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Desert Fox

The Katbox
Jan 13, 2014
Personal Text
Foxy Comic Artist
It's black and white now! Yay! Kinda confusing on my phone atm though, so there'll be an adjustment period. :/

Urien Lævateinn

Knight- Errant
Feb 29, 2012
First time seeing the change on my laptop. I'm not sure if its the change or an actual error, but I keep getting notifications for a PM I already read down on the chatrooms bar. Anyone else have this problem?


Logical Lupus
Apr 21, 2007
Kittanning, PA, USA
Personal Text
That's not what I meant...
Since XenForo merges multiple consecutive posts into - and only counts them as - a single post, I had already passed this mark prior to submitting this post...but, going by what the forum software lists for my member profile's "Messages" field:

:gleeSK: :gleeId: :gleeCurran: :gleeMihari:
This is my 1,000[sup]th[/sup] post in the Katbox Community Forums!
:gleeMora: :gleeRon: :gleeNekoNekonny: :gleeCheng:
As some of you may have noticed, the forums have recieved a bit of a... change. We've stuck with the default Xenforo (the software we use) theme since we installed it. It's always been an intention to update and customize this place to match a general theme. It may not be known to all, but the Katbox has an orange and black theme. It's my hope that this theme shows that, and is also appealing to the eyes.
It looks really nice, Mihari :gleeMihari:

(I actually first noticed it within a few hours after it launched, when I decided to check out the forums on my smartphone before going to bed...and this change definitely caught me by surprise when I saw it :amazeAlej:)​

Not only does the new theme help the forums to stand out more, it also improves the readability of the forums on screens with a very[sup]║*1║[/sup] high contrast ratio (such as AMOLED screens on smartphones).

(║*1║ Unfortunately, for screens without that high of a contrast ratio - which likely includes most LCD screens, if my laptop and standalone monitor are any indication - the readability is actually a little bit worse with this theme :dropTiare:)​

I would like if everyone would report any and all errors, bugs, etc here so I can compile them and solve them quickly. Thank you in advance for all those who do so! :gleeMihari:
As you wish, and you're welcome :happyTaffy:

The only major readability issues I've noticed so far - again, with screens that do not have a very high contrast ratio - are with the following:
  • Table rows for stickied topics (white/light-gray/dark-gray text on a light-gray background).

  • "Smilies" tab (dark-gray text on a dark-gray background).

  • Member name links for members in the following groups: "Katbox Comic Artist", "Katbox Comic Writer", and - sorry, Mihari :cryMihari: - "Katbox Sorceress" (purple text on a dark-gray background).

  • Emoticon images (very-light/very-dark pixels on a dark-gray background).

  • Forum "tabs", buttons, hovered menu links, the indicator for new posts in individual threads, and the "Katbox Patreon" ribbon (white text on an orange background).

  • Input fields (single-line, drop-down, etc.) and text areas, when active (black text on a dark-yellow background).
Aside from these things, I haven't seen any other issues with readability right now; in addition, I haven't noticed any functionality-related issues with the new theme, which is good :gleeSarah:

(I'm not sure what can be done about some of these readability issues - particularly in regard to the emoticon images - but I still wanted to list them here, just in case.)​

I hope this helps :gleeMihari:

No problem hun, that's why I left it there! Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure really what colour I could use that wouldn't hurt eyes that isn't a dark gray. :dropMihari:
Considering what you mentioned earlier about the new theme's color scheme: perhaps some shade of orange (that's dark enough to avoid causing readability issues) might work for this? :gleeKess:


Also, although neither errors nor bugs, I want to ask about the following:
Just wondering about these things, that's all...and, once again, the changes to the forum theme look really nice :gleeDigit:



Katbox Mascot
Apr 24, 2011
Here or There

Also, although neither errors nor bugs, I want to ask about the following:
Just wondering about these things, that's all...and, once again, the changes to the forum theme look really nice :gleeDigit:
I will address all colour issues as time progresses, however I have to admit they will not be a very high priority unless they are absolutely unreadable given I have a very high amount of workload right now. I will address them in due time though. As for the XenForo logo, yes it will be replaced, and as for the site icon, that's TBD.
One minor quibble I found so far. When I try making a hyperlink the bolding of the text is really hard to tell if it actually changed or not.
I'll look into this later as well.

Urien Lævateinn

Knight- Errant
Feb 29, 2012
I somehow posted in one thread, but the post ended up in a different thread. Is this because of the remodel? Has anyone else had this problem?