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 Forum Fighting game...what if

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Meijin_Sigma, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. F-Frost

    F-Frost Katbox Forum Member

    Sep 1, 2016
    Home Page:

    Well, I did manage to make another one just to have a choice, for democracy and all that or something. The idea sounded better in my head but the Furrious Fighters one still seems to fit the theme better now that I look at them both.
    Just give me a shout if you need menu buttons or icons or something in the same theme and I should probably be able to provide. I think.
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  2. Meijin_Sigma

    Meijin_Sigma Katbox Forum Member

    Mar 21, 2016

    please do, we can talk about them if you wish to get a better idea on what design would be better.
  3. F-Frost

    F-Frost Katbox Forum Member

    Sep 1, 2016
    Home Page:
    Now that I think of it the Furrious Fighters logo has a design you can apply to pretty much everything, the arena one has a home made font so that'll be a PITA to put it lightly. How are you doing the characters btw?
  4. Meijin_Sigma

    Meijin_Sigma Katbox Forum Member

    Mar 21, 2016
    basically I just get change font via a program like gimp paint and make the logo
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 12, 2017, Original Post Date: Apr 8, 2017 ---
    Making some major headway on the title screen, next stop character select.
    I'll post the load up once I get some more bugs worked out then the contest for character fighters will start soon.
    I'm going to be interested in seeing what characters will be entered.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 20, 2017 ---
    Massive thanks to F-Frost Thanks man. Here's update 1 of many The title screen to Katbox Arena
    Please enjoy and post your thoughts and/or ideas here.

    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 29, 2017 ---
    So, what does everyone think about the opening screen good or needs work? because after this the character select screen is next and I would like to start another mini contest there. After that I'll start the real contest for the games roster. I'll also need testers too so that will be needed as well. but for now please post your thoughts and ideas. and have character ideas ready post here or via conversation. but for now back to exile I go still got to master more programming for other games and 3d art.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 21, 2017 ---
    Guys I know it's been a while and I can explain that for anyone who cares but for now I've made a bit more progress on the game.
    While I still need a main background image, but that aside I'm starting another minor contest a simple one really just a Arcade Mode and Single Match text or something like that. Obviously the winner will be displayed in the start and shown in the updated progress video, after these two tasks get resolved, I'll begin the main event the character roster. So those that would be interested (if anyone is) please submit characters that you wish to see in a 3d fighter game.

    See you in the arena until then, back to exile I go.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 24, 2017 ---
    Progress on the character select is going pretty well soon I'll need pre-alpha testers if interested contact me via conversation
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 1, 2017 ---
    Massive breakthrough even after terrible computer crash and lots of lost data "unrelated" and I got some characters to test the game's functions and appearances but this means we can now fight!, now all I need is the testers contact me via conversation to get a copy. The 3d styles are amazing too, and to top this awesome cake off the character select screen is looking pretty great. Thanks again to F-Frost seriously your help keeps me motivated, and the 3d character creation process is now up to 85% ready, just a bit more and the contest can begin members, artist, admins heck who ever alike will be able to join.

    so first I'll ask would players like to have a PC keyboard to fight or a usb joystick? I'm going to try to make it where both can be done but that's for later as that needs the ol' Meijin's programming skills.
    second to the testers that try the test alpha which fighting input style would you prefer?

    would members like to voice their characters or be an announcer that can be done as well so please voice your thoughts on that too testers
    let's see keep in mind a usb joystick will be needed to play I'll try to see if I can get a video up of me getting my but kicked/err testing too

    Well I guess that's it may the furrious survive, and back to exile I go
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 6, 2017 ---
    New update!!

    programmed keyboard controls and it works pretly smoothly
    also players can use a joystick too so the best of both worlds

    Next stop game physics
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 27, 2017 ---
    Hi everyone, It's been a while well for those on discord a few minutes. Wanted to give an update for those that don't use discord. I've successfully made a rig that can handle the fighting games engine, and will be put to work shortly. I have a keyboard and joystick system in place so players can choose what they want to use to control the game. so for those that have the Pre-Alpha they can get an update with the controls in the system to test for me. I can also say with a bit more confidence that those are interested in making characters, should start in their creative processes, as the contest "will start" soon thinking Aug, 18 and please free to contact me or post here about your thoughts and ideas.
    They give me motivation ya' know.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 7, 2017 ---
    A bit out of the way, would anyone be interested in using discord to share ideas and chat about the game there?
    Just a thought.
  5. Nekonny

    Nekonny Staff Member Katbox Comic Artist

    Apr 20, 2007
    Personal Text:
    But its a good one!
    This has me curious, I'll have to read up on it more when I get a chance.
    Meijin_Sigma likes this.
  6. Darth Dies

    Darth Dies The Guardian

    Feb 25, 2016
    Now someone shows interest!
    Meijin_Sigma likes this.
  7. Meijin_Sigma

    Meijin_Sigma Katbox Forum Member

    Mar 21, 2016
    It's ok, just glad there is still interest and I have some hiccups along the character process but I'm smoothing them out as I go so artist
    OC's and anything between please contact me if there's any interest because the Katbox Arena is nearly done.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 7, 2017, Original Post Date: Aug 23, 2017 ---
    Well guys, It's been quite a ride but, I'm canceling the game... sorry I HAHA! just kidding those that know me know what's going on.
    I hit a really big snag when doing some coding in Japanese "yes it's that tough!" but I made a breakthrough a BIG one but this time I really REALLY
    need all interested parties on this one, and it's something anyone can do too.

    Ready... ok
    How many moves should characters have?
    This is important to you the players as this evokes fair play between players
    and ensures good fighting flow and mastery of your character. This is the first important step here.

    The moves from what I mean are as follows

    Basic movement
    Advanced movement
    Super Attacks/Moves
    Special Attacks/Moves
    Grabs (honestly I only seen that only one can be done)
    Blocks High and Low I think

    and that's about it for now and remember the more requested the more time it will take so I would suggest 12 minus basic movement
    or maybe a style what we can all enjoy

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