, and were kept largely on hold after the Hurricane. Fortunately, power was restored on Oct.21, enough time to share the planned Halloween pics.

The first 2 are tickle theme, so you can skip it if you don't like it. There were 5 total made (3 OCs, 2 Fan Arts) - generally I don't like to share these here, but they go with the Halloween Theme that was planned for, so these will be the sole exception.

Foxy Sorceress

AND THERE BE FEATHERS, FOXES AND KITTENS!!! Kat enters into a large mansion, which discovers to late to her horror, it is the home of a witch, who subjugates our heroic feline femme fatale into slave-hood, via an unconventional means.

Lonesome Hysteria

Inspired by the 1937 Disney short "The Lonesome Ghosts".
Felicio learned of his Beau's dilemma with the sorceress, and gallantly goes to the castle to save her, but he falls constantly victim to the pranks of the Specters that help guard the place and tries to fight them in a desperate gamble to escape - but it fails and he breaks through a dresser and gets stuck in it, and the Specters are just dying to lend him a "helping hand".

Let's hope that in all the confusion he doesn't find a Pin and gets all "mix up on the wrong side of things" - if any of you saw that short.

Fun Fact: Originally Kat, Leon and Roderick were considered for this, but decided to give it to Felicio instead as way to keep promoting the new design. Hence why the tittle is kinna misleading, as it was referential to the Disney Short it is based on, and was not planned to be related to the previous work until the very day of the posting, as it went natural to the flow of sequence and mischief to both characters.

Enchanted Kittens
Three Wicked Kittens concocting a spell in the dark woods under a full moon:)

Ghost Babe Gangster
The name of this character is called Aphrodite and is one of many many old OCs I'd been thinking to bring back for a while in some way. The original version of Aphrodite was called Spectra (self evident) and think of it as a Red Color Ghost version of the Donna of that time, a bit ditzy, no clothing as seen here. I wanted to give you a pick of her an her Ghost buddy, Ecto (AGAIN, SELF EVIDENT), but couldn't make it on time as I got carried away by many ideas to process, and been out for a month, well, didn't help do any work either.

Ghost Babes Aphrodite (Karina) and Ginger - this is what I first started when I wanted to do the Ghosts thing.

Doodah the Fat Gremlin
Part of this October I give you my work on the Discarded Fat Gremlin, who only made it into the sculpture stage before the character was abandon at the last minute. I stumble upon this guy by accident, and looking at it closely, it resemble DooDah, one of the 9 discarded Prototype Mogwai for G2tnB.

DooDah was identifiable by his mischievous look, Chubby cheeks and Double Chin, with the traditional Mogwai Brown/White Colors, but a black line that ran from the top of the head, through the forehead and reaching the nose. This design seem to be the one the crew wanted, as it looked close to the Discarded Mogwai form. I'll see if I can find and link the site where I found the Fat Gremlin Sculpture Pick, but it give an insight on the many crazy ideas they wanted but had to dropped out do to time or money. Internet, a bit sluggish still - can post anything on FurAffinity.

Gremlin Gizmo
My take on the discarded idea of Gizmo turning into a Gremlin - As it goes, from what I could find from the story board that I saw on Gremlins Wiki, Gizmo would had be secluded in a spot (in what appears to be the kitchen from the picture) when fireworks went off - this would had burned off his right ear and made him angry and turned into a Gremlin, thus becoming the antagonist. In the end, Spielberg rejected the idea, as he wanted to make him the hero of the movie - thus Stripe was created to have Giz killing him, and Earl becoming the Mogwai that turned for revenge.

I dunno if he would had kept the clear spot around the right eye, as I'm not aware of the Gremlins design making it to the development stage before Spielberg veto the idea, but since the Gremlins shared an identical design, it kinna make sense the clear spot would had been kept as well the burnt ear, as it would had helped ID him among the horde - while Stripe shared the same color scheme as the other Gremlins, he maintained his puffy hair and protruding lower jaw after becoming a Gremlin.

I did this after it was suggested to me, can't remember by who.

Halloween Spectral Payback
Our Paranormal P.I. gets her wits and courage back in shape after escaping the Spectral Maidens and is ready for Round 2 against her three tormentors, and this time is personal, Bitches

Here are the previous parts

Arrival of the Destructor
This is a retake of an old sketch I failed to do last years, and still is unfinished. I reworked the design to give a demon look to it, rather than the human one visible in the old sketch.
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Last artwork of 2017 - wanted to share these early, but my Internet decided to go bitchy on me and get sluggish again. Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year's:)

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