Art Fulvus Art Collection Book Fundraiser

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Hey folks! I noticed that this wasn’t posted anywhere and thought I’d take the initiative to post it just in case you haven’t heard about it.

Hey everyone! DesertFox here with a very important announcement!

The sketch period for the month of Fulvus Cosplays is complete! Now it’s time to start the fundraising to have this collection of drawings printed into my very first art book ^-^


In order to complete the book I’ll be accepting donations to have all of the sketches below fully inked and colored.

The rules are as followed-

· Each sketch will be funded individually. Whenever a sketch reaches a maximum of $30 it will fully inked and colored

· Anyone who donates at least $15 to the campaign will receive a copy of the art book when it comes out! So for any donation over $15, please provide the proper shipping information so you can receive your copy!

· Anyone who fully funds a sketch on their own will have their name (or username if specified) printed on that page of the art book as a thank you when the book comes out. That means, you must fully fund a sketch from $0-$30 in order for it to apply

· If you donate to a sketch that has already been funded, your donation will be refunded

· For every 5 sketches that are funded I will be drawing an additional bonus cosplay to add to the book as well!

· There is no minimum or maximum donation amount! There is no time limit! I will be accepting donations until the book is fully funded!

Here's a link to the sketch gallery where you can see all of the sketches that were completed during September.

November 8, 2017 Update
Six Images are fully completed
df1.png df2.png df6.png
df8.png df13.png df14.png

Images 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, and 29 are FULLY FUNDED!!!

Images 11 and 28 are PARTIALLY FUNDED!!

Images 7, 9, 16, 18, 23, 24, 27, 30, and 21 are NOT FUNDED!!!